Will Nationalism and Fascism Rise Along With Sea Levels?

Reading Time: 4 minutesA major effect of the world’s changing climate will be the mass migration of people who have to leave uninhabitable places and go somewhere else to live. If (recent) history is any indicator, that’s not going to end well. In the US, President Donald Trump tapped into the anti-immigrant attitude of many Americans to get elected.

How the Pentagon Helped Hollywood Launder the Nazis’ Reputation

Four years ago, scholar Ben Urwand revealed how the Nazis' man in Hollywood Georg Gyssling censored and rewrote film scripts to remove scenes and dialogue that criticised the Nazi regime.

Timely Quotes on Fascism Then and Now

Do you live near a hate group? Would you know it if you did? To find out more, click on this amazing , and you will discover a wide variety of fascist hate groups all over the country — whom they hate, what they’ve been up to, and where they are. There’s one for nearly every taste.