Insightful article on Bernie in the Washington Post

BURLINGTON, Vt. — On Halloween night in 1980, in a dank laundry room of a public-housing project here in his adopted hometown, Bernie Sanders’s friends sat him down for a serious talk about his future. He had none. Not if he kept going as he had for the previous decade. Sanders readily conceded that, having run for Vermont governor, twice, and for U.S. Senate, twice, never winning more than 6 percent of the vote, he risked getting stuck on the fringe, perceived as a joke.

The View from Romania (a correspondent)

The European Parliament election held these days gave rise to appalling reactions, and somber political fights in Romania, revealing how divided, how torn and conflicted the Romanian society is nowadays. I have recently witnessed one of the saddest moments of hatred and disdain, directed against the most vulnerable categories of population – old, ill-educated, poverty-stricken people. Their sin is that they support, in their great majority, the Social Democratic Party.