A Ted Cruz Protégé Rides Shotgun for the Seditionists

Reading Time: 12 minutesOn January 2, the day before she was sworn into Congress, Lauren Boebert with Texas Sen. Cruz (R-TX) bearing the caption: “Ted Cruz is an American hero and patriot!

Law and Disorder: Time for a Rethink

Reading Time: 8 minutesAfter hundreds of incidents in which African Americans were killed by police, mostly over trivial infractions, or shot by overzealous neighbors, it should be obvious to just about everyone that something is fundamentally wrong in America.

Background Checks on Buyers Can’t Keep Up With Surge in Gun Sales

Reading Time: 4 minutesProtecting Out Vote 2020The COVID-19 pandemic and the protests following the killing of George Floyd have brought the US to new heights of anxiety and unrest, leading to spikes in gun purchases.

The Other Epidemic: One Day of Gun Violence in the US

Reading Time: 5 minutesGun ViolenceSince the outbreak of the coronavirus, people have probably wondered what would happen if they or a loved one become infected and have to be hospitalized or worse.

A Recipe for Disaster: Letting Domestic Abusers Keep Their Guns

Reading Time: 4 minutesGun ViolenceIn June 2016, about a month after filing for divorce, Phoukeo Dej-Oudom was murdered by her husband, who also killed the couple’s three children and himself.

Why Arming Teachers is Not Such a Good Idea

Reading Time: 6 minutesGun ViolenceDennis Alexandr, a teacher and resource officer at Seaside High School in Seaside, CA, was teaching his Administration of Justice class about the importance of gun safety on the morning of M

Hooked on Lead — Covering America’s Gun Obsession

Reading Time: 3 minutesGun ViolenceGun violence is a uniquely American problem that has left the rest of the world scratching their heads over how a country could choose guns over the lives of its citizens.

Youth Suicides by Firearms Are on the Rise

Gun ViolenceA school shooting with multiple fatalities is certain to make the headlines. After all, it’s major news when a kid gets shot and killed, right? Well, not necessarily —  because the pervasive phenomenon of child suicides by gun is hardly mentioned in the news.

It’s a Maze, It’s a War Zone, It’s a US School

Reading Time: 4 minutesGun ViolencePresident Donald Trump wants to arm teachers, schools are now being designed specifically to make it more difficult for shooters to kill a lot of students, and parents are buying bulletproof backpacks

Fear of Mass Shootings Strains America’s Psyche, Survey Finds

Reading Time: 3 minutesGun ViolenceFour years ago, “fear of mass shootings” did not even appear on the American Psychological Association’s annual survey of things that stress out Americans.

Guns Versus Weed: How Background Checks Conflict with State Cannabis Laws

As more states pass laws allowing the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, the potential for legal conflict with the federal government increases as well. Direct conflict between state laws legalizing cannabis and federal law — which puts cannabis in the same category as heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines — is obvious enough.

What Gun Background Checks Can’t Detect: Stupidity

While filming a music video, country singer Justin Carter — — died on March 16 when that gun “went off” and hit him in the corner of his eye.

Red Flag Laws and the Consequences of Good Intentions

Something&;s wrong with your uncle across the street. He&;s always been a strange guy, but he&;s been acting more strangely than usual since he lost his job last month.

How America Fell Out of Love With Machine Guns

Able to fire 25 rounds per second, and with a standard drum magazine of fifty .45-caliber rounds, the Thompson submachine gun, or tommy gun, was the weapon of choice for gangsters of the Prohibition era.

Was the Vegas shooter a patsy?

Was the Vegas shooter a patsy? How did he get all those weapons into his hotel suite? by Jon Rappoport October 5, 2017 Daily Mail: “…Jill Sneider of the ATF said that no less than 12 of the rifles found in the room had bump-stock modifications.” “In total, there were 23 firearms in the hotel room, including an AK-47, an AR-15-type gun, and a handgun.” That’s a lot of weight. That’s a lot of steel. How did Stephen Paddock, the purported Vegas shooter, get all those weapons into his Mandalay Hotel suite?

Open letter to NFL players: you’re being used

An open letter to NFL players: you’re being used Try being politically INcorrect if you want some real answers by Jon Rappoport September 26, 2017 Dear NFL Players: In case you’ll only read a few worlds of this story, I’ll get right to the point. You’re being used. You’re being duped into focusing on the wrong issue: police brutality against black people. If you actually want to solve what’s happening to black people in inner cities, police brutality is way down on the list.

How often do US police officers discharge their weapons?

How often do US police officers discharge their weapons? by Jon Rappoport November 6, 2016 (To read about Jon&;s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, .)

Message to Colin Kaepernick: the real disaster of inner cities

Message to Colin Kaepernick: the real disaster of inner cities by Jon Rappoport September 4, 2016 (To read about Jon&;s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, .) Mr. Kaepernick:

The toy-gun arrests use “actors”

The toy-gun arrests use “actors” by Jon Rappoport May 10, 2013 There are two ways to cast a movie. You bring in professional actors and have them read, or you go out and hire “real people” for the parts. The second way is sometimes used for the cameos.

How “kill the pigs” became “only the police should have guns”

How “kill the pigs” became “only the police should have guns” by Jon Rappoport March 30, 2013 In the fabled 1960s, the cops were called pigs, and anybody on the political Left who wanted a ticket to the show knew that and mouthed it often.

Miracle: no one shot by strawberry tart shaped like a gun

Miracle: no one shot by strawberry tart shaped like a gun by Jon Rappoport March 4, 2013 Josh Welch. Seven years old. Park Elementary School, Baltimore. Bit off pieces of strawberry tart, trying to make shape of mountain. Tart ended up looking like gun. Josh suspended for two days. No bullet wounds reported.