Interview 1735 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

This week on the New World Next Week: the increasingly inaccurately named North Atlantic Treaty Organization sets its sights on the Asia-Pacific; the Dutch government cracks down on farming and farmers' protests; and Amazon demonstrates creepy dead grandma voice technology on Alexa.

Why We Should Maki Cows Eat Seaweed

A diet rich in red meat is bad for the planet, not just an individual’s small colon, as — according to some estimates — livestock production accounts for the same amount of global carbon emissions annually as the .

Charlottesville: black and white conflict in America

Charlottesville: black and white conflict in America And the solution that almost no one appears to want&;why are people allergic to solutions that work? by Jon Rappoport August 18, 2017 My tech partner and producer, Theo Wesson, has made several notes on the latest episode of black-white conflict in America, Charlottesville:

A miracle in Chicago

A miracle in Chicago by Jon Rappoport March 7, 2017 It turns out that gang killings and drugs are not the only markers of life and death in Chicago. Far from it. If you consult the , you find a staggering list of city farms and gardens where clean nutritious food is grown: Urban Farms and Gardens in Chicago and Nearby