Zika, Dengue et moustique OGM : interview de Hervé Giacomoni, ex-DG de Transpharma

Hervé Giacomoni, ancien Directeur Général de Transpharma Industrie et actuel cofondateur de Runactive, créateur d&;un insecticide 100% bio, nous a accordé un entretien pour revenir sur l&;actualité sanitaire : virus Zika et de la Dengue, moustique tigre OMG, pesticide et insecticide sont au programme de cet entretien.

Moustique OGM : un monde de Dengue !

Le Brésil, comme beaucoup de pays tropicaux, est en proie à la maladie de la Dengue, causée par le moustique Aedes aegypti. Malheureusement, ce pays, si perméable à la corruption, a opté pour la peste et le choléra en se prêtant à une campagne de vaccination tout juste sortie des laboratoires Sanofi-Pasteur, ainsi qu&;à une

La lettre d’analyses et d’informations libre n°10 (février 2016)

L’Agence Info Libre vous propose le neuvième numéro de sa lettre confidentielle mensuelle : la lettre d’analyses et d’informations libre (LAIL). Nous vous proposerons chaque mois des informations mais surtout des analyses dans des domaines tels que les infos internationales, la France, l’économie, l’histoire, la santé et l’environnement. Cette lettre est disponible sur la boutique

Les infos dont on parle peu n°99 (1er Aout 2015)

Nous mettons à votre disposition toutes les semaines quelques informations passées totalement inaperçues dans nos médias mais qui peuvent être importantes. Nos liens Infos internationales L’Etat islamique établit un bastion dans un village situé au cœur de l’Europe Plus de 400 arrestations liées à l’EI en Arabie saoudite Turquie : au moins 30 morts dans

Petit éloge de l’excès

Je croirai en Dieu le jour où je le verrai danser. »    -F. Nietzsche
- On peut dire ce qu’on veut du génie humain, à force de gratifier les mâles dominants, les forts en fer, les mangeurs d’os, de laisser les vainqueurs écrire l’histoire et les marchands s’emparer du vivant avec une marge de quinze pour cent pour les actionnaires, le résultat n’est pas bien marrant.

Les infos dont on parle peu n°82 (17 janvier 2015)

Nous mettons à votre disposition toutes les semaines quelques informations passées totalement inaperçues dans nos médias mais qui peuvent être importantes. Les infos dont on parle peu n°82 (17 janvier 2015) par agenceinfolibre les liens Pétrole: l’Arabie saoudite déclare la guerre ouverte aux Américains Bassam Tahhan : les wahhabites, Aldo Sterone, le prophète et la

GMOs and Vaccines - Shared Paths | Blog | Kelly Brogan MD

Humans suffer from hubris %u2013 we think we know better than nature, can fix it, manipulate it, and master it. There are (at least) two major transgressions that follow similar patterns, raise important red flags, and most certainly do not pass the sniff test: GMOs (genetically modified %u201Cfoods%u201D) and vaccination. Here%u2019s what they have in common:

'Label It Yourself' campaign urges the People to begin labeling GMOs now

(NaturalNews) Rather than continue to put up with endless stonewalling and excuse-making by federal and state governments that refuse to require mandatory labeling of genetically-modified organisms, a massive, grassroots effort is currently underway to spur individuals across the country to begin labeling GMOs right now.

Judge Dismisses Organic Farmers' Case Against Monsanto : The Salt : NPR

A New York federal court today dismissed a lawsuit against agribusiness giant Monsanto brought by thousands of certified organic farmers. The farmers hoped the suit would protect them against infringing on the company's crop patents in the future. The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association and several other growers and organizations do not use Monsanto seeds. But they were betting that the judge would agree that Monsanto should not be allowed to sue them if pollen from the company's patented crops happened to drift into their fields.

Millions of Pounds of Toxic Poison to Flood US Farmland - BlackListedNews.com

Agent Orange GMOs The sun is setting on Monsanto’s empire as their glyphosate herbicide is losing its effectiveness due to super weeds that have developed a tolerance to their glyphosate poison. Dow is slated to produce the next generation of GMOs which will include 2,4-D resistant corn, soy and cotton.

