IRS Kills Requirement to Reveal Dark Money Donors

Reading Time: 3 minutesRecent IRS rule changes will exempt many politically active nonprofit 501(c) organizations from having to annually report names and addresses of major donors who donate more than $5,000 in a given year.

Trying to Understand Trump’s Finances Is Taxing

Reading Time: 19 minutesOver the past two years, Americans have been subjected to a crash course in government and its discontents: from separation of powers and obstruction of justice to the fine points of collusion vs. conspiracy.

Funny, Wise Quotations on Taxes

This article was originally published April 15, 2016.

Filling Out Tax Forms with Fiction

Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today. (Herman Wouk) The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government. (Barry Goldwater)

Curious Coincidences in IRS Trump Audit

Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns has long been a subject of conjecture. To that, we’d like to add a related mystery: Why did the IRS begin auditing Donald Trump in 2002? Why that year in particular? Donald Trump’s finances were always complicated and fertile ground for the IRS, yet, it only began auditing him in 2002. This is particularly striking because that places the agency’s apparent sudden interest in Trump right after the time Felix Sater, an FBI informant, began working inside Trump Tower. And an audit in 2002 would be looking at tax returns from 2001.

What Everybody Gets Wrong About Kushner’s Legal Woes

Editor’s note: Martin J. Sheil is a retired branch chief of the IRS Criminal Investigation division.When media pundits discuss the potential legal problems arising from Jared Kushner meeting with Russian officials, they often cite the Logan Act, an ancient law that has never been successfully applied.

Follow the Money, Starting With Michael Flynn

Editor’s note: Martin. J. Sheil is a retired branch chief of the IRS Criminal Investigation division.“Follow the money!” This is not only a phrase made famous by the Watergate scandal and the subsequent investigation; it’s also good advice for anyone trying to dig out the truth that someone else wants to keep hidden.An IRS probe requested by the Watergate Special Prosecutor in 1973 led to a slew of indictments. Now, with the Trump administration facing a similar investigation, could the IRS once again play a key role in helping to bring the truth to light and key players to justice?

Where Is The IRS? The Pentagon Has A Contentious Problem Losing Trillions Of Dollars

The Pentagon lost track of more than $10 trillion dollars over the past two decades. No one, not even the Department of Defense, really knows what it was spent on, or where the money went.

IRS Stole $43 Million From Innocent Americans

IRS Took $43 Million From Innocent Americans Under ‘Structuring’ Law

Agency has yet to return funds, continues to harass small business owners

Republican congressman pleads guilty to tax fraud

A Republican congressman who once threatened to throw a TV reporter off a balcony is now facing a 20-count indictment for perjury and tax evasion, including concealing more than $1 million in revenue.

Joe Stack's Letter

I know I'm hardly the first one to decide I have had all I can stand. It has always been a myth that people have stopped dying for their freedom in this country, and it isn't limited to the blacks, and poor immigrants. I know there have been countless before me and there are sure to be as many after. But I also know that by not adding my body to the count, I insure nothing will change.