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“What The Hell?!” Biden Loses It After CNN Reporter Shouts Putin Question

President Biden finished fielding questions following his solo press conference after today&;s some two-and-a-half hour long bilateral summit with Putin in Geneva (shorter than widespread expectations). Just as he was walking away from the podium, reporters in the press pool continued shouting him down with questions.

UK Extends Lockdown by Another 4 Weeks Over “Delta Variant” Fears

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expanded the UK&;s controversial COVID-19 lockdown by another four weeks Monday, citing concerns about the &;Delta&; COVID mutant that first emerged from India.

No Vax, No Phone — Pakistan Province Blocks Sim Cards of the Unvaccinated

Pakistan is expected to spend more than a billion dollars in the next fiscal year to import COVID-19 vaccines to inoculate around 100 million people. The trouble is, anti-vaccine groups have sprung up around the country and have deterred some from taking the vaccine. In response, one local government in Pakistan has a new weapon in its war chest against vaccine hesitancy: disable the SIM cards of mobile phones of people who decline to get jabbed.

The UK’s National Health Service Just Changed Everything About How They Count “COVID-19 Cases”

The UK’s National Health Service has new guidelines from the government on how to record COVID-19 cases, separating people who are symptomatic from those who just test positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Massive Blaze Engulfs Tehran Refinery Just Hours After Mysterious Sinking of Iran’s Largest Warship

A major oil refinery in Tehran is now engulfed in a huge blaze just hours after on Wednesday morning the Islamic Republic&;s largest warship  in the Gulf of Oman under mysterious circumstances.

“Critical Evidence Needed”: Where Are China’s Blood Samples From Sickened Wuhan Lab Workers?

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has brought up a very interesting point regarding China&;s unwillingness to share evidence with western investigators looking into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“No Credible Natural Ancestor”: Virologists Say Genetic “Fingerprints” Prove SARS-CoV-2 is Man-Made

Two notable virologists claim to have found &;unique fingerprints&; on SARS-CoV-2 samples that only could have arisen from laboratory manipulation, according to an explosive 22-page paper obtained by the 

Facebook Stops Removing Posts Claiming It’s Man-Made After Lab-Leak Hypothesis Finally Goes Mainstream

After nearly 18 months of punishing anyone who suggested that COVID-19 might have originated in a Wuhan lab, Facebook has decided to stop removing posts which claim the virus was man-made or manufactured, a company spokesperson told  on Wednesday.

Facebook Whistleblowers Reveal Global Campaign to Censor Vaccine Hesitancy

Whistleblower organization Project Veritas has obtained internal documents from Facebook insiders detailing the company&;s efforts to censor concerns over the COVID-19 vaccine.

Wuhan Lab Workers Were “So Sick They Sought Hospitalization” in Nov. 2019, According to U.S. Intelligence

Three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were so sick in November of 2019 that they sought hospitalization, according to the , citing a previously undisclosed US intelligence report &;that could add weight to growing

Doctors Say Cocktail of Cheap (Censored) Drugs Could Help Extinguish India’s Current Crisis

Last week,  that several increasingly desperate communities across India have been embracing a controversial (at least, in the US) strategy for trying to mitigate the fallout from the crisis.

Politifact Quietly Admits Lab Leak Hypothesis Not a “Debunked Conspiracy Theory”

Last January, when China and the World Health Organization (WHO) were performing damage control for Beijing over a mysterious new coronavirus which broke out in the same town as their secretive bat coronavirus lab (with whom, unbeknownst to most at the time, a  called EcoHealth Alliance had been working), anyone who logically suggested a link between the secr

Biden Phones Netanyahu After Israel Flattens AP Offices in Gaza — Has Yet to Condemn Attack

Update: So far the Biden administration has stopped short of condemning the Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza offices of US-based Associated Press and other international media outlets, which flattened the 12-story Al-Jalaa tower, resulting in widespread outrage from journalists and media rights organizations across the globe.

