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JFK Assassination Anniversary: Oswald Murder Witness Speaks

Reading Time: 9 minutesThe detective who was handcuffed to Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24, 1963, when Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, provided several revelations in an exclusive interview he granted WhoWhatWhy. The conversation took place two months before his death on August 29 of this year. 


NORMAN G. FINKELSTEIN PROSECUTES THE PROSECUTOR Norman G. Finkelstein has built a worldwide reputation as a brilliant forensic analyst of spurious claims to truth in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Whether demolishing the arguments of Joan Peters or Daniel Goldhagen or Alan Dershowitz, Finkelstein’s laser-like focus has repeatedly uncovered deceptions and outright lies served up to whitewash Israeli criminality.

How the Western media support state terror – while millions die

In this guest article Matt Alford - alongside Drs Daniel Broudy, Jeffery Klaehn, Alan MacLeod and Florian Zollmann - lay out their case that news media has systemically downplayed or simply avoided discussing the bloody consequences of Western foreign po

The Rebooted Designated Survivor: Sponsored by the CIA?

The soft reboot of the political drama Designated Survivor recently dropped on Netflix and in spite of Kiefer Sutherland making the least convincing president since Sarah Palin it is a considerable improvement on the first two seasons.

‘Fuck John Wayne’ – Why the DOD Prevented the movie Fields of Fire from Being Made

When James Webb approached the Pentagon to ask for assistance making his Vietnam war drama Fields of Fire he had every right to expect their support.  A former Marine and short-term Secretary of the Navy he was a military veteran who had written his novel based on his own real-life experiences of V

ClandesTime 181 – The Cinema of Iran-Contra

Iran-Contra is in many ways the definitive government conspiracy – involving guns, drugs, anti-communism and black operations, it went all the way to the White House.

Why Did the Pentagon Support Godzilla and Transformers, but Rejected Jarhead?

The 2005 biographical war film Jarhead is one of a very small number of films set in the first Gulf War.  Despite being based on the autobiography of a Marine who served in Desert Storm the DOD refused to provide it with military support. 

The Pentagon, Superman and the Freedom of Information Act

In 1977 the producers of Superman and Superman II approached the Pentagon to try to obtain stock footage of missiles launching, for use in depicting Lex Luthor's dastardly plot to nuke the San Andreas fault.  The Air Force and Strategic Air Command were provided

Why The Media Market Crashed And How It’s Going To Get Worse

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the crash of the media market and how it is only going to get worse because it was completely overvalued in the first place.

More Truth Exposed From Native American “MAGA” Kids Controversy

There is a lot of fake reports and fake news around this issue as it pins the msm against trump supporters, the facts the msm is sharing have been found to be absolutely untrue.

HELLO DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND How the President of Trinity University Philosophical Society Rectified an Error

How the President of Trinity University Philosophical Society Rectified an Error On 14 July 2018, I was informed by Sorcha Ryder, President of the Trinity University Philosophical Society (Dublin), that I was “chosen to receive the Honorary Patronage of the University Philosophical Society” and that I had “topped the lists of elected Patrons voted on by Fellows, Staff and Students of the College.”

I Spent The Night In The Banksy Hotel And It Was AMAZING!

In this video, Luke joins us from the famed Walled Off Hotel by none other than Banksy. It is an experience that truly must be seen to be believed. Join me as I spent the night in the Banksy Hotel and it was amazing!

Will The Dark Overlord Bring Down The Deep State?

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the biggest hack the media is ignoring. Will the Dark Overlord bring down the Deep State by releasing everything they have? Or will members of the establishment pay the bitcoin ransom and bury these documents forever?

Hack Or Hoax? The Truth About The Dark Overlord!

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the dark overlord hack. Is this a legitimate hack or is it simply a hoax? We go over all the possibilities regarding the group known as the dark overlord.

WhoWhatWhy 2019: Where We Go From Here

Well, somehow, we all made it to another year. Despite the messes (and there were plenty), we here at WhoWhatWhy did what we could, and, thanks to your support, that was a lot. We produced more stories than ever before. We added a whole bunch of talented, energetic folks to our team. We covered a wide range of critical issues, from the environment to human rights, and probed political and social developments the world over. And we always looked for the fresh angle, the deeper insight.

2018 Georgia Midterms: A Microcosm of the War on Election Integrity

The crown jewel of our work in 2018 was the coverage of Georgia’s midterm election. Early on, WhoWhatWhy realized that the gubernatorial race and the issue of voter suppression would be national news, so we dedicated unprecedented (for us) resources to shine a light on the status of voting rights in the Peach State.

Our Favorite Cartoon Op-Eds of 2018

The outstanding work of our Images Department, which is headed by an artist who goes by the nom de guerre “DonkeyHotey,” is the main reason WhoWhatWhy has such a unique look. We are proud of our daily panoramas and other images, which add an engaging visual dimension to our stories.

A Look Back at Our 2018 Front Page Artwork

WhoWhatWhy features new artwork on the top of the front page each day to promote and illustrate the most important stories we publish. These “panoramas” are replaced every 24 hours. That’s a shame because a lot of work goes into them and they are true works of art. As part of our series reviewing WhoWhatWhy’s work this year, below are some of our favorite panoramas from 2018.

WhoWhatWhy’s Top Podcasts of 2018, Part Two

Podcasts are among the fastest-growing features of today’s information-sphere. Here are the final four of our Ten Best of 2018 Podcast series.WhoWhatWhy delivered over 65 podcasts to our readers and listeners in 2018.

Why a Transgender James Bond Completely Misses the Point

After actor Dominic West suggested that the next James Bond be transgender the commentariat have gone batshit arguing over whether this is a key moment in the struggle for trans rights or another sign that the entertainment industry is dominated by damn commie libe

WhoWhatWhy’s Top Election Integrity Stories of 2018

There is probably not another news outlet in the US that dedicated such a high share of its resources to covering election integrity. This year alone, we published more than 100 articles on this vital issue. Why are we doing this? Because we understand that the right to vote — and fair elections — are under assault. The stories below illustrate how far-reaching these threats to democracy are.

Fallen Through the Cracks: 2018 Stories Worthy of Your Attention

As 2018 draws to a close, we want to highlight a few of the hundreds of articles WhoWhatWhy published throughout the year. While we are proud of all our stories, there are some that we think are particularly deserving of another look. And don’t worry if you feel that our podcasts and cartoons are underrepresented or that stories on election integrity are missing. We will have separate lists for them in the coming days.

Free Sample Of Our Premium Subscriber Content On Colombia

Luke gives you an in-depth review of Bogota Columbia, should you visit, or even expatriate there? Luke speaks with two different citizens about the current state of Bogota Colombia and the history surrounding it.

They Charged Flynn With The Logan Act!

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the speech Apple CEO Tim Cook recently gave regarding censorship and free speech. The bottom line is Tim Cook hates free speech. Sign Up To our email &;