Drone War Victims Deserve US Accountability, German Court Rules

Reading Time: 14 minutesA German court has taken the unprecedented step of ordering its government to ensure US drone strikes comply with international law, citing evidence the US “regularly” kills civilians using an air base located on German soil.But the most important legal victory to date in the global opposition to America&

Did Trump Find Religion? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Reading Time: 10 minutesPresident Donald Trump last week that leaning on God has helped him make it through the “witch hunts” he has been subjected to.It makes sense for the president to pander to Christian conserv

Bipartisan Plan Could Block Hundreds of Thousands of Gun Sales

Reading Time: 4 minutesIn late March, making it easier for authorities to block gun sales to people who cannot legally buy guns but lie about their status on background checks —

Meet William Barr, the Latest Victim of the Trump Stench

Reading Time: 3 minutesWe have pointed out before that various crooks, racists, and other shady characters seem to be drawn to President Donald Trump. It makes sense that they would flock to somebody who is like them. What is more stunning, however, is how many formerly respected people allowed their (previously) good names to be ruined by their association with Trump.

Russia’s Lasting Grip on Christian Conservatives

Prominent Russian nationals and members of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) continue to build bridges with American right-wing politicians and may be influencing policy.Despite being sanctioned by the US Department of Treasury and the European Union for crimes in Ukraine, the for meeting with National Rifle Association (NRA) members are using Christian fundamentalist groups a

Mexican Attorney General Arrested For Drug Trafficking in California

The attorney general for the western Mexican state of Nayarit has been in Southern California on charges of drug trafficking. Edgar Veytia, 45, who has served as the top law enforcement officer of Nayarit since 2013, was charged in a seven-page, three-count indictment unsealed in New York.