Part 3- Le Mesurier’s Death: Wife’s Israel Connection & Body Sent to UK Before Autopsy Completion

This is Part 3 in my investigative series on White Helmet cofounder James Le Mesurier’s death in Istanbul, Turkey. I am currently on the ground in Turkey, investigating the case through my sources and real-time coverage here. In this episode I cover the following information and revelations currently totally absent in Western Media coverage of [&;]

BREAKING- Le Mesurier’s Major Fallout with His Host Country Weeks Before the “Russia Threat”!

This is my second report on James Le Mesurier’s death yesterday in Istanbul, Turkey. I am currently in Turkey investigating the case through both inside sources and the coverage here in Turkey. In this breaking report I talk about the major fallout between Le Mesurier and Turkey a few weeks before his death, and the [&;]

The Death of Le Mesurier -Report 1: Crucial Witness Statement & Facts Omitted from the Western Media

I am currently in Turkey actively investigating the death of James Le Mesurier which occurred earlier today. This is my first report on crucial facts regarding the case, including key witness testimonies and major incidents and developments that took place right before Le Mesurier’s death. Watch Episode Preview Watch Members Only Full Episode Here Featured [&;]

Qui est devant ? Qui est derrière ?

Je suis sous la tente du Marhoum Moamar Ghadaffi. Je sens que son âme rôde quelque part à Paris. Sans doute tient-il à assister au procès de Sarkozy ou au décès de son parti. Allez savoir ! Non ! N'y allez surtout pas!   Êtes-vous bien installé devant votre écran d'ordinateur ?

Putin Trump Epic Meeting Set, BBC Investigates BIG D*** Energy

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Trump and Putin meeting in July and what that really means geo-politically, outside of what the mainstream media is parroting. We also discuss the next big BBC investigation and it&;s all about energy.


Je ne vais pas nommer les acteurs du drame que je m'en vais aborder mais juste les désigner avec trois lettres de l'alphabet : X.Y.Z. pour que votre imagination puisse les identifier. Question de droit : la Loi c'est la Loi... même si les faits sont réels, tant que je ne dispose pas de preuve matérielle, je ne peux prétendre qu'à un scénario imaginaire.

WeAreChange DTube Exclusive: Parkland Code Red Documentary

Watch the Video Here: Some topics are just too controversial for YouTube. Questioning specific stories like Parkland will now get you banned from the platform and channels are increasingly being taken down for content like what you are about to see. Our videos are being demonetized, and our live streaming abilities were recently cut by YouTube over a false accusation brought by CNN of copyright infringement.

Michael Flynn Invokes Fifth Amendment While Subpoenas Stack Up

Michael Flynn had what amounts to the shortest tenure of any national security adviser in US history. He had not held the position for even one full month before being forced to resign on Feb. 13, 2017, after it was revealed that he gave “incomplete information” on the extent of his contact with Sergei Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the United States.  

Comey Is No Stranger to Explosive Testimony

Nearly a decade to the day since James Comey delivered one of the most riveting testimonies in recent history, the nation is once again eagerly awaiting to hear from the recently fired FBI director.Comey could testify on Capitol Hill as early as the upcoming week.