Is This the End of the Republican Party?

Reading Time: 16 minutesIn this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, renowned pollster and political consultant Stanley Greenberg, the man who helped get Bill Clinton elected in 1992, predicts the end of the Republican Party as we know it. Further, he argues that the US is about to enter a progressive era where the pent-up demand for government action will be reflected in de

Is the GOP Trying to Gaslight Americans on Voter Fraud?

Being afraid of huge numbers of noncitizens voting in US elections is a bit like worrying about a zombie invasion. It sounds like a major problem in theory but it’s not something to be overly concerned about in real life.

Trump and GOP Lawmakers: Going Along to Get Along

Speaking truth to power is important — but it matters little if the words aren’t backed up by action. And there may not be a more apparent truth than the moral bankruptcy of the country’s most powerful person, President Donald Trump.

Legit-Looking Websites That Peddle Fake News

While Congress is increasingly putting pressure on Big Tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter to combat on their pages, some lawmakers, such as Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), have published their own “news” websites filled with self-serving disinformation.

The Next Generation of Conservatives Is Hoping to Make Its Mark… After Trump

Some days it seems, at least from reading the mainstream news or cable television, that all millennials are voting for Democrats, or that college-educated kids are all going to be part of the “blue wave.” In fact, there is a whole cadre of young Republicans and conservatives populating college campuses, who see themselves as the post-Trump future of the Republican Party.Journalist Eliza Gray recently went looking for the heart and soul of young conservatism as part of a

Oligarchs of the World, Unite!

Last week, the Trump administration took a major step toward helping one of society’s most vulnerable groups: politically active billionaires. Although these oligarchs admittedly have vast fortunes at their disposal, politicians across all levels in their back pockets, and armies of lawyers on their side, they still had to comply with pesky reporting requirements when funneling millions of dollars to political organizations that do their bidding.

The Lack of Accountability in US Politics Is Beyond Shameful

One of the biggest problems in the US — yet the one that is talked about the least — is that there is a complete lack of accountability for politicians who are screwing up the country. The issue isn’t necessarily criminal accountability — although it would be nice to see people go to jail for things like leading the country into war under false pretenses, authorizing torture, lining their own pockets, destroying the environment, or deregulating the financial sector to the point of allowing a few greedy individuals to bring the world economy to its knees.

The Usual Suspects: Americans Are About to Get Robbed

In most great heist movies, the actual theft comes toward the end of the film and is followed only by the reveal of how a plucky band of lovable rascals pulled it off and stole from an evil billionaire or corporation. First, however, the film shows in great detail how the crew is assembled and then prepares its big coup in the face of setbacks and obstacles.

A Visit from St. Donald

T’was the week before Christmas and up and down K Street lobbyists wept Because after a year of chaos, the GOP one promise had kept. They rewarded the Koch brothers and all their friends, Whose dark money checks now paid huge dividends. With a smack of his gavel and a look of gleeful delight Speaker Ryan stuck it to regular Americans and worsened their plight. The richest got gifts and the rest a surprise, As the individual mandate repeal will cause premiums to rise.

The Real Truth About Trump’s Tax Reform!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Trump&;s tax reform, that just passed by the GOP Republicans which signaled a Trump year end victory. With At&t announcing bonuses, many are celebrating and some are not, saying individual taxpayers will get screwed for the 1%.

GOP ‘Tax Reform’: A Caricature Becomes Reality

If Republicans were to write a bill to hyperbolically make fun of Democratic positions, they might call it “The Mandatory Abortion and Free iPhones for Welfare Recipients Act of 2017.” The legislation would get rid of the Department of Defense, put in place healthcare for all, and outlaw vehicles with combustion engines. And, of course, it would take away all guns. If Democrats were to write a bill to hyperbolically make fun of Republican positions, they might call it “The Take from the Poor to Help Billionaires Act of 2017.”

Can the Two-Party System Survive Internal and External Divisions?

The deep divisions within the US — not just between liberals and conservatives but also within each of the two major parties — are giving Americans the glimpse of a chance to rid themselves of the entrenched two-party system responsible for a big part of the country’s current malaise. Granted, it’s still a long shot — but, for the first time in generations, there is an opportunity to upset the balance of political power in a meaningful way. In fact, there are two opportunities.

The GOP Tax Bill Explained: The Rich Get Richer

The tax overhaul plan that passed the House on Thursday would grant a staggering to corporations and households. But only those unfamiliar with US politics would consider this legislation a boon to struggling families, cash-strapped students and mom-and-pop shops.

GOP Quickly Running Out of Time to Dump Trump

One headline today read, “Republicans in Despair After Trump&;s Disastrous Week.”It brought to mind heated conversations I had years ago with Republican aides on The Hill, folks I have known from when I reported on such things back in the 80s and 90s.Those conversations were sparked by the first signs of trouble: the Tea Party insurgents.

The Intellectual Underpinning of a “Mean” Republican Party

Today’s Republican Party bears little resemblance to its more moderate past. While President Ronald Reagan tried to limit the “overreach” of the federal government in favor of states’ rights and individual freedom, this purportedly high-minded (if self-serving) movement has since morphed into something rawer and more extreme: an apparent effort to curb democratic rule, reshape the Constitution, and protect money interests well beyond limiting taxes on the wealthiest.According to our podcast guest this week, historian and professor Nancy MacLean, this is no accident.

Undemocratic Primary: The Backroom Deal is Back

Jeb Bush isn’t technically a candidate yet, but he’s raised more money than some of his Republican counterparts who have declared their intention to run. Photo credit: Wikimedia Foundation