Los Angeles

Watts: Another Flint?

The whole world knows the story of Flint by now. The famously depressed city in Michigan, where the majority of residents are African American, shifted its drinking-water source to a local river in 2014 in order to save money. Residents’ complaints about the terrible-smelling murky water that began spewing from their taps were largely ignored. As it turned out, they were being poisoned by lead contamination from years of industrial-waste dumping. Eventually, a state of emergency was declared.  

The Story Hollywood Does Not Want You To Hear!

In this video, Jason Bermas discusses the 28 confirmed investigations into abuse in Hollywood and Los Angeles as well as hunting white rabbits. You can watch this video on DTube .

Senator Feinstein Endorses War in Syria: Assad “Should Be Ousted From Office”

Longtime U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein held a town hall in Los Angeles yesterday where she called for a quick end to the Syrian crisis, also stating that Assad “should be ousted from office,” according to journalist Michael Tracey who was at the event.

Operation Give Back: Completed

Every year, Luke Rudkowski does Operation Give Back as a way to well, give back. A day where YOU, the audience, send Luke to do various random tasks in a given area. This year&;s Operation Give Back was just as fun as it was interesting.

BREAKING: Witness Speaks Out On LAPD Police Murder

In this video, Luke Rudkowski is in Venice Beach California investigating the recent death of Brendon Glenn aka drizzle. Brendon was an 29 year old homeless man who was unarmed during the altercation with police. LAPD shot him two times and took his life.