The Worst Case Scenario in 2020 May Just Be a Narrow Trump Loss

Reading Time: 3 minutesThere is angst among many Americans right now that President Donald Trump might win a second term. But maybe they should be more worried about what would happen if he loses by a narrow margin.

For Undocumented Migrant Children There is No ‘Right to Life’

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen she was , Marshae Jones, a black woman living in Alabama, got in a fight with another woman. Jones was shot in the stomach. Her fetus died.

No More Binge Watching This White House Reality Show

Reading Time: 4 minutesThis country has an addiction problem. No, we’re not referring to the dependence of millions of Americans on opioids. The “addict” in this case is the president of the United States. He is addicted to public attention. (We  will not refer to the president by name here, hoping to set a virtuous example.)

The Bloody Truth Behind Trump’s Military Parade

Reading Time: 1 minutePresident Donald Trump’s grandiose vision for the 2019 Fourth of July celebration in Washington, DC, included tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as a flyover by military jets, in what the president ordered would be a “Salute to America.”

Tunis ou les sévices de l’opinion

Ooops, They’re Doing It Again — Media on Track to Screw Up 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt seems as though the media has not learned a single lesson from 2016, because it is on track to screw up another presidential election.Back then, corporate news outlets, driven by a desire to maximize revenue, basically picked both candidates in the primary, and then allowed themselves to become pawns in the scheme of a foreign power to get Donald Trump elected.Most importantly, at th

Trump, McConnell, Roberts — Who Will Be Russia’s Favorite Pawn?

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf there were such a thing as “Russia’s Employee of the Month,” then it would be a neck-and-neck race between President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for the trophy these days.

Mueller Is No Match for Trump’s Shamelessness and Indecency

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen President Donald Trump and a letter that did not exist to attack Robert Mueller on Thursday, he could be certain of one thing: The former special counsel was not going to retaliate.

Truth? WTF Is That?

Reading Time: 4 minutesAt a time when the American public seems to be more ignorant than ever, the tools of deception have become more sophisticated.We live in an age of scams that trick the senses. Photos can be altered, films and videos can be manipulated to an exquisite degree of realism.

Immigrants in Healthcare: Essential but Exploited by Populists

Reading Time: 3 minutesI covered healthcare in Washington, DC, for a few years at the start of my journalism career. Back then, it was all about abstract policy for me, because, fortunately, I had not had any real experiences with the US healthcare system.More recently — earlier this year to be precise — I got a much more intimate look at healthcare in action.

Delusion or Deception: Team Trump’s Russia Lie

Jared Kushner’s suggestion that Russian interference was limited to “” is akin to claiming that all the US did in Vietnam was send some military equipment.Even if it weren’t a blatant, easily disprovable lie, it would still not change the fact that a foreign power, using illegal means, sought to interfere in a US election on behalf of the candidate it felt would be more pliant to its strategic goals.Howe

The Adventures of Baron Trumphausen

It is simply impossible to read the and not come away with the certainty that this administration is the most (morally) corrupt and dysfunctional in US history, and that it is headed by a president who was only saved from prosecution because the people working for him routinely had the good sense to disregard his orders.

Why the High Hopes for Trump’s Tax Returns Are Misplaced

With House Democrats making a push to get their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns, there is an expectation among those wanting to see the president get toppled that these documents might constitute the smoking gun that will bring him down.But instead of a silver bullet, it’s more likely that the tax returns will be a relative dud, and here is why: There is simply no way that they are complete and accurate.As we and others have documented — and anybody with an open mind must surely realize — Trump is a crook and a charlatan.

We’ve Been Distracted During Mueller Time

The Mueller report on the investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election is completed, and while US Attorney General William Barr summarizes that it clears President Donald Trump of collusion, confusion remains around the issue of obstruction of justice. At this stage, I can finally say something I haven’t felt comfortable saying since November 2016: I think we’ve largely been asking the wrong questions.

US Healthcare Disgrace: GoFundMe-Care Symptomatic of Extreme Inequality

Anybody who has spent time on social media has come across the heartwarming tales of people — many of them strangers — pitching in to help somebody in need. Often these stories involve medical problems, and the donations may make the difference between life and death. There is no doubt that these anecdotes represent the best of humanity — but they also illustrate the widening rift between the haves and have-nots, as well as the abject failure of the US to fix an atrocious healthcare system.

