La Grande-Bretagne prévoit d’expulser ses réfugiés au Rwanda

Cette semaine, la Grande-Bretagne a annoncé un plan inhumain et irréalisable visant à expulser les demandeurs d’asile vers le Rwanda – de façon permanente. Il s’agit d’un effort cruel pour externaliser le contrôle des frontières au détriment du bien-être des réfugiés. Source : Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises

Russian State Media Spreads Fake BBC Report on Train Station Attack

A day after the BBC press office said “a video carrying its branding which claims that last week’s missile attack on a railway station was carried out by Ukraine is a fake,” Russian-backed media outlets continue to push the lie.   The pro-Russia Telegram page U_G_M, which has 15,866 subscribers, recently posted a “BBC” report that Ukraine bombed the Kramatorsk train station, a lie that the Kremin has been pushing since the atrocity occured on April 8. The footage has subsequently aired on Russian state television.  

Émigration : Le départ en sourdine des Français musulmans

Alors que l’immigration domine la campagne présidentielle, l’émigration accrue de Français musulmans témoigne d’une crise plus profonde pour le pays. Source : Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises

L’hypocrisie de l’Europe sur les réfugiés de la « guerre contre le terrorisme »

Les personnes piégées en mer ou croupissant dans les camps de réfugiés du monde entier ne sont accueillies que si elles servent de caution politique, écrit Ramzy Baroud. Source : Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises

Will Biden Tackle Political Corruption in Honduras?

Reading Time: 6 minutesTrekking north through a dangerous country, the thousands of people — families, men, women, and children — looked like members of a pilgrimage. They chanted slogans, prayed aloud, and hoisted five-star Honduran flags.

NJ Addresses Delays Overturning Controversial Driver’s License Rule

Reading Time: 4 minutesAfter months of delays without explanation, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) is proposing changes that will allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses without first sharing personal information with the Social Security Administration.

Undocumented NJ Residents at Risk Under New Proposed Rules

Reading Time: 3 minutesThis story has been edited to clarify how applicants who do not have a Social Security Number can apply for a driver’s license, according to the MVC’s proposed draft rules.Later this week, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will formally decide on rules that will determine how easy it is for the state’s undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses, b

Claims of Medical Abuse of ICE Inmates in Georgia Prompt Outrage

Reading Time: 5 minutes— OPINION —A whistleblower’s claims that immigrants at a federal detention center in Georgia were subjected to unwanted hysterectomies are horrifying.

Pandemic Threatens American DREAMers

Reading Time: 13 minutesThe US Supreme Court’s rejection of President Donald Trump’s attempt to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, better known as DACA, sent audible sighs of relief rippling through the nation last June.The relief was temporary, however.

Email Blunder Reveals Student Info and University Negligence

Reading Time: 5 minutesA US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recruiter exposed the sensitive information — including visa status — of more than 1,300 students and alumni from the Washington, DC–based American University following a May 15 virtual career fair.The incident raises serious concerns about how information is shared between universities and job recruiters — including

Forced Court Appearances Jeopardize Migrants and Their Lawyers

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn spite of nationwide sheltering in place orders, federal immigration officials are still forcing migrants to make in-person court appearances.


Qui est Raphael Enthoven ? C'est l'ex compagnon de Carla Bruni... la petite cantatrice avec l'accent de l'Italie... vous ne voyez pas de qui il s'agit ? ah je vois, vous auriez plutôt tendance à la marier avec Sarkozy ? Comme quoi c'est le dernier qui parle qui a toujours raison.

Detention Camps and Deadlock: US Immigration Policy Is in Disarray

Reading Time: 13 minutesSen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) does not represent a border state. Immigration is not a high priority issue in Oregon. Yet, motivated by compassion, curiosity, and a commitment to the rule of law, he became the first member of Congress to travel to the border to visit the now-infamous immigrant detention centers.What he saw shocked him and ultimately the nation.

America’s Long History of Hating Immigrants

Reading Time: 15 minutesWhen Ken Cucinelli spoke this week about Emma Lazarus&;s words on the Statue of Liberty being meant “only for Europeans,” he was signaling both ignorance of history and a reminder that distrust of the “other” runs deep in the American psyche.As bad as the pushback a

Il n’y a pas que nous !

Fourth of July Reminder: Immigrants Have Never Had it Easy

Reading Time: 6 minutesWe ran this op-ed last Fourth of July, never thinking that immigrants would face even more brutality. Given America’s history, we should not have been surprised.My ancestors — and likely yours — came to the US from somewhere else.

Study Destroys Myth of Uneducated Immigrants

Reading Time: 4 minutesBorder Security! Build the Wall! Halt the Illegal Flow! During  his presidential campaign and since he has been office, Donald Trump has been raising the blood pressure of his base with claims that America faces a massive onslaught of immigrants bringing crime, drugs, disease, and higher levels of poverty to the US.

