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IMPORTANT Things You’re Not Being Told About Trump’s Tax Returns

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In this video, we cover how there is an increasing chance the 2020 election results will be contested and how the U.S. is spiraling out of control.

You’re Not Being Told The Truth About The Breonna Taylor Case

Wow! Bill Clinton’s Lies And Dining With Ghislaine Maxwell Revealed!

In this video, we delve into Bill Clinton&;s secret dinner with Ghislaine Maxwell and other new developments in the elite child trafficking ring case.

They Want You To Hate Joe Rogan, Begging For More Government!

In this video, we cover the latest developments that are making the 2020 election even crazier and explain how people are being manipulated to hate Joe Rogan and beg for more government.

HOLY COW: Rich Elite Traffickers Are Panicking!

In this video, we cover major new developments in the child trafficking ring case, including a celebrity chef cooperating with prosecutors and revelations about Lolita Express flight logs. How might these impact the Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew cases?

The Media Won’t Show You What’s Really Happening With China And The World Order!

Wow! Bill Gates Shocks Again! He Doesn’t Even Trust The Vaccine

Trump Just Made a Shocking Admission About Wanting to “Take Out” Assad

Trump Say YES. Can A Joe Rogan Trump-Biden Debate End The Civil Unrest?

In this video, we delve into the possibility of a Donald Trump-Joe Biden debate on Joe Rogan&;s podcast and what that could mean for the country. Could this work?

New Important Evidence And Updates Prove Official Story Totally Wrong!

On this anniversary, we have a special guest discussing new very important evidence and a lawsuit that could bring justice to victims&; families.

I Can’t Believe They Did This To Grandma!!

The Truth About Trump’s Comments on the Military Industrial Complex

In this video, we explain whether Donald Trump is really for or against the military industrial complex.

This New Government Overreach Is INSANE And Must Be Stopped IMMEDIATELY!

This is what an evil tyrannical government looks like. In this video, we explain what is going on in Australia where we have terrifying footage of a pregnant woman being arrested for a Facebook post.

Joe Rogan vs Spotify Censorship! What The Hell Is Going On And Now We Have White Latinos?

In this video, we cover the latest civil unrest and economic crash news, as well as what on earth is going on with Joe Rogan and his move to Spotify.

What’s Happening In Kenosha, Wisconsin Is Not An Accident!

I Can’t Believe They’re Trying To Make This Mandatory!

In this video, we reveal how scary things are getting as governments both respond to the pandemic and encourage civil unrest.

Failing Cities And States Are Going To Extreme Measures!

In this video, we show you how certain cities and states are spiraling out of control as big government politicians push the divide and conquer agenda and are now going to extreme measures to keep their taxpayers from leaving.

BEWARE: Desperate Nations Are Making Desperate Moves Right Now!

In this geopolitical news update, we explain what you need to know about the Israel-UAE deal, aggressive moves by Turkey and China and how the global economic downturn contributes to desperate nations clashing right now.

Vladimir Putin Says Russia Has Developed The World’s First Cure

In this video, we discuss whether Putin may have the treatment the world needs and go over more of the civil unrest in the US.

Civil Unrest Is Exactly What They Need. And It’s Happening In Chicago!

In this video, we explain what in the world is going on in Chicago and how it differs from unrest in Belarus, Lebanon and Hong Kong.  

Ghislaine Maxwell’s SECRETS Coming Out Soon! And The Pentagon Found Alien UFO Vehicles?