Koumbit Platforms (kplatforms) project | drupal.org

The 'Koumbit Platforms (kplatforms)' project allows you to create ready-made platforms for the Aegir hosting system. You don't need to edit any files; just download the relevant package and run a single shell command. The packages contain: Scripts These are used in the command line interface (shell) to create your platforms for the Drupal distribution of your choice. The scripts call drush and drush make for you. Kreate platforms! Run kplatforms.sh! Makefiles

Aegir Hosting System - one Drupal to rule them all | DrupalCon San Francisco 2010

Even if you only have a few sites, and would like to be able to spend less time on the tedious manual tasks associated with running a Drupal site over it's entire lifetime, you will still find something of use in this presentation. If you've looked at Aegir in the past, and would like to get a sense of the progress made by the project (two major releases since Drupalcon DC), this presentation is a good way to get a grasp on where we are heading.

How to Hijack an EU Open Source Strategy Paper - Wikileaks

Open source is an outsider, not part of the establishment. One price it pays for this is not being privy to all the decisions that are made in the field of governmental policy. Too often, established players are involved without any counterbalancing input from the free software side. Generally, we don't see all the machinations and deals that go on here behind closed doors.

European Commission OSS Strategy Draft, Mar 2009 - Wikileaks

It has been leaked as it is important to have the public know how actual policy making is being influenced by lobbies that are precisely under the legal scrutiny of the European Commission. The urgency of the publication of this document is real in the sense that outside pressure would foce the Commission to "clean the committees" or at least give a lesser credit to the work of this workgroup.

Migrer d'image a image_field

Je me suis enfin debarasse du module image. Pas qu'il soit mauvais en soit. Juste que j'ai pris l'habitude de travailler avec image_field. J'ai suivi les conseils trouves sur cette page : http://drupal.org/node/201983 J'ai tente le script plusieurs fois. Cela n'a pas fonctionne. Au bout de 5 fois, j'ai applique la methode decrite ici : http://drupal.org/node/201983#comment-828698 Merveilleux. :-)