Pete Hamill in His Own Words — and Voice

Reading Time: 29 minutesWhen I think of Pete Hamill I think of the old Brooklyn. New York tabloids. Ireland. And such an evocative voice, both in the way he wrote and the way he spoke. Hamill, who died this week at the age of 85, personified the idea of the New York journalist.

The Captive and the Spy

Reading Time: 11 minutesJonathan Z. Larsen has led a remarkable life in journalism. Through a combination of luck and talent, he found himself repeatedly at the scene of great historical episodes. Larsen began his journalism career at the West Hartford News while still at college.

No More Binge Watching This White House Reality Show

Reading Time: 4 minutesThis country has an addiction problem. No, we’re not referring to the dependence of millions of Americans on opioids. The “addict” in this case is the president of the United States. He is addicted to public attention. (We  will not refer to the president by name here, hoping to set a virtuous example.)

Saying Goodbye to the ‘Other Russell Baker’

I’ve been getting text messages and emails on the passing of the more famous version of myself: the columnist Russell Baker. Russell Baker had a knack for getting at the essence of human nature — a keen eye and winning voice, a sense of humor and irony we could certainly use in today’s messed-up world. He will be missed by many, and certainly by me.

WhoWhatWhy 2019: Where We Go From Here

Well, somehow, we all made it to another year. Despite the messes (and there were plenty), we here at WhoWhatWhy did what we could, and, thanks to your support, that was a lot. We produced more stories than ever before. We added a whole bunch of talented, energetic folks to our team. We covered a wide range of critical issues, from the environment to human rights, and probed political and social developments the world over. And we always looked for the fresh angle, the deeper insight.

The Death Of Wikileaks And End For Assange

In this video, Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas of WeAreChange explain how the end for Assange seems like an inevitability at this point and that may mean the death of WikiLeaks as well, since Assange is the driving force behind the organization. This has massive implications for free speech globally, as well as journalism in general.

Time Is On Our Side — Are You?

Time is unique in its ability to conceal or reveal things. It can bury evidence of ancient civilizations or unearth secrets as new analytical tools are discovered and new perspectives emerge. One salient example is the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, which took place 50 years ago this week. For a long time, anybody who questioned the official story — that a lone gunman named Sirhan Sirhan killed Kennedy — was deemed to be nuts. After all, there was no question that Sirhan was there and fired shots.

WhoWhatWhy’s Place in a Crazy Year

2017, done! 2018, doing more!This past year, WhoWhatWhy kept the heat on for a potent brew of distinctly consequential news. We grew our team by 30 percent, produced more stories and podcasts than ever before, and took on new beats and topics. Among the highlights:

A Great Year….Starts Here

Welcome to the New Year. Guess you’re thinking about those resolutions. We certainly are — and we have a whole bunch of things in the works that you’re going to love. (For a reminder of what we’ve accomplished on a very lean budget, click .)Our main focus in 2016 will be amping up our election coverage with our unique deep digs, and fresh and more meaningful way of looking at things.

A stranger in the motherland ~ by Amr Khalifa

By Amr Khalifa &; August 13, 2014  (Published here ) The Cairo sun beat down mercilessly upon landing at the airport; it would not compare to the emotional assault of a 40-day odyssey into the valley of the divided: Egypt. What made the trip eventful was not that it was a return home.