IF THIS DOES NOT TRIGGER A REVOLUTION, THEN YOU ARE ALL PUSSIES! As An Encore to Bailing Out the Big Banks, Government to Backstop Derivativees Clearinghouses %u2026 In the U.S. and Abroad | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Now, consider that since 2008 the American people have told the US Government not to use taxpayer money to backstop Wall Street's recklessness. Had DC allowed Wall Street to take their lumps from the mortgage-backed securities fraud and fail, to be replaced by more responsible financial leaders, we would already be headed out of this mess the way Iceland is.



Anticipating possible objections to CAMERA’s scheme, Ini conjectures that “Anti-Israel editors will seize on anything to try to discredit people who attempt to challenge their problematic assertions, and will be all too happy to pretend, and announce, that a ‘Zionist’ cabal the same one that controls the banks and Hollywood? is trying to hijack Wikipedia.”

But stealth and misrepresentation are presented as the keys to success. Ini suggests that after volunteers sign up as editors for Wikipedia they should “avoid editing Israel-related articles for a short period of time.” This strategy is intended to “avoid the appearance of being one-topic editors,” thus attracting unwanted attention.

Exposed: the great GM crops myth - Green Living, Environment - The Independent

Entendez-vous parler ici ou là, d'une crise de l'alimentation ?

Va-t-on, à nouveau, être exposé à ce colonialisme misérabiliste qui consistera en l'envoie de tonne de riz à Haiti et en afrique ? Qu'on en finisse avec leur agriculture déjà quasiment éradiquée...

Commençons par en finir une fois pour toute avec les OGM.

Exposed: the great GM crops myth - Green Living, Environment - The Independent

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor Sunday, 20 April 2008

Genetic modification actually cuts the productivity of crops, an authoritative new study shows, undermining repeated claims that a switch to the controversial technology is needed to solve the growing world food crisis.

The study – carried out over the past three years at the University of Kansas in the US grain belt – has found that GM soya produces about 10 per cent less food than its conventional equivalent, contradicting assertions by advocates of the technology that it increases yields.




"I completely replaced cabinet and staff. You may recognize some of my appointees: George H.W. Bush - Director, CIA Richard Cheney - Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld - Secretary of Defense Alan Greenspan - Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors"

Ted Olsons Report of Phone Calls from Barbara Olson on 9/11: Three Official Denials

Ted Olsons Report of Phone Calls from Barbara Olson on 9/11: Three Official Denials

Ted Olson’s report was very important. It provided the only evidence that American 77, which was said to have struck the Pentagon, had still been aloft after it had disappeared from FAA radar around 9:00 AM there had been reports, after this disappearance, that an airliner had crashed on the Ohio-Kentucky border. Also, Barbara Olson had been a very well-known commentator on CNN. The report that she died in a plane that had been hijacked by Arab Muslims was an important factor in getting the nation’s support for the Bush administration’s “war on terror.” Ted Olson’s report was important in still another way, being the sole source of the widely accepted idea that the hijackers had box cutters.3

However, although Ted Olson’s report of phone calls from his wife has been a central pillar of the official account of 9/11, this report has been completely undermined. - CLIMATE FACTS TO WARM TO - CLIMATE FACTS TO WARM TO

Duffy asked Marohasy: "Is the Earth stillwarming?"

She replied: "No, actually, there has been cooling, if you take 1998 as your point of reference. If you take 2002 as your point of reference, then temperatures have plateaued. This is certainly not what youd expect if carbon dioxide is driving temperature because carbon dioxide levels have been increasing but temperatures have actually been coming down over the last 10 years."

Duffy: "Is this a matter of any controversy?"



HOW TO SUCK MORE MONEY OUT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HOW TO SUCK MORE MONEY OUT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE... Posted Mar 16, 2008 02:16 PM PST Category: DICTATORSHIP Step 1: Use taxpayer money and additional ticket fees to add tons of security to make airport travel a painful experience.

Step 2: Sell travelers a card to let them go back to boarding planes hassle free like they used to before all the added security.

Net effect? People still get on the planes like they used to, but are now suckered into paying for security systems and paying more to ignore them.

Such a deal

( commentaire de Michael Rivero de :) )

Banks Urging U.S. to Adopt the Trading of Emissions - New York Times

Banks Urging U.S. to Adopt the Trading of Emissions - New York Times

La messe est dite. La mode du "global warming" n'a rien à voir avec l'écologie, c'est un business. Les écologistes d'aujourd'hui, ceux qui ne sont pas tombés dans le panneau, ont tout à refaire... C'est la pollution qu'il faut combattre, pas le climat... Mon opinion.

