Barking Yenta Dame Margaret (Hodge) Tells Packed News Conference: “I Obey My … Uh … I mean… Israel’s Leader: I’m leaving for the Philippines.” Guardian (5 September 2018)

Barking Yenta Dame Margaret (Hodge) Tells Packed News Conference: “I Obey My … Uh … I mean… Israel’s Leader: I’m leaving for the Philippines.”  Guardian (5 September 2018)   At a packed news conference, Barking Yenta Margaret Hodge praised Prime Minister Netanyahu’s embrace of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.   She then shocked reporters: “I’m auto-deporting to the Philippines.”  

ClandesTime Special – Rorschach Politics: The War in Syria - Spy Culture

In this special episode I reflect on the war in Syria and the propaganda emanating from governments on both sides.  In particular I focus in on how the apparently anti-war Left has been fooled into becoming de facto propagandists for the Russian and Syrian security states, and how the same binary narratives ar

Merkel’s Foreign Minister Seeks to Balance EU-US Partnership

New Attempted Hack of DNC Was a ‘Test’ (Dan)

Despite widespread coverage that hackers recently attempted to infiltrate the Democratic National Committee, DNC officials admitted the event

Is Mollie Tibbets’s Killer Here Legally? (Reader Steve)

British Jews in the Labour Party, Speak Up! A Call for Testimonies

Labour Jews, Speak Up! A Call for Testimonies
The misnamed Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) has stated that its goal is the eviction of Jeremy Corbyn from public life.

Norman Finkelstein sur l’assaut meurtrier d’Israël contre les manifestants non-violents à Gaza

Interview de Norman Finkelstein par The Real News, le 11 mai 2018.
Norman Finkelstein affirme que les forces israéliennes ont mené une agression meurtrière contre des manifestants non-violents de la Grande Marche du Retour de Gaza parce que la protestation non-violente menace non pas Israël, mais son occupation.

Are a Million Uighur Muslims Being Held in Camps in China?

Merkel’s Weekend Plans? Meet with Putin (Dan)

Putin has won another . This time it’s German chancellor Angela Merkel. The two are set to discuss Syria, Ukraine, and the natural gas pipeline that President Trump claimed made Germany “captive” to Russia.

Apple Complains About Property Taxes (Reader Steve)

Study: Internet Providers Charge Too Much for Slow Internet

US-Supported Saudis Launched Strike That Massacred Kids (Jimmy)

CNN’s Jake Tapper reports on the that hit a school bus and killed dozens of children.

Gina Haspel CIA Torture Cables Declassified (Reader Luke)

What Do Arpaio and Putin Have in Common? Steven Seagal

Trump’s Immigration Hardliners Stay Hard (Dan)

Despite criticism over the Trump administration’s separation of immigrant families at the US-Mexico border, as well as the botched process of reuniting them, immigration hardliners like Stephen Miller are now focusing on .

Wages Are Too Damn Low

Forget Offshore Tax Havens. Meet Cryptocurrency Hubs (Dan)

Smaller nations and islands, like Lichtenstein and Bermuda, are looking to . And the executive class that comes with it.

Are Stock Buybacks Starving the Economy? (Jimmy)