Chelsea Clinton Calls for Global Crackdown on “Anti-Vax” Social Media Posts

Speaking at a Vatican-organized conference on COVID-19, Chelsea Clinton called for a global effort to crackdown on all &;anti-vax&; social media posts, or anything that&;s &

Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing Coronavirus in 2015 to “Cause Enemy’s Medical System to Collapse’

In 2015, Chinese military scientists discussed how to weaponze SARS coronaviruses, five years before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in Wuhan, China &; where CCP scientists were collaborating with a US-funded NGO on so-called &;gain of function&

Country With World’s Highest Vaccination Rate Orders New Lockdown as COVID-19 Cases Surge

While most people might guess that Israel or the UK hold the title, the tiny island nation of Seychelles is actually the most vaccinated country on earth, with more than 62% of its adult population already &;fully vaccinated&;, according to a 

Earth Helpless Against Giant Asteroids as NASA Simulation Ends in Doom

According to  conducted by leading space agencies, Earth lacks the technology to stop a massive asteroid from wiping out Europe, according to the .

Philippines’ Top Diplomat Tells China to “GET THE F**K OUT” of Their Territory

The Phillipines&; top diplomat, foreign minister Teodoro Locsin, demanded in a Monday tweet that China &;GET THE FUCK OUT&; of their territorial waters.

Bill and Melinda Gates Getting Divorce After 27 Years

Bill and Melinda Gates announced on Monday that they are ending their marriage after 27 years, &;after a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship,&; according to a statement.

UK Study Finds Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Doesn’t Offer “Full Protection” From Virus Variants

As shortages of COVID-19 vaccine supplies force more countries stretch the time between the first and second vaccine doses to try and vaccinate more people, the latest data out of a UK study of vaccination rates has stumbled on a disturbing finding: the study found that people who have had one dose are still at risk from mutated strains of the virus. The study, published Friday afternoon in London by Imperial College London and published in the journal Science, examined the immune responses of health-care workers following their first dose of the Pfizer jab.

Bill Gates Doubles Down on Opposition to “Open Vaccine” Movement

Roughly one year after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seized control of the global response to COVID-19 with the goal of providing &;equitable access&; to a vaccine, Bill Gates & Co.

Dozens Arrested After CEO of Turkish Crypto Exchange Flees With $2 Billion

Turkish authorities have detained 62 people over alleged links to the Istanbul-based cryptocurrency exchange Thodex after its founder fled with a reported $2 billion in investors&; assets, Turkish media reported. The suspects were apprehended in raids carried out in eight cities including Istanbul, Anadolu Agency reported on Friday. Police issued arrest warrants for 16 other people.

Russia Behind “Directed Energy” Attacks on U.S. Troops in Syria, Pentagon Claims

In the newest dramatic allegations against suspected Russian malfeasance, the Department of Defense (DoD) on Thursday revealed that it believes the Russian military targeted US troops in Syria with &;directed energy attacks&; in order to make them ill and unable to conduct normal operations.

De-Escalation or Calm Before the Storm? Russia Ends Massive Troop Buildup Near Ukraine

After the reported Russian troop build-up along Ukraine&;s border which thrust the half-decade long Donbass conflict back into media headlines late last month, the Kremlin this week has been conducting major naval and aerial military drills on the southern coast of Crimea and in the Black Sea.

Even the WHO Rejects Vaccine Passports for International Travelers

In  following a virtual briefing on Monday, the WHO&;s Emergency Committee on international health standards officially recommended that governments avoid making vaccine passports mandator

Pentagon Now Says Russian Troop Build-Up Near Ukraine “Bigger” Than in 2014

On Monday Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby for the first time gave a US military assessment of Russia&;s troop build-up along Ukraine&;s eastern border that goes significantly beyond prior statements.

