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INTERPOL has neither been requested to issue by Iran, nor has it issued on behalf of Iran or any of its 187 member countries any Red Notices for persons wanted internationally or other requests seeking the arrest of senior Israeli officials for alleged war crimes in relation to the Gaza offensive in December and January.

AP is Lying to Push for War on Iran (Again)

Question: Who%u2019s going to stick around for that? Answer: A lot fewer than would read only the headline and lede. Conclusion: Damage done. If AP was an honest outfit, the headline would have been something like, %u201CIran president: Zionist regime survival not feasible,%u201D and the lede would have entailed quoted phrases and pertinent context, without inserting the editor%u2019s choice of words. At the very least, it would have entailed an accurate paraphrasing of Ahmadinejad%u2019s statement.