Patients stranded in Gaza under Israel’s permit regime

After collapse of coordination and little chance of getting Israeli permission to seek treatment outside Gaza, some are just waiting to die.

Stressed-Out Nurses Say Nation’s Hospitals Need More of Them to Care for Patients

Reading Time: 7 minutesIncreases in post-surgery infections. More patients slipping and falling. Failure to prevent or rescue patients from avoidable complications. Failure to resuscitate patients suffering adverse events. Unnecessary deaths.

The Silver Lining in the Coronavirus

Reading Time: 4 minutesOPINIONOne of life’s more sublime pleasures is the sight of a zealous ideologue being hoist with the petard of his own convictions, something Rep. Ted Yoho experienced last week.

The Myth of American Exceptionalism Falls Victim to Coronavirus

Reading Time: &; 1 minute Americans are always being told that they are the best, and have the best. The response to coronavirus exposes that as wishful thinking.

Is Joe Biden Hazardous to Your Health?

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhatever the significance of Joe Biden’s victory in last week’s Super Tuesday primary, it’s not good news for the 28 million Americans who have no health insurance — at least according to Wall Street.We know this because health insurance stocks

Obamacare Derangement Syndrome

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe latest assault on the Affordable Care Act seemed to advance a bit this month when the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit heard oral arguments in a suit backed by 20 largely red states hoping the courts will do what Congress so far has not: annul the law.

Cities Are Blazing the Trail Toward Healthcare for All

Ensuring that all Americans have access to healthcare will be one of the most important issues in the Democratic presidential primary and the 2020 election. It is unlikely that a Democrat without a viable plan can win the nomination. While some candidates are looking toward European countries for inspiration, an answer to the uninsured crisis may be found much closer to home.

Privatizing Veterans Affairs: A Risky Gamble?

Depending on its successes and failures, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is used by both parties as an example that “their” way is right. When things are going well, Democrats point to it as a successful healthcare program run by the government. When things are going poorly, Republicans claim the VA shows Washington bureaucrats mismanaging taxpayer money. Still, unless embroiled in scandal, the VA is generally not one of those government programs that are in the spotlight of US politics.

Misplaced American Healthcare Exceptionalism

A popular myth perpetuated about the US healthcare system is that it is “the best in the world” and the “envy” of other nations. The people saying these things are absolutely right. The US healthcare system is the best … for the richest of the rich, pharmaceutical companies, specialist doctors and the insurance industry. And it is the envy of other nations … but only impoverished countries such as Sudan, Haiti and Syria.

Conservatives Lay Siege to Congressional Budget Office

Republicans spent the first half of this year trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Their efforts were stymied in part by Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections showing that all of their proposals would result in millions of additional Americans being uninsured and a sharp reduction in Medicaid funding.

Wheelchair bound Palestinian 24 days in Israeli detention center denied right to lawyer visits and medical check-ups

[ PIC 31/08/2014 - 02:25 PM ] RAMALLAH, (PIC)&; The Israeli prison authority has been holding disabled Palestinian detainee Shadi Daraghma, who is confined to a wheelchair, in al-Mascoubiya detention center for 24 uninterrupted days, denying him the right to lawyer visits and to urgent medical check-ups , the Palestinian Prisoner Society revealed on Sunday.