Température mondiale : record de chaleur pour la période juin-juillet-août 2019, d’après la NASA

Source : , 16-09-2019 Le mois d’août 2019 a été marqué par la 2e plus grosse anomalie des relevés de la NASA remontant à 1880. Cela conclut la période juin-juillet-août la plus chaude de l’histoire instrumentale, devant 2016.

ClandesTime 187 – When Entertainment Liaison Offices Go Bad

The relationship between government liaison offices and the entertainment industry usually works well, resulting in added production value for the industry’s products and the furtherance of the government’s agendas. But sometimes things go wrong.

The Mystery of Stupidity

Reading Time: 6 minutesScience has always held the answers — or at least the promise of answers — to many of our problems. Deadly ones, like cancer, strokes, and heart attacks. And troubling, though non-deadly ones, ranging from blindness to baldness. We have been able to explore the deepest, darkest areas of the sea.

The Pentagon, Superman and the Freedom of Information Act

In 1977 the producers of Superman and Superman II approached the Pentagon to try to obtain stock footage of missiles launching, for use in depicting Lex Luthor's dastardly plot to nuke the San Andreas fault.  The Air Force and Strategic Air Command were provided

How the Pentagon Helped Hollywood Launder the Nazis’ Reputation

Four years ago, scholar Ben Urwand revealed how the Nazis' man in Hollywood Georg Gyssling censored and rewrote film scripts to remove scenes and dialogue that criticised the Nazi regime.

Interview 1349 – The Ripple Effect on ETs, UFOs and Other Unknowns

[audio mp3=""][/audio]James Corbett joins Ricky Varandas (The Ripple Effect podcast) and Vinnie Caggiano (vincognito) for another edition of The Ripple Effect roundtable. In this wide-ranging conversation we discuss aliens, unidentified objects, government psyops, military technologies, and how conspiracies may be implanted in the public consciousness. Enjoy!

Pentagon Production Assistance Agreements for Iron Man 1&2 - Spy Culture

The first two Iron Man movies are far more important to cinematic history than their daft scripts, super-arrogant star performer and cartoonish presentation might suggest.

ClandesTime 089 – Conspiracy Theories: The Moon Landings - Spy Culture

I don't believe any of the alternative theories about the moon landings but this week I thought it would be fun to explore some of the arguments around these seminal events.

Review: Silver Screen Saucers - Spy Culture

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between UFOs or aliens in movies and the real-life experiences of people who report contact or abduction or witnessing these things? Have you ever wondered whether the government is using UFO movies to influence people's perceptions of these fringe but popular and captivating phenomena?

ClandesTime 073 – Conspiracy Mockumentaries - Spy Culture

Mockumentary is perhaps the best sub-genre of cinema, and conspiracy-themed mockumentaries even more so. In this episode we look at four films - The Conspiracy, The Last Broadcast, Trollhunter and Apollo 18 - and examine why conspiracy mockumentaries are so good.

The DOD and Hollywood – Tom Secker on The Opperman Report - Spy Culture

Ed Opperman invited me back onto his show to discuss the Pentagon's involvement in Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry.

The New X-Files: Conspiracy Culture Going Mainstream or Going Batshit? - Spy Culture

The internet is awash with talk of the new mini-season of The X-Files. As predicted, conspiracy theorists have been particular susceptible to the charms of the reborn UFO extravanganza, searching for clues and meaning in every line and frame of the show.

ClandesTime 067 – 2015 in State Sponsored Movies: A Year in Review - Spy Culture

2015 was an important year in government-assisted entertainment. Several major franchises - the Marvel Cinematic Universe, James Bond, Terminator, Fast and Furious, Mission: Impossible - released their latest films. All of these enjoyed the involvement of government agents and agencies.

Houston Does Not Have a Problem

It’s more satisfying to drive a car around Mars looking for water than to idly sit by and watch a bunch of oligarchs dismantle the federal campaign finance system, a survey of more than 400,000 government workers has shown.While that may sound like a story from The Onion, it’s actually one of the findings of the massive that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) conducted.

Mad Scientists: NASA ‘accidentally’ Drains the Van Allen Belts

[This report was put together by the YouTube channel owner, Dutchinse] It appears that NASA actually DRAINED one of the protective Van Allen Radiation belts surrounding Earth.

NASA Scientists Only 38% “sure” That 2014 Was The Hottest Year on Record

The Nasa climate scientists who claimed 2014 set a new record for global warmth last night admitted they were only 38 per cent sure this was true.

Des vétérans de l’espace contestent le réchauffement climatique

D’autres faits contre d’autres croyances Devant l’absence d’arguments scientifiques des 49 signataires sur la question, il n’est pas superflu de se demander quels sont les intérêts qu’ils défendent. Ainsi, Leighton Steward, qui a publié le communiqué de presse et la lettre à la Nasa, est un directeur de EOG Ressources, l’une des plus grandes compagnies pétrolières des Etats-Unis. Parallèlement, il est le porte-parole de Plants Need CO2, une association qui a pour mission « d’éduquer le public sur les effets positifs de plus de CO2 dans l’atmosphère ».