What Florida Officials May Be Hiding on COVID-19

Reading Time: 4 minutesFlorida has underreported infections and deaths — and overreported testing — according to data revealed on a new website on COVID-19 unveiled Thursday.This comes at the same time that a

Judge Orders Release of Records That Might Tie Saudi Royals to 9/11

Reading Time: 6 minutesA federal judge’s ruling has raised hopes that we may better understand any possible ties between Saudi Arabia’s ruling family and the 9/11 hijackers — the vast majority of whom were Saudi citizens.

FL Dems Call for Gun Control Session Following El Paso Shooting

Reading Time: 5 minutesJust a few weeks after the devastating shooting in El Paso, Democrats in the Florida House of Representatives have called for a special session to deal with the issue of gun control &; and they think the votes could be there to finally see action by state lawmakers t

Election Advocates Eye Florida Fixes for 2020

The 2020 presidential race could come down to Florida. But unless drastic changes are made, election advocates believe the next presidential vote count in the Sunshine State will be yet another mess.

Florida Needs a Better System to Restore Felons’ Voting Rights, Judge Says

Many of the 1.6 million disenfranchised felons in Florida may be one step closer to being able to vote thanks to a ruling from a federal judge. Earlier this week, US District Judge Mark Walker ordered Gov. Rick Scott (R) to devise a new system to restore convicted felons’ right to vote by April 26.The court order from Walker requires Gov.

Everything They’re Not Telling You About Cambridge Analytica And Blocking The Blockchain

In this video, Jason Bermas of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the Cambridge Analytica scandal and how it relates to companies around the world that specialize in the same business, as well as the possibility that blockchain may become illegal in many parts of the world. He also gives us the latest on Florida.

Important Reflections On Parkland Shooting and More Economic Problems Ahead

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you an interview with G. Edward Griffin about the latest breaking news on how there are more economic problems ahead for the United States and Florida.

What Do We Know About Florida?

In this video, Jason Bermas talks about the tragedy in Parkland Florida and how all the signs were there yet no one seemed to listen, as well as some of the common denominators in these types of events.

Pennsylvania and Florida Take Big Steps Toward Election Fairness

Two developments this week could have a major impact on who will control the House of Representatives in 2019 and whether President Donald Trump will be reelected.Both were victories for those seeking fairer elections in the United States. The first took place in Pennsylvania, where the state’s Supreme Court ruled the congressional districts drawn by Republicans in 2011 to be unconstitutional.