PARIS, Sept. 25 — A group representing some of the world’s leading banks will urge the United States and other industrial nations this week to move quickly to introduce a lightly regulated system for trading carbon emissions permits.

Permit-trading systems offer banks a potentially vast new business.


The BRAD BLOG : Filling in the Ovals on LA County’s Super Tuesday ‘Double Bubble’ Debacle

Lire l'article au complet

We believe we can now pull this issue up out of the weeds a bit, after more than 24 hours of trying to make sense of what the Los Angeles County Registrar's office has been describing to the media as "real clear."

What's clear is that the only thing that's clear is the fact that the county's new acting Registrar of Voters, Dean Logan, has seriously blown his first outing since coming South from his disastrous 2004 Washington state gubernatorial election debacle.

Unless swift action is taken by Logan and CA Sec. of State Debra Bowen, it's likely that hundreds of thousands of voters may have been disenfranchised in last Tuesday's Democratic Primary Election...

As we reported in some detail Tuesday, there was, and still is, massive confusion about how Independent (also called Non-Partisan, also called Decline-to-State or DTS) voters were to cast their ballots to ensure they were counted in the LA County election.

Décidément, non les États-unis d'Amérique ne sont pas une démocratie... Pas plus que le Canada d'ailleurs...

Breach ‘let jihadis flood into Gaza’ | The Australian

Breach 'let jihadis flood into Gaza' | The Australian

THE Palestinian Authority claims the two-week breach of the border between southern Gaza and Egypt last month allowed up to 2000 global jihadi militants to infiltrate the restive strip to take up the fight against Israel.


The men have begun tours of Hamas training camps throughout Gaza and have vowed to step up attacks on the Israeli side of the security barrier, say key figures among forces loyal to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who lost control of Gaza during infighting last June.

En clair : Mahmoud Habas travaille avec Israel pour donner une escuse au massacre final de Gaza. Bientôt sur vos écrans, la solution finale en direct, l'élimination complète des "globals jihadistes"

CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS: U.S. heading to war in Iran, says former inspector

CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS: U.S. heading to war in Iran, says former inspector BOOOOM!!

And while both talked about wrong-headed U.S. policy in Iraq and Iran, they also criticized Israel for its role.

Scott Ritter, UN weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998, and Edward Peck, onetime chief of mission in Baghdad and former ambassador to Mauritania, spoke recently at a forum sponsored by Cleveland Peace Action Now and Trinity Cathedral. Before the event, this reporter and a journalist from The Plain Dealer talked to Ritter and Peck.

The White House is using outright fabrications and exaggerations to persuade the American public that Iran has an active nuclear weapons program, Ritter and Peck claimed. The ultimate goal, they said, is overthrow of Iran’s Islamic theocracy.

9-11 SOLVED - “Le 11 septembre” résolu : 9-11 SOLVED

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della Sera:

“All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe…know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.”

Cossiga was elected president of the Italian Senate in July 1983 before winning a landslide election to become president of the country in 1985, and he remained until 1992.

Evidence of extremism in mosques ‘fabricated’ | Qui provoque quoi ?

Evidence of extremism in mosques 'fabricated' | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "Policy Exchange produced a report that was given a lot of publicity, and Newsnight deserve credit for exposing the incredibly shoddy and dubious methodology that Policy Exchange have resorted to. It would seem that Policy Exchange had already decided what they wanted to say about mosques and just went out to find or should I say invent the evidence to justify their prejudices."

Policy Exchange's research director, Dean Godson, insisted it stood by the report "100%". He said the thinktank had checked its evidence thoroughly and the allegations did not challenge the substance of the study - that such extremist literature was being widely sold.

La police québécoise prise en flagrant délit de mensonge

La police québécoise prise en flagrant délit de mensonge

Pour une fois qu'on avait la preuve ils ont pas pu dire qu'il ne le faisaient pas...

Et si on revenait sur les "casseurs" du sommet de quebec ? Et encore à toutes les manifs oùil y avait des "casseurs"...

Qui sont les terroristes ? - News - Police accused of using provocateurs at summit - News - Police accused of using provocateurs at summit

... At least one of the masked men is holding a rock in his hand.

The three are confronted by protest organizer Dave Coles, president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada. Coles makes it clear the masked men are not welcome among his group of protesters, whom he describes as mainly grandparents. He urges them to leave and find their own protest location.

