ClandesTime 195 – The New Cultural Cold War

The original Cultural Cold War has been the subject of numerous books and articles on both sides of the divide, but the new version has been almost entirely ignored.

Salisbury, Skripals & Syrian Airstrikes – Tom Secker on Media Roots - Spy Culture

I recently joined Robbie Martin of Media Roots to discussion the Salisbury poisoning, the Skripals, the Syrian airstrikes and the general state of politics and Russophobia.  We covered many of the reasons to be sceptical of the official s

ClandesTime 137 – Rorschach Politics: Russiagate - Spy Culture

Russiagate has become both the gift that keeps on giving and the scandal that will not die. This week we take a look at the allegations, the perceptions and the misconceptions, examining how the ‘fake news’ crisis grew out of the claim that the Russian government hacked the 2016 US presidential election.

ClandesTime 122 – The Fake Sheikh and Red Mercury - Spy Culture

In 2004 three men were arrested in the UK for trying to buy red mercury – a trigger for a nuclear bomb – from an undercover journalist working with British intelligence. This plot inspired multiple films and TV programmes and the resulting trial cost over £1 million.

The CIA’s James Bond File - Spy Culture

The CIA has had an interest in James Bond almost since its inception as a series of novels in the 1950s. The books were probably the first spy fiction to refer to the CIA by name and to depict them through the character of Felix Leiter.

ClandesTime 069 – Political Correctness Gone Mad - Spy Culture

Recent stories focusing on the 'migrant crisis' and 'the Cologne attacks' - among other incidents - are provoking racial and religious tensions in Europe.

ClandesTime 057 – Conspiracy Theories: The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's death in 1962 was ruled a 'probable suicide' but there have always been suspicions that she was murdered because of her relationship with the Kennedy brothers.

La fabrication de l’ennemi : le cas russe, par Pierre Conesa (en 2009)

Tribune dans Libération de Pierre Conesa, ancien haut-fonctionnaire, le 31 décembre 2009 (à l&;occasion de la crise en Géorgie&;)