The Uber-Geopolitical Web: From the Atlantic Council-George Soros to Turkey-Syria & Hungary

From the Atlantic Council-Soros Network Operatives Targeting Hungary and the Real Reason Behind the Anti-Americanism Rise in Germany, to, Soros and the Network’s Main Agenda in Targeting Turkey’s Erdogan, the German Intelligence-Military Directly Backing YPG Kurds in Syria against Turkey and the Recent US-Denmark Spat: Do you consider the mega points above as scattered and [&;]

BREAKING- What Happened in the Putin-Erdogan Meeting Today!

Delving into the latest Erdogan-Putin meeting in Sochi Russia, and talking about the “real” status of Turkey’s Syria Op and what will be coming up on the Syria front! The full Exclusive analysis on all this is now available at Newsbud to my community members. If you haven’t already, join us by subscribing and tune [&;]

Les deux juifs errants

Deep State Targets Trump’s Syria Exit & Turkey by Letting Loose ISIS Prisoners

What is the “Deep-State” planning, and doing, with thousands of the most hard-core ISIS prisoners in Syria being let loose? Let’s find out! The Lone Gladio Paperback The Lone Gladio e-Book Classified Woman Paperback Classified Woman e-Book

Breaking- Solid Indicators Show Still-Secret US-Turkey Agreements as S-400 Parts Delivered Today!

After a prolonged countdown towards the contentious delivery of the Russian S-400 to Turkey, per announcement by Turkey’s government officials, the first batch of system parts arrives in Turkey today, July 12, 2019. Meanwhile, Israel media hints at the “Real” reasons for the grand geopolitical oddities that have been taking place in the midst of [&;]

What Will Erdogan Do After Losing Key Election?

Reading Time: 4 minutesEarly on Sunday evening, two hours after polls closed, people in Istanbul rubbed their eyes as the pro-government candidate, former prime minister Binali Yildirim, conceded the race for mayor of the city.Jubilation quickly spread on the streets and onto social media, though observers fear further chaos.

Breaking- Russia Provides Turkey with Needed “Justification” to Back Down from S-400 Deal While Saving Face!

Under tremendous economic and political pressure, Turkey ponders using the latest Russia-Syria offensives in Idlib as an excuse (aka justification) to back down from its S-400 deal with Russia. In the last few days Syrian and allied Russian warplanes have intensified bombardment of Syria's Idlib province, sending tens of thousands of Syrian residents fleeing toward [&;]

Turkey’s Strongman Weakened by Municipal Election Reversal

It was only a municipal election, yet, after more than three weeks it continues to reverberate loudly within NATO’s second-largest power and across the region.At a time when relations between the US and Turkey some

Transcript -Turkey: The Latest Blinking Red Geopolitical Indicators to Keep an Eye on … Now!!

Hello Everyone. Sibel Edmonds here with Newsbud reporting on the ground from Turkey. This will be another quick video for those of you with a keen eye and critical mind for geopolitical indicators, games and warning signs. In my last video on the New Zealand mass shooting incident I mentioned the “Blinking Red” indicators and [&;]

Reza Zarrab: The Upside-Down Deal in the Iran Sanction-Busting Scandal!

Turkish gold trader Reza Zarrab, who is also involved in Special Counsel Mueller's investigation, has been released from federal prison and given immunity, and will be the star witness at a trial over a scheme to evade U.S. sanctions against Iran. Federal prosecutors in New York will have Zarrab on the stand on Wednesday to testify against his former co-defendant, Turkish bank executive Mehmet Atilla.

Les alliés turcs néo-fascistes d’Erdogan, par Jonathan Marshall

Source : , 19-04-2017 Exclusif: La poussée du Président turc Erdogan vers un autoritarisme nationaliste a un allié important du côté du parti néo-fasciste Grey Wolves ( Loups Gris ) rapporte Jonathan Marshall. Par Jonathan Marshall.


Pour prendre le pouvoir, il faut deux choses : Convaincre la cité ou vaincre l'adversité. Pour exercer le pouvoir, il faut deux choses : Soumettre les forces en présence ou s'y soumettre. Pour garder le pouvoir, il faut deux choses : Transgresser ou changer les règles du jeu. AUTREMENT DIT : Pour prendre le pouvoir, il faut avoir non seulement un bon programme pour convaincre, mais surtout un sens du drame pour vaincre. Pour exercer le pouvoir,

Turkish Referendum Expected To Expand Erdogan’s Power

With the first vote results coming in, it looks like the country of Turkey will vote to approve a radical piece of legislation which will effectively change the future of the country’s political ideology. The , if passed, will replace the parliamentary system of government with a presidential system with increased powers.

Bassam Tahhan : « Poutine, homme de l’année ! »

Nous nous sommes entretenus avec Bassam Tahhan, professeur de géopolitique et islamologue, pour un nouveau numéro des &;&;Causeries d&;Ivry&

Manifestation pro-kurde en soutien aux victimes de l’attentat Ankara

Des milliers de manifestants ont défilé ce dimanche dans les rues de Paris en soutien aux victimes de l’attentat terroriste d&;Ankara &; le plus meurtrier de l’histoire de la Turquie moderne avec 97 morts et 507 blessés &; lors d&

The New Great Game Round-Up: August 5, 2015

Turkish Meddling in Xinjiang Overshadows Erdogan's China Visit, Russia: ISIS Comes- NED Goes & More *The Great Game Round-Up brings you the latest newsworthy developments regarding Central Asia and the Caucasus region. We document the struggle for influence, power, hegemony and profits in Central Asia and the Caucasus region between a U.S.-dominated NATO, its GCC proxies, Russia, China and other regional players.

« Les résultats des législatives en Turquie signent la chute d’Erdogan » – B.Tahhan

Les résultats des dernières élections législatives en Turquie ont révélé une double surprise. D&;abord, elles mettent fin à 13 ans de majorité absolue obtenue par l&;AKP, le parti politique d&;Erdogan.

«Don Bibi», parrain de Jérusalem

Gang d’extrémistes et extirpé in extremis du grand chapeau à Bibi, le tout frais gouvernement israélien de coalition est, comme promis, une sinistre farce. La nouvelle bande à Bibi, squattée par les nationalistes religieux et les ultra-orthodoxes, rassemble la fine fleur des talmudo-dingos du parti Shass et les hébraïco-possédés de Judaïsme unifié, ainsi que les petits fachos colonialistes du Foyer juif de Naftali Benett.

Bassam Tahhan : « Erdogan, cheval de Troie islamiste en Europe »

Suite à la visite diplomatique d&;Erdogan en Allemagne puis en France,suivi de la réception du Pape François en Turquie, nous avons interrogé Bassam Tahhan, lors de ce nouveau numéro des causeries d&;Ivry, sur la stratégie géopolitique du président turque. Une vidéo enregistrée le 30 novembre :