Coles also demands that they put down their rocks. Other protesters begin to chime in that the three are really police agents. Several try to snatch the bandanas from their faces.

Rather than leave, the three actually start edging closer to the police line, where they appear to engage in discussions. They eventually push their way past an officer, whereupon other police shove them to the ground and handcuff them.

Blogger forces Nasa to admit global warming figures error - Times Online

Humm ! Humm !

Blogger forces Nasa to admit global warming figures error - Times Online

Nasa officials have admitted that for the past seven years they have used the wrong temperature statistics to assess global warming trends.

OGM Lheure est grave, par Philippe Desbrosses, dans la revue

Ma mère qui est une militante écologiste de gauche me fait parvenir cette alerte.

J'ai envie de vomir...

OGM Lheure est grave, par Philippe Desbrosses, dans la revue "Nouveau consommateur", n°19 En effet tout agriculteur dont les cultures sont contaminées par des OGM, n’est plus propriétaire de ses récoltes et de ses semences en raison des brevets déposés par la firme à qui appartient ces OGM. Étant donné qu’il n’existe aucun moyen pour un agriculteur de se protéger de cette contamination, les pollueurs acquièrent un droit de fait.

Par ailleurs les faucheurs volontaires sont poursuivis pour « atteinte au droit de propriété », même lorsque l’autorisation délivrée par le ministre de l’agriculture a été annulée par le tribunal administratif.

Si le droit de propriété ouvre sur des abus tels qu’il devient impossible aux consommateurs de refuser les OGM et aux paysans de refuser de les cultiver, que reste-il du sens du droit dans ce pays ?

Bush Outlaws War Protest - Citizens Face Full Asset Seizure

Bush Outlaws War Protest - Citizens Face Full Asset Seizure

Ah ! Le droit...

In one of his most chilling moves to date against his own citizens, the American War Leader has issued a sweeping order this week outlawing all forms of protest against the Iraq war.

iPhone a Trojan Horse For Government Surveillance?

iPhone a Trojan Horse For Government Surveillance?

En fait, comme google et autre gros yahoo, apple et AT&T, collectent vos données personelles... Qui en profitera ? Pas vous.

Earlier this week, a technology group in Russia released the results of their attempts to reverse engineer the iPhone, concluding that the product has "A built-in function which sends all data from an iPhone to a specified web-server. Contacts from a phonebook, SMS, recent calls, history of Safari browser - all your personal information can be stolen."

The Raw Story | Bush: Insurgents in Iraq same as 9/11 attackers

The Raw Story | Bush: Insurgents in Iraq same as 9/11 attackers

"The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq are the ones who attacked us on Sept. 11," Bush said.

The president was responding to a question from NBC correspondent David Gregory, who asked why Americans shouldn't believe he is "stubborn or in denial." Gregory was referencing a report in Thursday's Washington Post that indicated CIA Director Michael Hayden saw as "irreversible" the lack of progress in Iraq.

Top Global Warming Advocate: Jupiter & Saturn Closer To Sun Than Earth

Top Global Warming Advocate: Jupiter & Saturn Closer To Sun Than Earth

Mon père, quand j'étais minot, m'expliquait qu'au moyen-âge les gens avaient de drôles de croyances. Par exemple ils croyaient que la terre était platte... Il pensaient que le soleil tournait autour de la terre et qu'elle était le centre de l'univers etc... Plein de trucs que "la science" allait facilement démystifier dans les siècles suivants...

Aujourd'hui, nous parlons de climat. Du rechauffement de la planète. Du dérèglement du climat etc...

J'ai une question pour vous qui vous inquiétez : qui a décidé dela normalité en terme de climat ? Quel scientifique averti est capable de nous expliquer qu'il y a une normalité figée dans nos saisons et dans la manière dont se comportent les couches de l'atmosphère ? Qui a décidé qu'il était anormal que le climat change ? Et le plus ridicule, qui a donc décidé que l'être humain devait jouer un rôle pour revenir au climat qu'on avait au début du siècle dernier ?

Another Al Qaeda In Iraq Leader Killed Twice By U.S.

Another Al Qaeda In Iraq Leader Killed Twice By U.S.

Tout le monde peut se tromper...

... Yet reporters recognized the name and soon realised that the same person had been "eliminated" on a previous occasion. Rowan Scarborough reports:

When The Examiner pointed out that Uthman's death had been announced twice, a command spokesman said in an e-mail, "You are correct that we did previously announce that we killed him. This was a roll up to show an overall effort against [al Qaeda in Iraq]. We can probably do a better job on saying 'previously announced' when we do long-term roll ups to show an overall effort."

