Veteran Fox Correspondent Sees Collusion

Trump and Putin in Syria? Not So Friendly (Dan)

While headlines have been denouncing the so-called friendly relations between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, .

Where Coca-Cola Is More Plentiful Than Water (Russ)

Spreading the Alt-Right Message

How Kushner Runs Real Estate (Russ)

Considering a move to New York City? will make you think first before deciding to live in a building managed by President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

More Recycling Won&;t Solve Plastic Pollution (Jimmy)

A Letter on the Situation in Hebron, and What We Can Do

Hi Norm,
My name is Chelli Stanley, I spent time in Hebron, Palestine and met someone who remembered you well, Musa Abu Hashhash, who spoke of you as a friend and good person.  So I wanted to pass that on.
I also wanted to see if you would be interested in being in touch with some people I know in Hebron who are interested in making more networks in the United States.  They are part of the Human Rights Defenders:

Legal Kidnapping: What’s Next?

Saudi Airstrike Targets Wedding Ceremony in Yemen Killing 11 (Jimmy)

The author , “Women and children were gathered at the home of Ahmed Jaber Jarmani to celebrate his daughter’s wedding when the bombing took place, killing 11 women and children who were attending the party.”

UNHCR Shocked by Mass Drownings Off Libya, Calls for Urgent Action (Reader Luke)

The Future of Facial Profiling

Who’s the Most Conflicted of Trump’s Administration? (Reader Steve)

Meet Andrew Smith, the new director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission and, according to this article, the .

Need a Job? Take an Uber

AT&T Raises Prices After Mega-Merger

Russia and China Are Top National Security Threats, Despite Growing Terrorism (Dan)

Even though ISIS is on the wane, . Nevertheless, the Trump administration sees China and Russia as the top national security threats.

Scott Pruitt’s Replacement Could Be Worse (Dan)

Cell Services Hand NSA Millions of Messages

200 Drown in Three Days as Migrants Flee Africa (Kirsty)

The author , “Figures prepared by Matteo Villa, a research fellow at the Italian thinktank ISPI, show that so far in 2018 only half of those leaving Libya have made it to Europe, down from 86% last year.”

China’s Facial Recognition Software Hits the Classroom (Reader Steve)