Activist Post: New Research: GMO Food Far Worse Than We Think

Disturbing new research published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology indicates that genetically modified (GM) crops with "stacked traits" -- that is, with multiple traits such as glyphosate-herbicide resistance and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) insecticidal toxins engineered together into the same plant, are likely far more dangerous to human health than previously believed, due to their synergistic toxicity.

Activist Post: Vermont Introduces Monumental GMO Labeling Legislation

The introduction of the legislation highlights the growing grassroots opposition against Monsanto and GMOs alike. In addition, the legislation would end phony ‘all natural’ product claims when in actuality they contain very unnatural genetically modified organisms. Just recently one consumer took legal action against major snack-maker Frito-Lay, claiming that the labeling of GMO-filled snack products as ‘all natural’ is deceptive and misleading. VPIRG Consumer Protection Advocate Falko Schilling spoke in support of the act saying:

Activist Post: Monsanto%u2019s Infertility-Linked Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested

Monsanto continues to make the claim that their Roundup products are completely safe for both animals and humans. However, many environmentalists, scientists , activists, and even doctors say otherwise.

Jerry Rosman on Vimeo :: un éleveur de porcs dans l'Iowa, cultivait un maïs doublement transgénique...

Jerry Rosman, un éleveur de porcs dans l'Iowa, cultivait un maïs doublement transgénique (round-up ready et BT) et en nourrissait ses truies. Ses truies devinrent alors stériles et au bout d'une année, il fit faillite.
Maintenant il fait du tout petit busyness et travaille avec des petits groupes à faire la promotion de l'griculture biologique...

Monsanto admits their technology doesn’t work!

For years Monsanto has been shouting that the main - read only - benefit of Bt cotton in India (the only genetically engineered crop planted here) was the reduction in pesticide use. Well, it seems they have just admitted this is not true. Pink bollworm, a serious pest for cotton farmers in India, is now resistant to the toxin in Bt cotton. Meaning that this bug is now sort of a super-pest that farmers will have to work harder and harder to avoid.

Fury as EU approves GM potato - Green Living, Environment - The Independent

The introduction of a genetically modified potato in Europe risks the development of human diseases that fail to respond to antibiotics, it was claimed last night.

Bruxelles autorise la culture d'une pomme de terre OGM

La Commission européenne s'est appuyée sur le fait que l'Agence européenne de sécurité des aliments (AESA) a jugé que la pomme de terre ne posait pas de problème pour la santé. Le féculent est renforcé en amylopectine, un composant de l'amidon utilisé par l'industrie pour fabriquer des textiles, du béton et du papier. Mais il contient aussi un gène marqueur de résistance aux antibiotiques, ce qui lui vaut d'être critiqué depuis longtemps par les défenseurs de l'environnement. Ces derniers s'inquiètent des risques de dissémination du gène sur les autres plantes dans la nature.

Report: Canada to approve GM 'enviropigs' - UPI.com

The Yorkshire pigs were developed by researchers in Ontario at the University of Guelph, who spliced in genes from mice to decrease the amount of phosphorus produced in the pigs' dung, the report said. The genetic modification means the new strain of pigs produce 30 to 65 percent less phosphorus in their waste, which has been problematic in surface and groundwater around large livestock operations, Canwest said.

Are animals fed GM feed different?

This issue came to a head because of complaints that NZ poultry producer Inghams claimed, in a high-pressure advertising campaign, that its chickens contained no GM ingredients, in spite of using up to 13% GM soy-based feed. In one of its adverts, Inghams said: "Research confirms that animals that consume feed with a component of GM are no different compared to animals that have been fed a low GM or GM free diet."

Monsanto Uprooted: Germany Bans Cultivation of GM Corn - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

Germany has banned the cultivation of GM corn, claiming that MON 810 is dangerous for the environment. But that argument might not stand up in court and Berlin could face fines totalling millions of euros if American multinational Monsanto decides to challenge the prohibition on its seed. The sowing season may be just around the corner, but this year German farmers will not be planting gentically modified crops: German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner announced Tuesday she was banning the cultivation of GM corn in Germany.

Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status

Professor Citovsky issued a statement saying his observation does not imply that Agrobacterium Tumafaciens causes Morgellons, or that Morgellons is indeed an infectious disease. However, he has called for further study to determine (1) statistical significance of data, (2) whether the bacterium is not only present extracellularly, but also causes genetic transformation of the infected tissues, and (3) whether infection of laboratory animals with the bacterium can recreate symptoms of Morgellons.

The Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach

People say if farmers don%u2019t want problems from Monsanto, just don%u2019t buy their GMO seeds. Not so simple. Where are farmers supposed to get normal seed these days? How are they supposed to avoid contamination of their fields from GM-crops? How are they supposed to stop Monsanto detectives from trespassing or Monsanto from using helicopters to fly over spying on them?

Genetically Modified Crops Implicated in Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder | War On You

As the disappearance of honeybees continues, researchers are trying desperately to discover the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). General concensus at this point is that there is more than once cause and the latest culprit may be genetically modified crops. This is one area of research being neglected as mainstream scientists insist GM crops are safe.
Pourquoi est-ce négligé ?

Exposed: the great GM crops myth - Green Living, Environment - The Independent

Entendez-vous parler ici ou là, d'une crise de l'alimentation ?

Va-t-on, à nouveau, être exposé à ce colonialisme misérabiliste qui consistera en l'envoie de tonne de riz à Haiti et en afrique ? Qu'on en finisse avec leur agriculture déjà quasiment éradiquée...

Commençons par en finir une fois pour toute avec les OGM.

Exposed: the great GM crops myth - Green Living, Environment - The Independent

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor Sunday, 20 April 2008

Genetic modification actually cuts the productivity of crops, an authoritative new study shows, undermining repeated claims that a switch to the controversial technology is needed to solve the growing world food crisis.

The study – carried out over the past three years at the University of Kansas in the US grain belt – has found that GM soya produces about 10 per cent less food than its conventional equivalent, contradicting assertions by advocates of the technology that it increases yields.

Le monde selon Monsanto - ARTE

Le monde selon Monsanto - ARTE

Très bon film. Il n'y a rien d'inutile, on voit que l'auteur a pris un soin poarticulier pour nous exposer les faits. J'apprécie beaucoup la discrétion avec laquelle elle réussi à nous montrer son indignation face à ces personnages infréquantables et pire. Chapeau !

Comment une telle firme a-t-elle pu subsister aussi longtemps ?

Des biolinuxes contre la biopiraterie - Uni-e-s pour un autre monde

Enfin ce lien que je souhaite tant depuis très longtemps entre agriculture et technos libres ?

Des biolinuxes contre la biopiraterie - Uni-e-s pour un autre monde

A l’image d’une communauté de logiciels libres où chacun peut modifier les codes sources en vue de les adapter à ses besoins propres ou de les améliorer pour le bénéfice de tous.

OGM Lheure est grave, par Philippe Desbrosses, dans la revue

Ma mère qui est une militante écologiste de gauche me fait parvenir cette alerte.

J'ai envie de vomir...

OGM Lheure est grave, par Philippe Desbrosses, dans la revue "Nouveau consommateur", n°19 En effet tout agriculteur dont les cultures sont contaminées par des OGM, n’est plus propriétaire de ses récoltes et de ses semences en raison des brevets déposés par la firme à qui appartient ces OGM. Étant donné qu’il n’existe aucun moyen pour un agriculteur de se protéger de cette contamination, les pollueurs acquièrent un droit de fait.

Par ailleurs les faucheurs volontaires sont poursuivis pour « atteinte au droit de propriété », même lorsque l’autorisation délivrée par le ministre de l’agriculture a été annulée par le tribunal administratif.

Si le droit de propriété ouvre sur des abus tels qu’il devient impossible aux consommateurs de refuser les OGM et aux paysans de refuser de les cultiver, que reste-il du sens du droit dans ce pays ?

Could genetically modified crops be killing bees?

Could genetically modified crops be killing bees?

