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Comparison of rotator / slider modules |

This page came about as a result of this post in the Duplicated Modules Hall of Shame group. The linked post lists several modules that provide either tabbed content or rotating content. I see two general use cases here: * A device to provide access to large amounts of regular site content from one area of the page (tabbed content). * A device to showcase featured content, often on the home page, in an eye-catching manner (rotating /sliding content).

Feedback 2.0 |

Feedback 2 allows users and visitors of a Drupal site to quickly send feedback messages about the currently displayed page, using a fixed positioned and ajaxified feedback form. This helps site administrators in quality assurance of their pages, contents and theme. Because the form is submitted via AJAX, a user will not be redirected to another page and can continue visiting/using the site after posting feedback.

FileField Sources |

FileField Sources is an extension to the FileField module. The FileField module lets you upload files from your computer through a CCK field. The FileField Sources module expands on this ability by allowing you to select new or existing files through additional means, including: * Re-use files by an auto-complete textfield * Transfer files from a remote server (cURL required) * Select existing files through the IMCE file browser

Tags sizes not shown when used with taxonomy redirect |

I have a somewhat odd error, which means that whenever I have a tag cloud which is redirected with the taxonomy_redirect module, all tags are rendered with the class "level0" I can follow the code all the way through, and the level shows correctly in the term object. But whenever it is put through the theming function $output .= l($term->name, taxonomy_term_path($term), array('attributes' => array('class' => "tagadelic level$term->weight", 'rel' => 'tag'))) ." \n"; it suddenly turns to zero. For the tag clouds which are not redirected it works fine.

Migrer d'image a image_field

Je me suis enfin debarasse du module image. Pas qu'il soit mauvais en soit. Juste que j'ai pris l'habitude de travailler avec image_field. J'ai suivi les conseils trouves sur cette page : J'ai tente le script plusieurs fois. Cela n'a pas fonctionne. Au bout de 5 fois, j'ai applique la methode decrite ici : Merveilleux. :-)