Did Namibia Demand $30 Billion In Reparations For Germany’s Genocide?

It has been reported that the Namibian government have, allegedly, filed a lawsuit demanding some $30 in reparations from Germany for the systematic massacre of thousands of their forebears between 1904 and 1908.

Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie – Debunking ‘The Last Days’

The Last Days of the Big Lie is a documentary which debunks the disgusting liars glorified as heroes and victims in the Steven Spielberg produced, Academy Award winning “Holocaust” documentary The Last Days.

Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie – Debunking ‘The Last Days’

More Than Taboo on Vimeo

blackbirdsPepperPlan 5 months ago Once again, Mr. Ryan Dawson takes a very delicate subject and breaks it down so that even the most "faithful" must acknowledge that there is a lot more to this "Taboo" story than we have been told. Conversely, we must all accept the FACT that much of what we have been told has been exposed as exaggerations, if not deliberate fabrications. Cui bono? Who benefits? . . . peace.

UK Killed Over 10 Million Indians In Holocaust

Conventional histories have counted only 100,000 Indian soldiers who were slaughtered in savage reprisals, but none have tallied the number of rebels and civilians killed by British forces desperate to impose order, claims Misra. The author says he was surprised to find that the “balance book of history” could not say how many Indians were killed in the aftermath of 1857. This is remarkable, he says, given that in an age of empires, nothing less than the fate of the world hung in the balance.

Lebanese Blogger Forum: Gaza & the Holocaust: A Comparison

Compare the photos on the left from the Nazi regime to the photos on the right from the Israeli regime in Palestine. You’ll find the pictures in black & white in most American and other western countries history books, encyclopedias, libraries, museums. One, for instance, depicts a young Jewish boy with his hands up while Nazi troops point their guns at him and his family in order to expel them from their homes. They make you sympathize with the victims and support their cause for justice and a homeland.