Julian Assange

Analyse : Les États-Unis ramèneront Assange chez eux, enchaîné, par Ann Garrison

Source : , 14-11-2018 14 novembre 2018 Selon Ann Garrison, il est de plus en plus probable que Julian Assange, le fondateur et éditeur de Wikileaks, finisse entre les griffes du gouvernement américain. Les États-Unis ramèneront Assange chez eux, enchaîné

Dans la peau de Julian Assange, par Suzie Dawson

Source : , Certains journalistes auraient consulté un almanach pour Washington DC la nuit des élections de 2016, et auraient commencé cet article par quelques mots pittoresques et imagés sur les vents glaciaux qui soufflaient sur la capitale en attendant les résultats avec impatience.

Live! The Trial To End Free Speech

In this video, Luke Rudkowski is joined by Jason Bermas to discuss the coming extradition of Julian Assange and the subsequent trial that will effectively end free speech globally. Plus the Carter Page FISA documents acquired by Judicial Watch, a huge win for the 3d printing community, the White Helmets and much more.

There Is More at Stake in WikiLeaks Showdown Than Assange’s Fate

As Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno, visits London, reports indicate he is about to withdraw asylum for Julian Assange, exposing the WikiLeaks founder to eventual extradition to the United States to face charges under the Espionage Act.State Department veteran Peter van Buren joins Peter B. Collins for this Radio WhoWhatWhy interview. Acknowledging the imperfections of Assange, van Buren makes the case that Americans, and especially journalists, should support Assange’s right to publish.

What You’re Not Being Told About The Sinclair Broadcast Group

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on The Sinclair Broadcast Group, their ties to Donald Trump, plus a lot more context on the entire story. We also mention Monmouth University&;s new study on fake news media, as well as Julian Assange, the CFR, Edward Snowden, Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and a lot, lot, lot more.

La guerre contre Wikileaks et Assange, par Randy Credico

Source : , 04-08-2017 Les médias mainstream ont déformé une récente interview de Assange pour le faire passer pour un supporter de Donald Trump, et ce faisant, ont aidé les autorités gouvernementales à discréditer Julian Assange et à détruire Wikileaks, écrivent Randy Credico et Dennis J Bernstein.

Sean Hannity Invites Julian Assange And Kim Dotcom To Guest-Host His Radio Show

Julian Assange has had several offers from US networks to host his own weekly radio show. The WikiLeaks publisher suggested that the show could be broadcast from within the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been detained since he entered on June 19, 2012, claiming diplomatic asylum after being wanted in Sweden for questioning over four alleged sexual offences.

CIA Director Pompeo Calls WikiLeaks a “Non-State Hostile Intelligence Service”

Today the CIA has taken overt shots at Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and all other whistleblowers who the CIA claims put American lives at risks by leaking classified information to the public.

Julian Assange appelle la France à prendre la tête d’une rébellion

Invité du journal de TF1 (!), julian Assange, fondateur du site internet Wikileaks a invité la France à se rebeller contre l&;impérialisme étasunien.