The Neocon Playbook Is a Recipe for Disaster in Venezuela

When Donald Trump promised that he would only hire the “best people,” maybe he should have been pressed on what, exactly, they would be good at. Because it’s clearly not running the US government. Over the past two years, it has become clear that liars, grifters, conmen, opportunists, and crooks seem to be drawn to the president like flies to … well, you know. Now, however, a situation is arising for which one of Trump’s “best people” seems ideally suited for forcing regime change somewhere in the Americas.

Did Jill Stein Help Elect Donald Trump?

In the final week of 2018, Michael Bloomberg the former mayor of New York, a Republican turned Democrat, and a possible future presidential candidate went on television to issue a remarkable challenge to fellow politicians: He would insist that every candidate in 2020 lay out a comprehensive plan to combat climate change.

Is the Era of Unrestrained Capitalism Coming to an End?

It is truly ironic that the world’s “elite” who gathered in Davos this week claim to be puzzled that people across the globe — frustrated by stagnating standards of living — are .

Saying Goodbye to the ‘Other Russell Baker’

I’ve been getting text messages and emails on the passing of the more famous version of myself: the columnist Russell Baker. Russell Baker had a knack for getting at the essence of human nature — a keen eye and winning voice, a sense of humor and irony we could certainly use in today’s messed-up world. He will be missed by many, and certainly by me.

What If the US, Like Germany, Bans Hate Speech in the Future?

Which do you agree with: America has too much online hate speech? Or, America has too much online free speech? Both complaints can apply to the same words. The difference depends on no more than whether you are the speaker or the listener. What comes from my mouth is free speech that deserves legal protection. You protest that what enters your ears is hate speech that must be prohibited. Hate speech is a byproduct of free speech.

A Rule Fit for a King

President Donald Trump, who hates being constrained by pesky things like laws, the separation of powers, or the Constitution, seems poised to invoke a national emergency to get his taxpayer-funded wall built along the southern border.   To save face after triggering a government shutdown over this issue, it is believed that Trump would use this move to seize land along the border and reallocate funds designated for real emergencies to deal with this made-up crisis.

Trump and GOP Lawmakers: Going Along to Get Along

Speaking truth to power is important — but it matters little if the words aren’t backed up by action. And there may not be a more apparent truth than the moral bankruptcy of the country’s most powerful person, President Donald Trump.

Our Favorite Cartoon Op-Eds of 2018

The outstanding work of our Images Department, which is headed by an artist who goes by the nom de guerre “DonkeyHotey,” is the main reason WhoWhatWhy has such a unique look. We are proud of our daily panoramas and other images, which add an engaging visual dimension to our stories.

LeBron v. Trump: A Tale of Two Schools

When LeBron James criticized President Donald Trump in February, Fox News host and frequent Trump apologist Laura Ingraham told the basketball star to “shut up and dribble.” Fortunately for hundreds of kids in James’s hometown of Akron, OH, he did not follow her advice. Earlier this week, James opened the I Promise School, a public elementary school that he co-founded. Through his foundation, and based on his personal struggles at that age, he wanted to create a unique learning environment for kids at risk of falling behind.

Not Who We Are? Racism Is as American as Apple Pie

When the effects of the Trump administration’s family separation policy became big news, a lot of people commented that “this is not who we are” or that “America is better than that.” Sadly, they are mistaken, because ripping (brown) children away from their parents is exactly in line with the US’s long history of deep-seated racism.

Enquête sur l’homme au couteau

Soit, je viens d'être désignée à la tête de cette C.A.T., de cette cellule anti-terroristes pour vous apprendre à dépister, à chercher et à trouver de nouvelles pistes. J'appelle un chat, un chat... je suis réaliste mais ça ne m'empêche pas de faire œuvre d'analyste et de me demander si derrière le chat, il y a ou il n'y a pas un rat.

Musings of a Mass Shooting Survivor

A version of this article was previously published December 2017.We had been watching a puppet skit about an angry kid who shoots his entire family at dinner. It was hilarious, and we were still laughing when the dean stepped onto the stage and announced that a gunman was on campus and that at least one person was dead.

Why the March for Our Lives Might Be a March for the Ages

We all know the story. On Valentine’s Day, an expelled 19-year-old returned to his old school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, and, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, three teachers and 14 students.

Another Modest Proposal: Let’s Help Trump by Surrounding Him With Gunslingers

In response to the Florida school massacre, the White House had President Donald Trump participate in an unusual, media-filmed “listening” session with mourning parents and students. Trump listened — how could he not? He is being pressured to do something about gun violence in America. This most recent slaughter, and the remarkable public response to it, led by young people, is creating a potentially inexorable emotional wave. So he proposed a solution. More guns.

