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Chinese Virologist Flees Hong Kong, Accuses Beijing of COVID-19 Cover-Up

A highly respected Chinese virologist has fled Hong Kong and says that the Chinese government knew about COVID-19 long before they claim they did, and that her supervisors &; some of the top experts in the field &ignored research she was conducting at the onset of the pandemic which she says could have saved lives, acc

People With Mild COVID-19 May Experience ‘Serious’ Brain Disorders: UK Neurologists

COVID-19 is quite the enigma. For most patients who contract it &; especially those under the age of 65, symptoms are mild or non-existent. For symptomatic patients who draw the short straw, the disease can be brutal.

Ex-Reddit CEO Claims She Knew About Ghislaine Maxwell “Supplying Underage Girls for Sex” in 2011

Former Reddit CEO Ellen K. Pao admitted in a Sunday night tweet that she knew about Jeffrey Epstein &;madam&; Ghislaine Maxwell procuring underage girls as far back as 2011. In response to a tweet in expressing relief at never having been photographed with Maxwell, Pao replied:

Why The US Works So Hard To Control The International Narrative About Russia

On a December 2010 episode of Fox News’ Freedom Watch, John Bolton and the show’s host Andrew Napolitano were , and naturally the subject of government secrecy came up.

This Russia-Afghanistan Story is Western Propaganda at Its Most Vile

All western mass media outlets are now shrieking about the story The New York Times , citing zero evidence and naming zero sources, claiming intelligence says Russia paid out bounties to Taliban-linked fighters in Afghanistan for attacking the occupying forces of the US and its allies in Afghanistan. As of this writing, and probably forevermore, there have still been zero intelligence sources named and zero evidence provided for this claim.

“Disturbing Parallel to HIV”: COVID-19 Attacks the Immune System, NY Times Admits

Once again, it looks as though what was once being peddled as Covid-19 &;conspiracy theory&; on our site appears to have turned out to have been accurate news reported months before the mainstream media. Go figure.

Chinese Scientist, Escorted Out Of Canadian Biolab, Sent Deadly Viruses To Wuhan

&;We have a researcher who was removed by the RCMP from the highest security laboratory that Canada has for reasons that government is unwilling to disclose. The intelligence remains secret.

Prince Andrew Claims He Offered to Cooperate 3 Times; US Says He “Unequivocally” Refused

Lawyers for Prince Andrew refuted claims that he has been uncooperative with US prosecutors investigating Jeffrey Epstein accomplices, claiming in a Monday statement that the prince has offered to help the US Department of Justice three times this year, according to .

US Government Demands Prince Andrew Testify in Jeffrey Epstein Investigation

The Justice Department has made a formal request that the British government hand over Prince Andrew for questioning over his relationship with deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, according to  and confirmed by .

WHO To Resume Hydroxychloroquine Trials After Lancet Cautions Over Dodgy Study

The World Health Organization announced on Wednesday that it would resume trials involving hydroxychloroquine after The Lancet issued a major disclaimer over a study which prompted the WHO to halt ongoing trials, according to AFP.

Shocking New AP Report Shows WHO Actively Covered Up For China’s Lies

Millions around the world have pondered how the WHO could have possibly been so completely duped by Beijing during the early days of the outbreak in January, when the organization parroted lies about the virus and praised Beijing as a &;model&; of pandemic response.

Two ‘Unusual’ COVID-19 Features Convincing Scientists It Was Man-Made

Two unique features of SARS-CoV-2 are convincing a growing number of scientists that it was man-made, and not the result of natural evolution, according to the . First, the virus binds more strongly to human ACE2 enzymes than any other species, including bats.

Gang Of Monkeys Attacks Lab Assistant, Escapes With Coronavirus Test Samples

A gang of monkeys in Delhi, India assaulted a laboratory assistant and escaped with coronavirus test samples from three patients, according to , citing local media.

Facebook Ignored Internal Warnings That Its Algorithms Were Intensifying Divisiveness

Despite internal research that Facebook&;s platform was exploiting and exacerbating divisiveness among its users, top executives ignored the findings that the algorithms were doing the exact opposite of the company&;s stated public mission to bring people together.

Ignoring WHO, India Expands Use of Hydroxychloroquine to Prevent Coronavirus

India will continue using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a preventative measure against COVID-19, after the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) declared on Tuesday that the drug was found to be very effective with minimal side effects for prophylaxis.

Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Influence – Part 1: Narrative Shaping

In the first few months of 2020, business tycoon and billionaire Bill Gates saw his popularity soar through the roof. According to , 58 percent of Americans polled about Gates had a positive opinion of him, he is equally liked by men and women, and both Boomers and Millennials adore him.

Coronavirus Uses Same Strategy as HIV to Evade, Cripple Immune System: Chinese Study Finds

Back on February 1, when the coronavirus pandemic was only just starting to attract broader attention and the China-influenced mainstream media was still politically inclined to minimize the severity of the disease before pulling a sharp U-turn and now going full bore with a narrative of just how dangerous it is for the Trump administration to reopen the economy (because if the economy recovers by November, Trump just might get re-elected), we published an article 

French Intelligence Warned of “Catastrophic Leak” From Wuhan Lab

Eleven years before the joint construction of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, French intelligence services warned Paris that China&;s reputation for poor bio-security could lead to a &;catastrophic leak,&; according to the 

“Designed to Infect Humans”: Australian Scientists Make Disturbing New Coronavirus Claims

A scientific study which found COVID-19 may have been a &;cell-culture&; uniquely adapted for transmission to humans (more so than any other animal &; including bats), is gaining steam.