Russia, Belarus Say US-Backed “Assassination” and “Coup” Attempt Against Lukashenko Thwarted

Russian and Belarusian state sources are alleging that a major assassination and &;coup&; attempt of Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko has been thwarted by security services, which has further been dubbed in state media as an &

Russia Shuts Ukraine’s Military Access to Black Sea

It was announced Thursday that Russia will close off the Kerch Strait to all foreign warships for six months amid rising Ukraine tensions, and after the US threatened to send additional warships to the area. The Kerch Strait is the vital, narrow waterway connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, and which importantly connects southern Russia to &;annexed&

“No De-Escalation”: Moscow Expels 10 US Diplomats in Retaliation to US Booting 10 Russian Diplomats

The expected Russia reaction to Biden&;s Thursday sanctions rollout for the alleged SolarWinds hack and general election &;interference&; charges has come: ten US diplomats have been expelled from Russia on order of the foreign minist

Nobel Laureate Sounds the Alarm on “Devastating Marriage” Between AI and Killer Robots

Peace activist and Nobel laureate Jody Williams is  to sound alarm about so-called, saying in a recent interview that they represent a frightening marriage between &

Norway’s Health Experts Recommend Banning AstraZeneca Jab

While the EU touted its latest milestone in its vaccine rollout earlier this week, leading public health officials in Denmark decided to ban the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 jab over the risks of rare but sometimes fatal cerebral blood clots. And in the latest sign that the Nordic nations are fixing to block the AstraZeneca jabs, as leading public health experts in Norway officially recommended that their government implement a similar ban.

Reuters Puts Website Behind a Paywall, Will Charge Readers $35 Monthly

Reuters, the Canadian financial news giant, has just announced via a leak to the NYT that it will put its website, long one of the last remaining free sources of markets news and information, behind a paywall for the first time.

UN Chief Wants to Slap Billionaires With Wealth Tax Over Pandemic Profits

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has called on nations to institute a wealth tax on those who have profited during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to &;help reduce global inequality,&; according to 

Denmark Becomes First Country to Permanently Ban AstraZeneca Jab Over Deadly Blood Clots

As the US&;s decision to discontinue the Johnson & Johnson vaccine provokes a new scrutiny for all vaccines based on adenovirus-vector platform, Denmark, one of the most critical countries in Europe when it comes to vaccine safety, has just declared that it will permanently ban AstraZeneca&;s coronavirus vaccine following a safety review.

U.S. Warns of “Consequences” if Russia Acts “Aggressively” in Ukraine

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken took to the Sunday talk shows to put Moscow on notice after Ukraine&;s leaders have alleged a nearly unprecedented Russian forces build-up along the border&; bigger than any time since 2014.

“Ready to Respond”: US Mulls Sending Warships to Black Sea to “Send Message” to Russia

A US defense official has told CNN on Thursday that the Biden administration is seriously considering sending warships into the Black Sea amid reports that Russia is mustering forces near the border with Ukraine in response to a renewed uptick in fighting in nearby Donbas.

Scientists Call BS on WHO’s Wuhan ‘Investigation’ — Demand Legitimate Probe With or Without China

After a joint investigation between China and the World Health Organization (WHO) failed to produce a legitimate explanation for the origins of COVID-19, a group of international scientists has cried foul &; and is demanding &;more rigorous investigations&

US Agrees to Withdraw “Remaining Combat Troops” From Iraq

Starting weeks ago the Iraqi government began putting pressure on the Biden administration to enter a  over withdrawing all remaining US troops from the country &; a process previously stalled amid tit-for-tat strikes between American forces and Iran-backed Iraqi paramilitary groups.

Ukraine’s Zelensky: “NATO Membership is the Only Way to End War in Donbass”

On Tuesday Ukraine&;s president Volodymyr Zelensky issued a briefing to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Russia&;s troop build-up near Ukraine&;s eastern border following Kiev&

AstraZeneca Trial With Kids Halted as Officials Admit Link Between Jab and Deadly Blood Clots

Just days after ;s deputy chief medical officer, Michael Kidd, acknowledged that there was likely a connection between rare blood clots and the COVID vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford, officials from the EMA, Europe&