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GOP’s Response to Vote-By-Mail: More Voter Roll Purges

Reading Time: 3 minutesRepublicans hoping to give themselves an edge in swing states have set their sights on yet another voter roll purge in North Carolina.

Ignoring Warning Signs: Officials Approve Vulnerable Voting Machines

Reading Time: 8 minutesProtecting Out Vote 2020Election officials know very well that using outdated and costly touchscreen voting machines — which are susceptible to hacking and other foul play — will likely lead to progr

Toss-up State to Use Vulnerable Tech in 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutesProtecting Out Vote 2020The 2020 election is expected to once again be razor-close and, in light of Russian attempts to hack the vote in 2016, making it secure is of paramount importance.

Supreme Court Could Get in the Way of Gerrymandering Reform

The US Supreme Court’s Friday to take on two cases that deal with partisan gerrymandering is worrying some critics, who argue that a ruling could set a dangerous precedent that prevents lower courts and other bodies from intervening.The Supreme Court will likely hear oral arguments in the cases of

District Court Rules Against North Carolina Gerrymandering

With the 2018 midterm elections right around the corner, a North Carolina district court ruled Monday that the state’s current congressional district lines are the result of an unconstitutional gerrymander. While the implications of the court’s decision remain unclear, the result could be as drastic as a redrawing of North Carolina election districts before the November ballot.

Public Pays a High Price for Extreme Gerrymandering

Election integrity advocates have hailed a string of decisions this year that overturned gerrymandered state maps — most of them drawn up following a Republican wave in 2010. What no one is talking about is the agenda these illegally constituted majorities have enacted while in power. The unconstitutional maps may have been overturned — but these laws remain.   

Running Towards Reform: Asheville 5k Follows Partisan Line to Oppose Gerrymandering

One year ahead of the next major election in North Carolina, the city of Asheville is hosting a unique race to highlight how state Republicans have redrawn district lines in their favor.The Gerrymander 5K “walk/run” is no race for the faint of heart — or the weak-ankled. That&;s because its route traces the outlandish district line that separates North Carolina’s 10th and 11th congressional districts.

A Case Study in How the GOP Hijacks Democracy

When Barack Obama won North Carolina in 2008, he not only became the first Democratic presidential candidate in 30 years to do so, but his victory also showed Republicans that shifting demographics could weaken their stranglehold on power in the Tar Heel State. As a result, over the last decade, they turned North Carolina into one of the nation’s least democratic states.

North Carolina Tried to Make Jim Crow Great Again

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