The Humanitarian Aid Industry: Corruption, Neoliberalism and Fraud

Translated by Paul Antonopoulos – CSS Project Director;  MENA and Latin America Research Fellow Furthering the Critical Deconstruction of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex &; This piece should be read in tandem with CSS&;s &;What is the

Bibi Bribery, Venezuela Blackout, SXSW Biometrics – New World Next Week

This week on the New World Next Week: Bibi sweats over looming indictment; Venezuela's blackout follows a regime change NGO plan; and SXSW gears up for the biometric rollout.

Episode 338 – NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

[audio mp3=""][/audio]The Trojan horse was the earliest recorded military psyop. That psyop continues to be deployed on unsuspecting populations and it is just as useful as ever, but today's tricksters have donned the mantle of philanthropy, and their Trojan horses are not wooden statues but non-governmental organizations offering "aid" to foreign nations.

Interview 1169 – Patrick Henningsen Exposes the Human Rights – Industrial Complex

[audio mp3=""][/audio]Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire joins us today to discuss his recent article on "Smart Power &; The Human Rights Industrial Complex." Topics discussed include the NGO/State Dept/Pentagon/NATO nexus, the use of human rights as a perception management tool to demonise NATO enemies, and the complicity of the m

The Color Revolution Model: An Exposé of the Core Mechanics

 By:  Andrew Korybko The Color Revolution Model: An Exposé of the Core Mechanics &;&; [ Note:  The Color Revolution and Arab Spring phenomenon is one which receives particular attention at CSS, because it is one of the primary tactics used &

Analysis of July 5 Slaviansk Developments

By: Joaquin Flores Analysis of July 5 Slaviansk Developments Part 1 in our series A Note to Readers:  This is the 1st installment of a series of related reports on the real underlying methods and framework which characterize the Ukrainian civil war.  These are thorough in exploring and explaining, in as full a way as possible, the [&;]