Homeless Are Being Abducted And Put Into FEMA Camps

Homeless People Being Abducted And Sent To FEMA Camps, Claims Insider

 Did you know that it is now illegal to feed a homeless person in at least 33 cities in America? What FEMA are planning on doing, on behalf of the federal government, is truly disturbing.

Russ Baker Discusses Katrina Madness with Gary Null

Russ Baker and radio host Gary Null discuss the tragedy of Katrina, “disaster capitalism”, the Bush Administration’s hollowing out of government services, and more. What you didn’t hear … anywhere else during all the 10th anniversary hand-wringing. .

INVESTIGATION The Last Word on Katrina: Treachery at Bush’s FEMA Pays Handsomely

YESTERDAY, WE PUBLISHED PART 4 OF OUR 5-PART SERIES. YOU CAN READ IT  . BELOW: PART 5. The Anti-Government Folks Cash in on GovernmentIf being ostensibly “anti-government” while playing a leading role in government is tricky, it all pays off on the back end.

Eyewitness Account of Hurricane Katrina from a WhoWhatWhy Editor

A week after Katrina forever changed New Orleans and the lives of tens of thousands of its citizens, I was standing on the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge, leaning against a rental car that I had used to get around in Louisiana and talking to a young woman. And then I dozed off … while I was speaking.I had come to New Orleans the day after the levees broke. At the time, I was working for a wire service and was asked to cover the aftermath of the storm.

How the Bush Team Crushed Clinton’s FEMA

YESTERDAY, WE PUBLISHED PART 3 OF OUR 5-PART SERIES. YOU CAN READ IT  . BELOW: PART 4.FEMA: Ripe for the PickingAs Bush’s Texas team headed for Washington, it was clear that Joe Allbaugh had neither the experience nor the sophistication to serve as the White House chief of staff — the position he coveted.

Pinky and Brownie: Bush’s Forgotten Henchmen

In the second part of this series, which you can read , we discussed the origins of the partnership between Joe Allbaugh and Michael “Brownie” Brown, that ultimately contributed to the needless suffering of thousands of New Orleans residents.BELOW: PART 3Bush’s Enforcer

Confederacy of Scoundrels: Katrina Exposed, Part 2 of 5

In the first part of this series, which you can read , we learned about Michael Brown’s incompetence and how it manifested itself in the days after Katrina. But Brown’s incompetence, it turns out, was not something that bothered the Bush Administration.