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ICE Doubles Down On Controversial Facial Recognition Technology

Clearview AI, the controversial US-based facial recognition company, is no longer welcome in Canada and Australia, after regulators Clearview’s technology

The JFK Assassination and the Conspiracy Theory Experts at the Washington Post

 — Opinion     If you haven’t kept up with the latest developments in QAnon world, then you may have been wondering why hundreds of its adherents poured into Dallas last week, packing Dealey Plaza, the infamous site of President John F. Kennedy’s murder. They were there harboring the fervent belief they were actually about to see the triumphant return of John F. Kennedy Jr., who was supposed to announce a 2024 vice presidential run with Donald Trump. Some even hoped to see the slain president himself.   

Profiting on Police Reform: Can The Feds Break up Axon’s Body Camera Monopoly?

Along with a badge and a gun, more and more American police are issued body cameras as standard equipment.   Cameras have emerged as a solution to meet demands for better policing since a series of high-profile killings of unarmed Black civilians beginning in 2014 triggered a re-evaluation of law enforcement tactics and transparency.    

Body Cameras Don’t ‘Fix’ Policing, but Lawmakers Keep Trying

Last summer, as protesters across the nation filled streets and squared off with police after George Floyd’s murder, Delaware Gov. John Carney (D) huddled with state lawmakers, law enforcement officers, and other stakeholders to figure out how to improve police-community relations — and avoid their own George Floyd fiasco. 

This Week in Government Integrity: Mandates and Mismanagement

As the US enters its fourth coronavirus wave since the pandemic began, talk of mandating the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming more of a reality. But can the government really mandate the vaccine? This, Bill Gates’s fight to save the world, the census findings, and more in this month’s Government Integrity roundup.  

Can the Government Really Mandate a Vaccine?


Hunter Biden’s ‘Art’ Doesn’t Paint a Pretty Picture

If giving the appearance of corruption were an art form, Hunter Biden would be a maestro. Since it is not, however, he is just an amateur painter trying another hustle to make a buck (or a million) off his dad’s name. And, let’s be honest, if that last name were Trump, a lot of people biting their tongues now would be calling it a scam.  They would be right. 

The Man Who Fought City Hall

Remember Dennis Kucinich? The former US congressman and outspoken presidential candidate — our guest on this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast — got his start in government 40-plus years ago as a 23-year-old Cleveland city councilman. Six years later, as mayor of the city, he took on Cleveland’s political machine, business establishment, and the local mob, who were scheming to get richer by privatizing the municipal electric utility.  

Pity the Poor Billionaire

It’s been a mixed week for billionaires. On the one hand, that many of them don’t pay their “fair share” in taxes (unless you think the fair share for somebody with a net worth of $100,000,000,000 is to pay nothing or very little).

Why Cuomo’s New Judge Has New York Progressives Fuming

Less than a month after the killing of George Floyd, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrated signing a police reform package into law. “You don&;t need to protest, you won,” he said at the time. “You accomplished your goal.

Why Cuomo’s New Judge Has New York Progressives Fuming

Reading Time: 6 minutesLess than a month after the killing of George Floyd, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrated signing a police reform package into law.

WhoWhatWhy’s Best of Memorial Day 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutesFor most of us, Memorial Day is just a collage of impressions from television specials: Bugles playing taps… flags being folded… somber-faced people standing ramrod-straight… speeches… final salutes… long shots of endless fields of gravestones…  human interest stories of unshaven, craggy-faced veterans, some with old medals pinned to their rags, sleeping under bridges, c

Uncovered: Israeli Angle to White House ‘Deep State’ Plot

Reading Time: 9 minutesA viral, disturbing New York Times article about a pro-Donald Trump plot against a member of his own administration left out the most important element of all: the role of shadowy operatives in the pro-Israel right wing — operatives from the very same insider “deep state” from which Trump constantly promised to save America. First,