Anti-Semitic comic canceled in Montreal -

French comedian Dieudonne M'bala M'bala in Montreal have been canceled after Jewish groups protested his reputation for anti-Semitic statements. M'bala was scheduled to perform at the Corona Theatre starting Monday, but the theater sent out a release Friday saying the shows were canceled "due to contractual conflicts."
Dieudonné interdit au Corona. Peut-être que cela va l'aider à identifier de vrais amis à Montréal... Qui apris la relève de Falardeau ?

What Really Happened at the Montreal May Day Protest?

The march had been successfully split, and the small factions were then being isolated and surrounded. Suddenly, riot police were everywhere, marching up the street like storm troopers, police cars, vans, horses, motorcycles, and trucks were flying by. As one faction of the protest continued down another street, the riot police followed behind, while another massive onslaught of riot police went around to block off the protesters from the other side. When the police first charged, I had lost one of my friends simply by looking away for a moment.