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GET READY: He’s Gotten To Them, Is This Good??

MASSIVE: He Really WON’T Return??

GET READY: They’ve Gotten To Elon, This Is BAD!

BOMBSHELL: Secret Gov’t Collusion On A MASSIVE SCALE!

They’re Instigating IT Worldwide!

Former China President Abruptly Escorted From Party Congress

The former leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was ushered from his seat beside General Secretary Xi Jinping during the final session of the 20th National Congress Saturday. As WSJ reports, midway through the otherwise carefully-choreographed closing session, Hu Jintao, 79, Xi Jinping&;s immediate predecessor, was helped out of his chair next to Mr. Xi and inexplicably led out of the hall.

Russia, Ukraine Accuse Each Other of Plotting Mass Casualty False Flag Events

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russian forces of planning to blow up a large dam and hydroelectric plant located in an area of Russian-controlled southern Ukraine.

Mysterious GPS Disruptions Spread Near Third-Largest Military Base in U.S.

Update (2053ET):  GPS interference in Texas has spread from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area to now east and west regions of Waco, Texas. One area west of Waco with high levels of  is butting up against America&;s third-largest military base, Fort Hood.

BOMBSHELL: I Can’t Believe He Actually Said It!

Today&;s video explains what he said and what is really happening.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Something’s Wrong Here…

BREAKING: They’re Thwarting The Talks!

Russia Launches Large-Scale Strikes on 20 Ukrainian Cities in Response to “Terrorist” Crimea Bridge Blast

A series of major explosions rocked Kyiv and several locations across Ukraine on Monday, following Russian President Vladimir Putin blaming Ukrainian special services for the &;terrorist&; blast which partially disabled the Crimean bridge that links Russia to the peninsula.

GET READY: They’re Preparing For The Nuke!

New York Times “Right Wing Conspiracy Theory” Comes True in Less Than 24 Hours

The latest salvo from the left in the ongoing &;unpersoning&; of anyone (on the right) who questions election integrity fell flat on its face in less than a day.

WHOA: Kissinger’s Twisted Message Spells TROUBLE Ahead!

Now That Twitter Belongs to Elon Musk, Here’s What He’ll Do to the Platform in His Own Words

Now that the dramatic, if pointless and expensive, interlude of Musk trying to sabotage his own (extremely overpriced) purchase of Twitter is finally over with Musk conceding to buy the social network at the original proposed price of $54.20.

Watch: Bloomberg Hosts Scramble as Top UN Adviser Shreds Ukraine Narrative in Live Interview

A Monday Bloomberg TV segment on the Ukraine war with an expert who has in the recent past advised three UN Secretaries-General didn&;t go the way the Bloomberg hosts thought it would. Jeffrey Sachs, who is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, posited the United Stats was likely behind the sabotage attacks on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines when asked about it.

“We Own the Science”: UN Official Admits They Partner With Google to Control Search Results

All Hell Breaks Loose After Musk Posts “Russia-Ukraine Peace” Twitter Poll

Blue-check mark gatekeepers, journalists, bots, pundits and even government officials are out in force, angrily reacting to Elon Musk&;s Monday tweet which merely explored the possibilities for peaceful resolution in Ukraine.