Inside the Mass Invasion of Your Privacy

Huge Wealth Fund in Norway Divesting From Oil and Gas (Jeff C.)

At least one major oil-producing nation is seeing the writing on the wall, and has begun taking big steps .

Footage Contradicts US Claim That Nicolás Maduro Burned Aid Convoy (Dan, Russ)

How David Pecker Built His Tabloid Empire on Fear

The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready? (Chris)

From the : “The epidemics of the early 21st century revealed a world unprepared, even as the risks continue to multiply. Much worse is coming.”

Data Journalism at Two Elite News Outlets Lacked Transparency: Research (Chris)

Did the FDA Ignite the Opioid Epidemic?

A World Without Clouds (Chris)

From : “A state-of-the-art supercomputer simulation indicates that a feedback loop between global warming and cloud loss can push earth’s climate past a disastrous tipping point in as little as a century.”

Giant ‘Flying Bulldog’ Bee Not Extinct After All (Russ)

White Supremacists Indicted for Racketeering and Drug Distribution

US–Venezuela Aid Convoy Story Is Clearly Bogus (Jeff C.)

According to an op-ed in : No one actually buys the prevailing narrative that the US is sending aid to Venezuela as a “humanitarian” gesture.

Australia Approves Dumping of 1M Tons of Sludge Near Great Barrier Reef (Russ)

Interview 1422 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

[audio mp3=""][/audio]This week on the New World Next Week: FDA cracks down on young blood infusions; dog dna testing generates controversy; and the dinosaur media is on death watch.

Private Mossad For Hire

The Real ‘Land of Unrealities’ (Russ)

From : “[Such CIA] covert actions as the 1953 coup, the 1954 coup, the Bay of Pigs, the Indonesian coups, the Vietnam War and countless others tended to start and close with propaganda that was effectively fake news.”

How Hackers and Scammers Break Into iCloud-Locked iPhones (Russ)

US Army to Deploy Tiny Drones to Give Squads Eyes in the Sky

Nazis Separated Me From My Parents As a Child. The Trauma Lasts a Lifetime. (Russ)

The author , “I know from experience that the Trump-sanctioned brutality at the US border with Mexico will scar its child victims for life.”

New Trump Probe Looks a Lot Like a RICO Investigation (Chris)

Sex, Blackmail, and Jeff Bezos

The nation is now agog over a sex and blackmail scandal that involves two of the more famous publishers in the world — Jeffrey Bezos, owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, and David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer. By now you know the bare — and I do mean bare — outlines of the scandal.

Teen Activist Tells Davos Elite They’re to Blame for Climate Crisis

‘Green New Deal’ Would Reshape Economy Within 10 Years (Jeff C.)

Is generating 100 percent of the nation’s electric power from renewables even possible? US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez .

2018 Was One of the Hottest Years on Record — and This Year Could Be Even Hotter (Chris)

Judge Orders Pentagon to Stop Discriminating Against Naturalized Citizen Soldiers

US-India Relations Strained After Indian Students Detained in ICE Sting (Dan)

In an effort to the Department of Homeland Security created a fake university to lure international students to apply. India’s foreign ministry said “several students” have been detained. DHS has yet to release their nationalities.

GM to Start Laying Off 4,000 Salaried Workers Today

‘This Is Not the Time for Dialogue,’ Says Venezuela’s Juan Gaudio (Dan)

Venezuela’s self-declared president, Juan Gaudio, has with the country’s current president, Nicolas Maduro.

Is the Mainstream Press After Tulsi Gabbard? (Dan)

Deep Space Radio Waves Baffle Astronomers. Aliens Not Ruled Out.

Howard Schultz Is Above the Political Fray — So High Above He Often Doesn’t Vote (Reader Steve)

From the : “Like a lot of outsider business execs who want to come in and fix politics, Howard Schultz has kept some distance from the mess of democracy in the past. By not voting.”

YouTube Cracks Down on Flat-Earth Videos

Inside the Pentagon’s Race Against Deepfake Videos (Russ)

From : “Advances in artificial intelligence could soon make creating convincing fake audio and video — known as ‘deepfakes’ — relatively easy. Making a person appear to say or do something they did not has the potential to take the war of disinformation to a whole new level.”

Andrew Gillum Faces Hearing Over Ethics Complaint

Fight for Europe — or the Wreckers Will Destroy It (Russ)

From the : “The continent faces its biggest challenge since the 1930s. We urge European patriots to resist the nationalist onslaught.”

Will Robots Take Your Job? Quarter of US Workers at Risk (Reader Steve)

Russia Tries to Force Facebook and Twitter to Relocate Servers to Russia

Here Are All the Things Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Critics Get Wrong About Federal Taxes (Reader Steve)

The author , “Advocates of lower tax rates on the rich typically tie tax cuts to higher economic growth. It’s somewhat amazing that they still say this, because it’s been exposed as a canard over and over again.”

Opinion: How Is It OK for CNN to Hire Possible Presidential Contender John Kasich?

Facial Recognition and Social Media’s ‘10 Year Challenge’ (Dan)

Need another reason to question putting personal information and photos on social media? .

Nasty or Frugal? Key Democrats Out to Stop House Members From Living in Offices (Reader Steve)