Legalized Pot: What States Hoping for Extra Revenue Get Wrong

Editor’s note: Pot is back in the news following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s that federal prosecutors will once again pursue marijuana cases in states where the drug has been legalized. That doesn’t sit well with the affected states, which hope to amass additional tax revenue from the pot businesses now legal under state laws. That leads one WhoWhatWhy contributor to ask: “Are they all high?”

Banned Seven Words: Censorship or Good Strategy?

The uproar over the ban of a list of words that has roiled the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and now the rest of the country, is understandable. The list, which a Health and Human Services official advised be omitted from the CDC&;s budget documents, would make any scientist weep. Transparency advocates have raised legitimate concerns about censorship.

Reality Check: Don’t Buy into the Myth of ‘Tax Reform’

President Donald Trump has called on Congress to quickly pass sweeping “tax reform” legislation this year. While his entire plan remains something of a mystery, one element stands out: Trump has insisted on reducing the corporate tax rate to 15%.Any debate on tax policy is fraught with confusing terms, doublespeak and a whole lot of obfuscation.As the GOP’s efforts to fundamentally alter the tax code are about to kick into high gear, WhoWhatWhy has prepared this primer to cut through the rhetoric and pull back the curtain on this “reform.”

Don’t Confuse Tax Cuts with Tax Reform

un débat Bien ForMaté

Il y a des formes qui éclipsent le fond. Qu'on le veuille ou non, elles nous retiennent et nous les retenons consciemment ou inconsciemment. Elles se détachent du fond, et nous attachent au piquet de l'instant. Elles exercent sur nous une certaine pression et produisent chez nous une impression qui n'évolue que très rarement. C'est d'un naturel qui n'a rien de naturel.

Les chiens de garde

  La philosophie nous enseigne la servitude. Elle la justifie et la légitime au profit des bourgeois qui, depuis la Révolution Française, se sont agrégés sans difficulté à nos dirigeants. C’est là principalement le contenu du livre polémique rédigé en 1932 par Paul Nizan : Les chiens de garde.

L’anarchie est morte, vive la démocratie !

L’anarchie, aujourd’hui, c’est un folklore. Se réclamer d’un monde sans ordre revient presque à promouvoir un chaos digne des pires barbaries de notre Histoire. Pour tout dire, tous ceux qui, depuis quelques décennies, se revendiquent comme anarchistes, s’accaparent outrancièrement une fierté et un prestige plus proches de la mystification que de la vertu. Ils sont les idiots utiles à toute réelle entreprise révolutionnaire.

Faut-il réviser l’Histoire pour appréhender la vérité ?

Difficile d’écrire aussi raisonnablement qu’un Spinoza. Une philosophie agencée suivant l’ordre géométrique ; une Ethique par delà toute cacophonie lyrique. Pourtant ce chef d’oeuvre de la pensée occidentale a malheureusement peu inspiré les hommes, plutôt enclins à justifier leurs errances par la kyrielle de fables saturant notre Histoire depuis ses balbutiements littéraires.

Psychologie des foules

La foule est conduite presque exclusivement par l’inconscient. Ses actes sont beaucoup plus sous l’influence de la moelle épinière que sous celle du cerveau. Les actes exécutés peuvent être parfaits quant à leur exécution, mais, le cerveau ne les dirigeant pas, l’individu agit suivant les hasards des excitations.


N’ayons pas peur de le dire : nous sélectionnons lors d’élections une poignée d’oligarques qui nous volent le pouvoir. Sous le masque de la démocratie notre République prospère d’oligarchie en oligarchie (oligoi : petit nombre, arkhê : gouvernement), où « les hommes au pouvoir écrivent les règles de leur propre pouvoir. »

Von Trier et Hitler : l'opprobre est sur la Licra, pas sur moi | Rue89

La dénonciation du racisme et de l'antisémitisme est pervertie Pas n'importe laquelle. Celle qui doit échapper à la judiciarisation de la pensée quand les qualifications pénales ne peuvent pas incontestablement la régir. Entre la loi et le délire, dans notre démocratie, il y a de la marge ! En définitive, force est de constater qu'avec cette absence qui m'a été imposée, un double mouvement contradictoire se dessine qui est infiniment préoccupant pour la République.