It has become clear that the military is disseminating propaganda in a blatant attempt to artificially inflate the success of what is in actual fact a total disaster. "Eagerness" to be successful does not excuse lying to the media about operations in Iraq.

BADABOOM!! => Joe Bageant: Lies about ‘failed terror attacks’ in UK

Joe Bageant: Lies about 'failed terror attacks' in UK

De l'information humaine. Et même si c'était un hoax, je préfère celui là à celui du gouvernement ;)

Lies about 'failed terror attacks' in UK

Dear Readers:

I received this email today from a person who fully sees through the mass hallucination under which we all live and/or suffer. I have nothing to add. This letter speaks more eloquently on the subject than I ever could.

Joe Bageant



Anti-Piracy Gang Launches their own Video Download Site to Trap People | TorrentFreak

Anti-Piracy Gang Launches their own Video Download Site to Trap People | TorrentFreak

Allé hop ! En prison. Je vous déconseille de continuer à utiliser internet :P

Media Defender, a notorious anti piracy gang working for the MPAA, RIAA and several independent media production companies, just launched their very own video upload service called “”. The sole purpose of the site is to trap people into uploading copyrighted material, and bust them for doing so.

Apple iPhone and DRM |

Apple iPhone and DRM |

The iPhone hype hides a basic problem with the product – Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) inside the iPhone means that it wont be under your control. Apple has built this “smart” phone to dumb you down. They also want you to switch your cell phone service to AT&T – who collaborated with the National Security Agency (NSA) in its massive, illegal program to wiretap and data­ mine Americans' communications.

Coup d’état en Palestine !

THOMAS PAINE’S CORNER » “Demonstration” Government in Palestine

Tiens, un petit article qui explique bien la situation. Attention c'est long.

Ça a beau faire dela peine à une majorité de personnes à l'ouest de ... je sais pas où commence l'ouest d'ailleurs (mais c'est un autre problème), mais ce fût bien un coup d'état contre un gouvernement légitimement élu par le peuple palestiennien qui s'est déroulé la semaine dernière.

De plus, en soutenant le Fatah tout seul, les pays de l'Ouest prennent un grand risque. Celui de se mettre à dos tout les palestinniens, qui voient bien que quandc'était Arafat et le Fatah tout seul ça n'avançait pas plus. Autre grand risque c'est que ces gens là, nos gouvernements qui soutiennent des politiques anti-démocratiques et de division, bref, qui se mêlent de ce qui ne les regarde pas, ces gens là prennent ces risques en notre nom ! Vous avez voté pour eux peut être, et c'est en votre nom qu'ils martyrisent indirectement les palestiniens. En votre nom qu'ils tuent là-bas la démocratie qu'ils louent ici...

Bacillus thuringiensis toxin gene product in genetically modified crops

"Comments on the human health impact of Bacillus thuringiensis toxin gene product in genetically modified crops"

Recherche sur le mais modifié BT...

Presuming that there has been a major impact of the injury from ingesting the BtCry1 gene product among humans , farm animals or wildlife it is unlikely that the minds of those viewing the injury are prepared to associate the injury to its source. The GM food products are not labeled and frequently disguised in processed foods. The precautionary principle demands that the potentially dangerous foods be removed from production until proven safe.

Iranian forces crossed Iraqi border: report

Iranian forces crossed Iraqi border: report

fallait s'attendre à ce genre de rapport frauduleux provenant d'une source de "unidentified intelligence"...

Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces have been spotted by British troops crossing the border into southern Iraq, The Sun tabloid reported on Tuesday.

Britain's defence ministry would not confirm or deny the report, with a spokesman declining to comment on "intelligence matters".

An unidentified intelligence source told the tabloid: "It is an extremely alarming development and raises the stakes considerably. In effect, it means we are in a full on war with Iran -- but nobody has officially declared it."

Sen. Mike Gravel: Why Hillary Scares Me - Politics on The Huffington Post

Sen. Mike Gravel: Why Hillary Scares Me - Politics on The Huffington Post

Un autre candidat, mais du côté Démocrate cette fois. Il nous explique pourquoi hillary clinton est aussi dangeureuse qu'un obama...

During one of the debates I mentioned that my fellow Democratic candidates scare me. Hillary's speech last week to the Take Back America conference gives me yet another reason to be afraid.

