Osama Hamdan: «Israël a démarré le conflit en 1948»

Jon Snow, journaliste sur la chaine britannique "4News" interpelle le porte-parole des Affaires étrangères du Hamas, Osama Hamdan, et lui demande pourquoi ses combattants ne s'arrêtent pas leurs tirs de roquettes sur Israël afin de prévenir d'autres décès de civils à Gaza.

#GazaUnderAttack | PRESS RELEASE | Gaza Hospitals Crisis: Surgery being Performed in Corridors and Floors

By Global Research News &; Global Research, July 31, 2014 Gaza Ministry of Health Press Release Gaza Ministry of Health, Palestine  July 31, 2014                                                                                                                    Gaza hospitals are operating under impossible conditions, with surgery now being performed in corridors and on the floor due to the sheer numbers of wounded from massacres such as Shati park, [&

Frédéric Haziza, un exemple pour tous les journalistes !

Frédéric Haziza, journaliste sur La Chaîne parlementaire et à Radio J nous a gratifié, hier le dimanche 20 juillet, d'un Tweet dans lequel on voit apparaitre "un pacifiste pro-Hamas en pleine action sur un fonctionnaire de Police à Sarcelle". Or, il s'avère que le Tweet en question date du 24 mars 2013 et qu'il vient

Hamas launches official website

[ PALESTINIAN INFORMATION CENTER 14/05/2011 - 05:32 PM ] &; GAZA, (PIC)&; The information office of Hamas announced on Saturday that an official website for the movement would be launched on Sunday to coincide with the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba.

YouTube - Israel attacked, but by WHO?

Israel declares it will respond with disproportionate force, if attacked by rockets from Gaza, then Israel is attacked by Rockets! Hamas Spokesperson claims on Radio that Israel "Agents" are sending rockets from Gaza at Israel to create an excuse for Israel to attack Gaza. Look at this and use wisdom, WHO benefits from Israel bombarding Gaza again? Not Hamas, not the Palestinians. Find out who you find out who is firing the "Rockets"

MIDEAST: Gazans Do Not Blame Hamas

"People are extremely angry and the level of hate against Israel is very high. I have lived and worked in Gaza for many years and I have never seen such hatred from the population," said Qleibo. Gazans are not blaming Hamas, contrary to Israel's wishes. "People laugh at Israel's claims that this was a war against the Islamic resistance organisation and not one aimed at civilians. "They see this as a war against all Palestinians. The number of civilians killed and maimed and the destruction wrought was way too extreme," said Qleibo.