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Huge Spike In Cases As Media Plays Politics With Human Life – What You’re Not Being Told!

You’re Getting Played By The Corporate Billionaire Class And You Don’t Even Know It!

You’re Missing The Mass Hypnosis Happening Now

They want to control your perception!

This Is Why You CANNOT Expect Government To Solve The Problem!

The government is in on it.

What’s Really Going On In NYC And Why It’s About To Get Worse

You Won’t Believe What Industry Is Set To Boom!

In this interview, George Anstey of Pharmadelic explains how marijuana legalization is paving the way for a boom in the psychedelic space.

What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Minneapolis Riots

Holy Cow YouTube Got Caught With Its Pants Down With Communist China!

Holy cow. YouTube just got caught with its pants down with communist China. The level of censorship is truly incredible. Going as far back as last October YouTube has been deleting anti-CCP comments.

It’s Shocking What The Government Is Doing To Small Businesses

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day! Unfortunately on this Memorial Day the government is sticking it to small businesses.

Pathologist Explains How The U.S. Medical System Screwed It All Up!

The video above is a very important interview with Dr. Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity. He has been right on with his virus coverage dating back months.

Trump Is Mobilizing The U.S. Military To Vaccinate America

Before I get into what exactly Donald Trump said, click on the video above and watch the very beginning Where I play for you a clip of the mayor of Chicago talking about selecting city officials who pledge allegiance to the new world order. 

You Need To Know About This Police Robot Dog Before It’s Too Late

You’re Being Manipulated To Hate Each Other So You Can’t See What They’re Doing

The Media Will NEVER Explain It To You Like This!

It’s Over For Canada! Tyranny Has Officially Arrived.

Canada is leading the way for human enslavement.

Elon Loses It AGAIN, Toilet Paper Psyop & Global Economic MELTDOWN