How the Western media support state terror – while millions die

In this guest article Matt Alford - alongside Drs Daniel Broudy, Jeffery Klaehn, Alan MacLeod and Florian Zollmann - lay out their case that news media has systemically downplayed or simply avoided discussing the bloody consequences of Western foreign po

Ooops, They’re Doing It Again — Media on Track to Screw Up 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt seems as though the media has not learned a single lesson from 2016, because it is on track to screw up another presidential election.Back then, corporate news outlets, driven by a desire to maximize revenue, basically picked both candidates in the primary, and then allowed themselves to become pawns in the scheme of a foreign power to get Donald Trump elected.Most importantly, at th

Top Secret CIA Emails on Osama bin Laden ‘Devil Doll’

In 2014 the Washington Post's Adam Goldman published a story about the CIA producing dolls of Osama bin Laden as part of an influence operation designed to diminish the former Al Qaeda's leader's popularity in the Middle East.  The dolls would be made so the paint on the eyes would easily rub off, revealing 'devil eyes' underneath.