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DTUBE ONLY VIDEO – Parkland Code Red Documentary

Some topics are just too controversial for YouTube. Questioning specific stories will now get you banned from the platform and channels are increasingly being taken down for content like what you are about to see. Our videos are being demonetized and our live streaming abilities were recently cut by YouTube over a false accusation brought by CNN of copyright infringement.

The Return Of The New World Order…Sort Of

Jason talks about how the idea of a New World Order is permeating our culture with even more prevalence today than ever before. You can watch this video on DTube .

The Kennedy Files Revealed

In this video Jason Bermas reveals why the CIA, FBI and Military Industrial Complex have long hidden vast documentation on the JFK assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald. You can watch this video on DTube .

Las Vegas Mass Murder: A Deeper Perspective and Understanding

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the events that unfolded in Las Vegas yesterday, with a bigger critique of media and sensationalism during these events when it comes to the news business. Please let me know if you think I am wrong in the comment section below. Timestamp is 8:03 for the most important part of this video:

Truth About Kurdish and Catalan Independence and a Vile UK Prime Minister Exposed

Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings to the WeAreChange Sunday recap episode. We go over all the important news you should know about including the Catalan Independence vote. We don&;t distract you with CIA propaganda about the “Rocketman” or people kneeling. This is a big distraction that the mainstream media pushes on you.

Berkeley and ANTIFA – The Hypocrisy EXPOSED!

Hey everybody Jason Bermas reporting for Today I want to talk about the left and Berkeley. To start, I want to remind everyone that I lean neither left nor right instead I believe in right and wrong. I think both sides need to be called out when they are acting inappropriately or just downright insane.

What Trump Does Not Want You To Know About His U.N Speech

Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings. I just went through a major earthquake here in Acapulco Mexico that occurred near Mexico City. The shock waves shook this entire house and pretty much scared the crap out of me and everyone else here. It looks like everyone&;s fine here in Acapulco.

A Ted Cruz Twitter Explanation, Rand Paul Summons His Father In Senate

Welcome back amazing, beautiful human beings. I&;m seeing more YouTube channels being demonetized, terminated, and blacklisted so if you can please sign up on our email list. That way we have another way to contact you as I patiently wait for the inevitable next attack on our YouTube channel by the Google Alphabet CIA monopoly corporatocracy.

Weekly News Wrap-Up: FBI Creating False Right Wing Terror Plots

Welcome back all you amazing human beings. Today while the world anxiously awaits the latest comments from the ‘Flat Earthers ‘on the solar eclipse and the rest of the country prepares for civil war, some real news stories are happening that you should know about. That’s what we are going to cover today on our weekly news wrap-up called “What the Hell Really Happened This Week.”

Infographic: Inside Bohemian Grove

This WeAreChange infographic details the secretive Bohemian Clubs private campground the Bohemian Grove, where each year in July many of the elites of the United States meet for privately for upwards of two weeks.  Many strange rituals take place amongst the redwoods of California along with talks and discussions often of a political nature.

E.U. Human Trafficking Epidemic Exposed!

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange reports from Sicily, Italy which is currently the gateway of the refugee crisis. This is mainly due to Italy’s proximity to Libya where they see a lot of NGO boats rescuing refugees and migrants. They are bringing them from the coast of Libya to Italy, and there are some unintended consequences to all of this since there has been a mass migration.

VIDEO: Globalist Banker Larry Summers REALLY Does Not Like Bilderberg Question

Beginning his approach of (CFR, Trilateral Commission, bankster) Luke by introduces himself as Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change, and asks if there is anything he can get for him.

VIDEO: Zbigniew Brzezinski’s End, Kim Dotcom Bombshell: What the Hell Really Happened This Week

In this video, Luke Rudkowski brings us another insightful weekly news wrap up. One of the biggest stories this week is the death of the first person Luke ever confronted- Zbiginew Brezinski. The U.S. mainstream media remembered him as mainly the national security advisor for former President Jimmy Carter.


In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange interviews former BBC journalist turned independent radio broadcaster, Tony Gosling, regarding the upcoming agenda and trends of the 2017 Bilderberg group. Of course much is shrouded in secrecy and mystery about the elusive Bilderberg group but we give you our take from the evidence we found about the future of this organization.

US-led air strikes killed record number of civilians in Syria

Air strikes carried out by the US and its coalition partners in Syria have killed the highest number of civilians on record since the bombing campaign began, a war monitor has said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group mostly advocating anti-government forces in the war in Syria, said on Tuesday that the US-led coalition killed a total of 225 civilians between April 23 and May 23, the highest 30-day toll since the campaign began in 2014.

VIDEO: Partisan Girl On Whats Really Happening Now And Her Next Predictions

In this interview, Mimi and Luke share their perspectives on the Middle East, including analysis of the Trump administration&;s latest moves and their impacts.  Mimi also shares some of her current predictions.


In this video, Luke interviews Lauren Southern, the Canadian conservative-libertarian activist, writer, and political commentator. Luke finds out why Southern decided to join a group called  Génération Identitaire to take part in an act of defiance, during which Southern was detained by the Italian coast guard. Luke says that Southern has been accused of shooting off flares at refugees.


In this video, Luke looks back through decades of U.S. foreign policy and a familiar pattern of foul play in the theater of war is seen. With the U.S. repeating similar insanity that seems geared more towards unending war, than the stated outcome. Is it a coincidence that Henry Kissinger was an instrumental influence in the Vietnam quagmire and now rears his ugly head in the White House as the Syria situation gets worse by the day?