Destroying your hard drive is the only way to stop the super-advanced Equation malware

“Theoretically, we were aware of this possibility, but as far as I know this is the only case ever that we have seen of an attacker having such an incredibly advanced capability,” said Costin Raiu, director of Kaspersky Lab’s global research and analysis team, in a phone interview Monday. equation 1

A group of cyberspies called Equation that uses similar techniques as the NSA has struck at least 30 countries using never-before-seen malware that infects hard disk drives.


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Migrer d'image a image_field

Je me suis enfin debarasse du module image. Pas qu'il soit mauvais en soit. Juste que j'ai pris l'habitude de travailler avec image_field. J'ai suivi les conseils trouves sur cette page : J'ai tente le script plusieurs fois. Cela n'a pas fonctionne. Au bout de 5 fois, j'ai applique la methode decrite ici : Merveilleux. :-)