As an interested beekeeper with some background in biology, I think it might be fruitful to investigate the role of genetically modified or transgenic farm crops. Although we are assured by nearly every bit of research that these manipulations of the crop genome are safe for both human consumption and the environment, looking more closely at what is involved here might raise questions about those assumptions.

Bacillus thuringiensis toxin gene product in genetically modified crops

"Comments on the human health impact of Bacillus thuringiensis toxin gene product in genetically modified crops"

Recherche sur le mais modifié BT...

Presuming that there has been a major impact of the injury from ingesting the BtCry1 gene product among humans , farm animals or wildlife it is unlikely that the minds of those viewing the injury are prepared to associate the injury to its source. The GM food products are not labeled and frequently disguised in processed foods. The precautionary principle demands that the potentially dangerous foods be removed from production until proven safe.

Mad Cow USA - The Truth About Feed For Food Animals

Mad Cow USA - The Truth About Feed For Food Animals

DATA SOURCES: We reviewed published veterinary and human-health literature regarding animal feeding practices, etiologic agents present in feed, and human health effects along with proceedings from animal feed workshops.

Les Zétazunis sont toujours en avance concernant les technologies alimentaires, des fois on les devance, c'est grave, mais quand on leur cours après... Voici une étude qui met en lumière ce qui nous attend.


informationliberation - No Organic Bee Losses (les ruches bios se portent bien)

informationliberation - No Organic Bee Losses

I'm on an organic beekeeping list of about 1,000 people, mostly Americans, and no one in the organic beekeeping world, including commercial beekeepers, is reporting colony collapse on this list. The problem with the big commercial guys is that they put pesticides in their hives to fumigate for varroa mites, and they feed antibiotics to the bees. They also haul the hives by truck all over the place to make more money with pollination services, which stresses the colonies.

(emphase ajoutée)

Arretez moi donc ces abeilles subversives !

Genetically Engineered Crops May Produce Herbicide Inside Our Intestines

Genetically Engineered Crops May Produce Herbicide Inside Our Intestines

Pioneer Hi-Bred's website boasts that their genetically modified (GM) Liberty Link corn survives doses of Liberty herbicide, which would normally kill corn. The reason, they say, is that the herbicide becomes "inactive in the corn plant." They fail to reveal, however, that after you eat the GM corn, some inactive herbicide may become reactivated inside your gut and cause a toxic reaction. In addition, a gene that was inserted into the corn might transfer into the DNA of your gut bacteria, producing long-term effects. These are just a couple of the many potential side-effects of GM crops that critics say put the public at risk.

Cool, on poura dorénavant utiliser des corps humain improductifs pour produire des insecticides et autres matières si chères à produire.

No bees? Not just strange, but scary | Inquirer | 04/26/2007

No bees? Not just strange, but scary | Inquirer | 04/26/2007

And it's not just honeybees that are missing. Honeybees, after all, are immigrants from Europe, and the Americas survived quite nicely without them before their arrival with the colonists. But the native bees - ground bees and bumblebees, for example - are gone, too. The only bees I've seen since the spring began are wood bees - large, clumsy-looking, bumblebee-like creatures that bore neat circular holes into the wood of the house and lay their eggs in solitary nests. Thank heavens for them, or there wouldn't be a bee on my property.

But even several hundred wood bees can hardly compensate for the total absence of other pollinators.

What's happening here?

Collapsing Colonies: Are GM Crops Killing Bees? - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

Collapsing Colonies: Are GM Crops Killing Bees? - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man."

Albert Einstein

Monsanto Dumped Toxic Waste in UK

Monsanto Dumped Toxic Waste in UK

Evidence has emerged that the Monsanto chemical company paid contractors to dump thousands of tonnes of highly toxic waste in British landfill sites, knowing that their chemicals were liable to contaminate wildlife and people. Yesterday the Environment Agency said it had launched an inquiry after the chemicals were found to be polluting underground water supplies and the atmosphere 30 years after they were dumped.

Pour rappeler que Monsanto est traditionellement un fabriquant de produit chimiques hautement toxiques. Il n'est donc pas étonnant que leur produit transgéniques soient aussi toxiques...