Freedom of Information ACT

CIA Declassified Document: A Torture Manual?

A request filed by Jeffrey Kaye through the Freedom of Information Act resulted in a 128 page declassified document. It illustrates that the CIA not only has a long history of engaging in torture and interrogation tactics. They also guide others to become the best interrogator possible. NSA archives also contain this document which states interrogations harnessed foreign intelligence during the Cold War era:

DisInfoWars with Tom Secker- How to use the Freedom of Information Act

As a keen user of the Freedom of Information Act I have filed many requests over the years. This week I delve into some of my personal experiences with FOIA requests explaining what worked and what didn't, which requests were successful and unsuccessful, and why. I discuss the latest success: getting over 1600 pages of new material from the Pentagon's entertainment propaganda office, how it came about and why it was successful.