Jewish Power

On Palestine, France, Soral and Dieudonné (video)

In this interview with the great Silvia Cattori I also spoke about the corrosive impact of the  Jewish Lobby within the pro-Palestinian movemnt. 

'Jew, Judaism, Jewishness' - an interview with Bill Alford

By Gilad AtzmonThree years after the publication of The Wandering Who, I discussed with Bill Alford  different aspects of Jewish power and controlled opposition. We elaborated on Identity politics and the tribal ideology that drive Zionism as well as the so-called 'anti.'

The campaign to silence Gilad Atzmon

GA: I believe that i have never circulated the following article.  It was published originally  in March 2012.  It is very well written and genuinely presents the arguments against me and in favour of my work.   Evidently, the call for ‘my disavowal’ was never taken seriously  by anyone out of the pro Palestinian Jewish ghetto and had zero impact on my career and activity.

Press TV: Miliband losing pro-Israel donations over Palestine position

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