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The Free Speech Wars: Has the First Amendment Outlived Its Usefulness?

The traditional American notion of almost absolute freedom of speech may have run its course. Journalist and academic Damon Linker says some Americans may be having second thoughts about what we’ve come to accept as free speech.

Is the Separation Between Church and State about to Crumble?

When people complain that President Donald Trump and his administration are threatening the First Amendment, they usually think about assaults on the freedom of the press. Just as troubling, however, is that conservatives on the highest levels of all branches of government are blurring the lines between the state and religion.

Who Gets Free Speech?

In the era of Donald Trump and , questions of free speech have once again come to the forefront of public consciousness. Should Megyn Kelly interview Alex Jones, who believed (or believes) the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax? Should UC Berkeley host alt-right and alleged pedophilia defender Milo Yiannopoulos?

Barrett Brown’s Day of Reckoning

Barrett Brown. Barrett Brown.
A feisty, confrontational journalist who exposed explosive details about the machinations of the national security apparatus and faced more than a century in prison has been sentenced to five years and three months.