In an indignant voice she decried the Bush administration's ''stunning record of secrecy and corruption, of cronyism run amok. . . It is everything our founders were afraid of, everything our Constitution was designed to prevent.'' Actually, our Constitution grants Congress the power to prevent these ills but Hillary and her colleagues weren't up to the task.

The MEMRI Loss

From : Another Day in the Empire

As we have known for some time now, MEMRI, short for the Middle East Media Research Institute, specializes in disinformation by distorting translations of film and print media stories originating in Arabic, Iranian and Turkish media. In essence, what MEMRI does is change the context of news stories by way of mistranslation and excision. Call it MEMRI loss, the deliberate mangling of media. MEMRI did this to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by turning a speech he delivered in 2005 into a racist and genocidal screed. MEMRI accomplished this through mistranslation. Not a day passes now we do not witness corporate media claims Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel off the map. In fact, Ahmadinejad said the “regime that is occupying Qods [Jerusalem] must be eliminated from the pages of history.” He did not say Israel must be wiped off the map. But this engineered lie is repeated constantly by the corporate media and to such a degree it is now accepted as fact.

The Plan to Disappear Canada :: Views ::

The Plan to Disappear Canada :: Views ::

If the machinations going on in this country regarding so-called "deep integration" were instead a communist conspiracy to take over the country (you will, of course, have to try hard to imagine this) the news media would be blaring the story.

Pundits would pontificate, editorialists would erupt, security forces would be unleashed.

Instead, a virtual conspiracy to make the country disappear through assimilation into the U.S. gets barely a mention.

But news of the scheme -- formally called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) -- is finally breaking out of the secret chambers of the ruling elite and the federal government. This is both good news and bad. It's good that ordinary citizens are finally getting a glimpse of the betrayal of their country. The news is bad because it reflects just how much of this scheme is already being implemented.

Mad Cow USA - The Truth About Feed For Food Animals

Mad Cow USA - The Truth About Feed For Food Animals

DATA SOURCES: We reviewed published veterinary and human-health literature regarding animal feeding practices, etiologic agents present in feed, and human health effects along with proceedings from animal feed workshops.

Les Zétazunis sont toujours en avance concernant les technologies alimentaires, des fois on les devance, c'est grave, mais quand on leur cours après... Voici une étude qui met en lumière ce qui nous attend.


Vaccine linked to sickness |

Vaccine linked to sickness |

In one case being investigated, a girl was left temporarily paralysed and unable to talk after receiving the Australian-developed Gardasil vaccine.

Health authorities have denied the cases are directly related to the immunisation.

Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott and doctors urged parents not to panic, saying the benefits outweighed the small risk of side effects.

Mr Abbott said risks were taken seriously but there was no evidence of a serious problem with the vaccine.


informationliberation - No Organic Bee Losses (les ruches bios se portent bien)

informationliberation - No Organic Bee Losses

I'm on an organic beekeeping list of about 1,000 people, mostly Americans, and no one in the organic beekeeping world, including commercial beekeepers, is reporting colony collapse on this list. The problem with the big commercial guys is that they put pesticides in their hives to fumigate for varroa mites, and they feed antibiotics to the bees. They also haul the hives by truck all over the place to make more money with pollination services, which stresses the colonies.

(emphase ajoutée)

Arretez moi donc ces abeilles subversives !

Venezuela Accuses U.S. DEA of Being a “Drug Cartel”

Le Vénézuela accuse la DEA étazunienne d'être un "Cartel de la drogue"

¨The United States establishes cooperation agreements in the fight against drug trafficking through economic cooperation so that they can later impose the presence of military bases under the pretense of cooperation," said Carreño yesterday.

Carreño dismissed any possibility of permitting the intervention of US authorities in Venezuela to fight drug trafficking and accused the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of forming its own “drug cartel.” According to the Carreño, when Venezuela ended its cooperation with the DEA two years ago, they observed that the US agency was trafficking drugs through the country.

"They were making a large quantity of drug shipments under the pretense of monitoring them, and they didn't carry out arrests or breakup the cartels," explained Carreño. "We were able to determine the presence of a new drug cartel in which the United States Drug Enforcement Agency was monopolizing the shipment of drugs," he said.

HU ! HA ! Chavez no se va !!

Des sous et des hommes. La dette c’est un Hold-Up !

le site dénonçant les FAUX MONNAYEURS - VULGARISATIONS - C - Des sous et des hommes

Juste en réponse aux pauvres malheureux qui pleurent la "défaite" de ségo (avec minuscule), alle aussi elle était pour rembourser la dette. Même sarko (avec minuscule) est moins con sur ce point dans ce qu'il raconte. Pourtant il feras aussi le jeux des banquiers. Des banquiers qui n'ont pas oublié de ne soutenir personne officiellement. Le medef (avec minuscule), lui ne s'y est pas trompé, très content de voir sarko (avec minuscule) où il est aujourd'hui, il n'aurait certainement pas été déçu par ségo (avec minuscule).

