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The Coming Collapse Of Western Civilization: Doug Casey

Exclusive interview with Doug Casey about the coming collapse of Western civilization. Doug Casey is a best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher who has garnered a well-earned reputation for his erudite (and often controversial) insights into politics, economics, and investment markets.

Unlike Epstein… The Democrats Are Hanging Themselves

As Democrats meltdown in Iowa, Trump prepares to play offense following his acquittal.

INSANE: Activists Trying To Shut Down Journalism!

This is absolutely insane!

What The MSM And Independent Media Won’t Tell You About This Chinese Virus

You&;re either going to love or hate this video.

Police vs. Firefighters in Paris Battle Royale! Is This Really a New Peace Plan??

Things have gotten so bad in Paris that firemen are now fighting the police! After seeing stuff like this, you&;ve got to wonder about the stability of France.

What’s Really Going to Happen at Virginia’s Massive Gun Rally Tomorrow

Huge Clash Coming? Trump Just Hired Epstein’s Lawyers, Antifa Confirms Virginia Event

Trump&;s legal team just did WHAT?!

America’s Dirty Secret: CIA Drug Trafficking Hits Record High!

The CIA is running heroin through Afghanistan!

Iran Protests Rage On! Direct Censorship On Instagram Due to US Sanctions!!

As new protests in Iran rage on, Americans are being censored on Instagram and Facebook due to US sanctions.

You’re Being Mind Controlled Even When You Think You’re Helping Yourself: Here’s How

Learn These 3 Tricks And You’ll Know How To Spot A Liar

Do you know what techniques I use as a journalist to determine if a politician is lying?

The Canadian Government Has Absolutely Lost Their Mind!

Is the Canadian government really encouraging kids to be trans? And planning to snatch kids from parents who don’t refer to their children using their preferred pronoun? Could things have really gotten that crazy?