La fin de l’immigration

La mer est inexploitée. La terre est mal exploitée. L'homme est surexploité L'eau, l'air se raréfient et le ciel au fur et à mesure s'atrophie.

Deportation Looms for Mexican Journalist Seeking Asylum

Emilio Gutierrez once had a stable career, home, and family in Mexico. That was before the journalist began to write his investigative reports about crimes committed by members of the military in Chihuahua, Mexico. After death threats started coming, Gutierrez and his teenage son fled Mexico in 2008, seeking asylum in the US.

Congress Lavishes Money on Agencies Separating Kids

How will the new House Democratic majority stop the abuse of refugees and immigrants — and families being ripped apart — after investing a record amount of taxpayer money to incarcerate them in private prisons?In the bipartisan deal to keep the Federal government open until September, Congress approved an all-time record $23 billion for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency that arrests, detains, and deports undocumented immigrants.

A Border Wall as Architecture

President Donald Trump will probably never build one foot of his wall. Still, today there are 650 miles of border wall already dividing the US and Mexico. It’s almost one-third of the entire border. It divides cities, families, private property, and even impacts wildlife and habitats.We journey to the border in this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, as Jeff Schechtman is joined by Ronald Rael, associate professor in the department of architecture at UC Berkeley.

Not Everyone Buys Story of ICE Divisions

A letter sent to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen back in June should have been an internal document having to do with workplace structuring. Instead, it was hailed by Abolish ICE activists as proof that even those working within one of the Trump administration’s most controversial agencies were ready to upend the system.

Le troquet ou la Mosquée ?

L'arabe a élu domicile dans l'un des quartiers perdus de la République. C'est ce qui explique pourquoi il ne sait souvent pas où il habite. Et chaque jour, on lui rappelle qu'il n'y a pas d'abri pour les débris d'un pays qui n'a jamais voulu de lui...

Ces algériens qui fuient l’Algérie

L'océan il n'y a que l'océan, on ne peut être heureux qu'en le traversant... se disent deux jeunes algériens avant d'enfiler deux gilets oranges et se lancer dedans. Non pour y noyer leur ultime espérance, mais bénéficier de la même chance que deux jeunes gilets jaunes français de l'autre côté de la méditerranée.

Josep Borrell: « Tenemos un problema. »

Et ce n’est pas la question catalane qui revient au-devant de la scène mais autre chose: les effets du « progressisme », politique clamée haut et fort par la France, par la voix du Chef de l’Etat.

Interdit d’interdire – L’immigration nous apporte-t-elle enrichissement ou appauvrissement ?

Source :;interdire, 03-10-2018 Frédéric Taddeï reçoit Pierre Jacquemain, rédacteur en chef de Regards, Djordje Kuzmanovic, orateur de la FI et analyste en géopolitique, Elisabeth Lévy, directrice de la rédaction de Causeur et Laurent Pahpy, entrepreneur membre de l’IREF.

Your ICE at Work: Another Nanny Rounded Up and Sent Packing

The US can feel a little more secure today. On July 19, US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) successfully removed Marta Rodriguez from our shores.

Is The Civil War Here NOW?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on if a civil war is already here now. We go over why people feel like that with all the recent ICE immigration protests, rhetoric from people like Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Maxine Waters and others.

For These Folks, the Fourth of July Is Not Just a Barbecue

My ancestors — and likely yours — came to the US from somewhere else. My grandparents arrived in one of history’s great waves of immigration — more than (largely from Italy, Poland, Hungary, and Russia) poured in between 1900 and 1915.

Not Who We Are? Racism Is as American as Apple Pie

When the effects of the Trump administration’s family separation policy became big news, a lot of people commented that “this is not who we are” or that “America is better than that.” Sadly, they are mistaken, because ripping (brown) children away from their parents is exactly in line with the US’s long history of deep-seated racism.

Trump’s U-Turn on Family Separation

Caving to sustained uproar from activists and politicians worldwide, President Donald Trump Wednesday to end the separation of children and parents who illegally traverse the US-Mexico border.

The Ugly Truth of America’s ‘Whites Only’ Immigration System

We always hear that the US is “a nation of immigrants.” But, according to immigrant rights activist Aviva Chomsky, this hides the real truth about America’s immigration history.In this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, Chomsky, a professor at Salem State University in Massachusetts, places the current debate about immigration in America in a broader historical context.

Child Separation Crisis Background: Who Caused the Misery South of the Border?

In our interconnected world, nothing happens in a vacuum — certainly not in the backyard of the United States. So while the eyes of the world are on the Trump administration’s inhumane policies regarding migrants and their children, it is worth taking a step back to figure out why so many people from Central American countries are risking their lives to seek refuge and a better future in the US.