À lire pour comprendre ce qu'est cette "dette"...

Ces 1000 euros , vous allez les utiliser pour vos achat, voire en épargner une partie.... bref ils vont circuler dans la communauté jusqu'à échéance, quand vous aurez remboursé la totalité du crédit. Alors tout disparaîtra, la monnaie sera totalement détruite... sauf les intérêts, mais nous y reviendrons...

Qui revendique les attentatsdu 11 septembre ?

A 9/11 "Smoking Gun" Hidden In Plain Sight

Depuis le 11 septembre 2001 nous n'avons pas encore vu la revendication des attentats...

You don't put yourself through the expense, trouble, risk, etc., of carrying out the most daring "terrorist" attack in world history, only to let a panel of fatuous government apologists tell the world what your ostensible motive was; e.g., "they hate us because of our 'freedom'", or some such puerile nonsense.

Terror War III: U.S. Forces Capture, Render Refugees From Somali

Terror War III: U.S. Forces Capture, Render Refugees From Somali "Regime Change". (Bush, His, Into, Their, Foreign)-Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque - High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium

Génial. Délibérément, il faut qu'une partie du monde déteste totalement celle qui l'humilie. Perpétrer une guerre inséssente. Absolument, c'est ça la démocratie, c'est pour ça qu'on vote, c'est pour ça qu'on ne débat pas, c'est pour ça qu'on attend le méssie et c'est pour ça qu'on continu à boire de la bière...

Super Mario doit bien avoir une opinion là dessus hein. Demandez-lui.

Et Le perdant-gagnant libéral-facho à frisettes il doit bien aussi penser qu'il faut tous leur couper les couilles à ces putains de sales teroristes qui voilent leur femmes.

Et les femmes hein ? qu'est ce qu'elles en pensent ? Le voile vaut-il ces sales guerres ?

YouTube - 9/11stealth NBC Bush’s Legacy: 911 Covert Operations’ Meteor

YouTube - 9/11stealth NBC Bush's Legacy: 911 Covert Operations' Meteor

Proche de l'aéroport JFK à New York, dans un hangar, sont conservé quelques restes du World Trade Center. Quelques poutres métalliques et ces monstrueux gros morceaux de métal fondu et mélangés à "de tout".

Ce qui est remarquable, encore une fois, c'est qu'on peut voir en gros plan des poutres métalliques coupées en biseaux. Pourquoi est ce si remarquable ? Parce que c'est précisément de cette manière dont on coupe les poutres métalliques lors d'une démolition controllée.

Vidéo anecdotique, qui se rajoute à des milliers d'autres. Trop peu de réponses, bien trop de questions...

Israel doesn’t want peace - Haaretz - Israel News

Israel doesn't want peace - Haaretz - Israel News

The world has been turned upside down and it is Israel that stands at the forefront of refusal. The policy of refusal of a select few, a vanguard of the extreme, has now become the official policy of Jerusalem. In his Passover interviews, Olmert will tell us that, "The Palestinians stand at the crossroads of a historic decision," but people stopped taking him seriously a long time ago. The historic decision is ours, and we are fleeing from this crossroads and from these initiatives as if from death itself.

Terror, used as the ultimate excuse for Israeli refusal, only helps Olmert keep reciting, ad nauseum, "If they [the Palestinians] don't change, don't fight terror and don't adhere to any of their obligations, then they will never extract themselves from their unending chaos." As though the Palestinians haven't taken measures against terrorism, as though Israel is the one to determine what their obligations are, as though Israel isn't to blame for the unending chaos Palestinians suffer under the occupation.

The Reference Frame: Global warming on other planets

The Reference Frame: Global warming on other planets

The debate is over, Al Gore, our prophet, has announced. Terrestrial global warming, caused by the human sins, is no longer a political issue: it is now a spiritual issue. Now it's time to punish the heretics who deny that the Earth as the center of the Universe is special because of the humans who were created to the image of God - and because of their sins and SUVs.

This looks like a story about some silly priests from the 16th century Catholic Church - a story about the Dark Ages that most of us heard in the basic school. But unfortunately, what we are describing here are influential people in the 21st century such as one who delivers a speech on the picture above.