Reforestation Drones Will Plant 40,000 Trees This Month With 1 Billion Goal Set for 2028

As the world continues to witness warming climate conditions, there has been a frightful uptick in massive wildfires from California to the Amazon rainforest and the Australian bush. And as the world’s forests burn to the ground, this creates a dilemma not only for wildlife habitats but also for us humans – because trees help absorb and store carbon dioxide, they are one of our basic lines of defense against global warming.

Hong Kong Erupts: Tear Gas Deployed as Thousands Fill Streets to Oppose China

After months of relative quiet amid the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Hong Kong, defying the city&;s ban on gatherings to voice their opposition to a new &;national security&; law propose

Censorship-Free Social Network “Explodes” After Adding 200,000+ New Users in Just a Few Days

The censorship-free alternative media platform went down temporarily on Thursday, but came back online shortly after. When the site came back online, representatives of Minds say that the outage was a result of over 200,000+ new people signing up for the site one the same day. A large number of sign-ups were from Thailand, where increased internet censorship has forced users from mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Wayback Machine Latest Victim of Big Tech Censorship

In what is turning out to be something of a latter-day dot com bust, many small to medium-sized tech startups are teetering on the edge of oblivion as the deliberate economic shutdown eats away at their capitalization and opens the door for the biggest fish in the tech space and others to pick the ripest fruit from the tech start up tree.

Scientists Discover Evidence of Parallel Universe Where Time Flows Backward

The existence of  sounds like science fiction, but a number of prominent physicists have over the years came to believe the idea is not only compatible with conventional physics but that it may explain some of the anomalies in quantum theory. A new discovery in Antarctica has caused a stir in scientific circles as possibly representing the first tangible physical evidence of a parallel universe.

Phone Calls Between Biden And Ukraine’s Poroshenko Leaked; Details $1 Billion ‘Quid Pro Quo’

Leaked phone calls between Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko explicitly detail the quid-pro-quo arrangement to fire former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin &; who Poroshenko admits did nothing wrong &; in exchange for $1 billion in US loan guarantees (which 

“You’ve Got 30 Days”: Trump Threatens WHO in Scathing Letter Slamming “Deadly” Failures

President Trump fired off a scorching letter to World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Monday night detailing 14 ways the WHO failed the world while kowtowing to China, and made clear that countless lives could have been saved had the organization refused to lie for Beijing.

Man Spends Three Months at Sea and Returns to a World Changed by Coronavirus

The world has changed a lot in the past few months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but most of us have had a bit of time to familiarize ourselves with the changes. However, there are a small number of people around the world who were coincidentally off the grid when the pandemic began, and for these people, it would be very strange and jarring to suddenly return to the world as it is today.

Former Air Force Drone Operator Says US Military is “Worse Than Nazis”

A former drone operator has claimed that the U.S. military is worse than the Nazis in a recent interview during which he revealed that his superiors told him “it’s just a dog” when he killed a child in Afghanistan.

France’s Detection of COVID-19 in December Raises Serious Questions on Global Origin

The emergence of Covid-19 was first reported by the authorities in China on December 31, as acknowledged by the World Health Organization. But that emergence does not necessarily mean the pandemic originated in China.

Police Robot Dog Deployed to Enforce Social Distancing

Governments around the world have been turning to technology to enforce quarantine related measures, including drones, robots, and advanced surveillance tracking.

Wuhan Lab Hack Reveals Unreported COVID-19 Cases, Evidence Records Were Deleted

Nearly three weeks ago, a cache of approximately 25,000 email addresses and records of organizations involved with COVID-19 were leaked, including the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), the WHO, the US National Institute of Health, and the Gates Foundation. Today, The Weekend Australian reports that a dataset obtained from the WIV using the hacked credentials suggests that cases in China have been under-reported.

Syria Spinmeisters Fumble Attempts to Cover Up Leaked OPCW Documents

It’s been over 72 hours since s further exposing how the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has been lying about its investigation into an alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria two years ago.

China Asked WHO to Delay Pandemic Announcement, Deny Human-to-Human Transmission: German Intelligence

German intelligence has revealed that Chinese President Xi Jinping asked World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Thebreyesus to cover up the severity of the coronavirus pandemic in January, according to .

These Are the Questions You Should Be Asking About the Viral ‘Plandemic’ Video

The links to the viral video “Plandemic” started showing up in my Facebook feed Wednesday. “Very interesting,” one of my friends wrote about it. I saw several subsequent posts about it, and then my brother texted me, “Got a sec?”

As COVID-19 Grips Yemen, Saudi Warplanes Target Trucks Full of Medical Supplies

Despite calls by the United Nations Secretary General, the Security Council and the World Health Organization to stop its war on Yemen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saudi-led coalition has been intentionally targeting food and drug supplies in the country.

“Keep Them in a Bubble”: Army Unit Deploys To War Zone During COVID “New Normal”

On Monday Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said that for the Pentagon and armed services a &;new normal&should be expected for &;an extended period of time&

Coronavirus Found in Semen of Young COVID-19 Patients

We don’t know much about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, but we are learning new things about it every day. The latest bit of the jigsaw puzzle comes from a small study conducted in China, which found SARS-CoV-2 RNA (the virus’s genetic code) in the semen of young COVID-19 patients.

Why You Should Oppose the Censorship of David Icke

Within 48 hours both  and then  have deleted the accounts of David Icke for posting “content that disputes the existence and transmission of Covid-19 as described by the WHO and the NHS.” Other platforms may soon fall in suit, as 

U.S. Probes “Substantial Contractual Relations” Between University of Texas and Wuhan Biolab

The Department of Education is conducting a wide-ranging investigation into &;substantial contractual relations&between the University of Texas and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and has asked the university to preserve and produce extensive records of gifts or contracts with the lab, according to the