Activist Post: Obama Gives Hollywood Director Access to Classified Documents to Make Propaganda Film

Obama claims the U.S. commando raid in which Osama bin Laden was killed was the singularly most important day of his presidency. It was called Operation Neptune%u2019s Spear. %u201CI did choose the risk,%u201D Obama said. %u201CThe reason I was willing to make that decision of sending in our SEALs to try to capture or kill bin Laden rather than to take some other options was ultimately because I had 100 percent faith in the Navy SEALs themselves.%u201D

The Real 2012 Delegate Count for the Republican Primaries & Caucuses

Why "The Real 2012 Delegate Count""? The answer should be obvious. The mainstream media is simply not accurately covering the race for delegates in the Republican contest for President. In fact, if you watch network news you would believe that the Republican contest is over. It is not.

Anti-Semitic comic canceled in Montreal -

French comedian Dieudonne M'bala M'bala in Montreal have been canceled after Jewish groups protested his reputation for anti-Semitic statements. M'bala was scheduled to perform at the Corona Theatre starting Monday, but the theater sent out a release Friday saying the shows were canceled "due to contractual conflicts."
Dieudonné interdit au Corona. Peut-être que cela va l'aider à identifier de vrais amis à Montréal... Qui apris la relève de Falardeau ?

Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to Be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention

And it%u2019s looking like he%u2019ll get the states he needs. Earlier this week in Iowa and Minnesota, Ron Paul%u2019s covert, submarine delegate strategy paid off. Iowa has 28 total delegates that it can award, and one of those delegates is the state chairman, a Ron Paul supporter. Paul also picked up 13 delegates from the state%u2019s nomination committee, which decided yesterday to go for Ron Paul. Weeks after the Iowa race was called for Rick Santorum, Paul%u2019s grinding delegate game has paid off, and at the very worst, he will earn half of Iowa%u2019s delegates.
After images that hold Auschwitz up for derision, we see the shoot of a film centered on an alcoholic and violent character who is disguised as a Nazi officer for a costume party. The Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson appears as himself for a few minutes, the Shoah is personified as a saint.

French gear up for battle over 'The Anti-Semite' | The Times of Israel

F rench “comedian” Dieudonne is a well-established provocateur — a Jew-baiter whose most recent show was called “Mahmoud,” after Iran’s Holocaust-denying president. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the performer’s next movie is titled “L’Antisémite” (The Anti-Semite), and features dialogue such as, “It’s clear the Jews control everything — the media, finance, politics. We no longer have a choice. We must” — here’s the ostensible punchline — “exterminate them.”

Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul - Last Nail

Summary: Ron Paul Revolution Great speech by Congressman Ron Paul about the deteriorating state of our once great American Republic. Both parties now support endless foreign wars and aggression, unlimited corporate bailouts, the printing of money and devaluing of our currency by the Federal Reserve and bankrupting entitlement programs. Vote for Ron Paul so we can begin to restore America to the great beacon of hope and freedom it was intended to be.

Obama: Craven Puppet of Racist Israel - YouTube Due to restrictions on my channel comments must be monitored by our staff. No obscenity, violence, or truly hateful comments. We will not let Dr. Duke's videos get banned by intemperate comments! So keep it civil and clean. This video exposed the hypocrisy of Obama's concern at AIPAC for the "demographic shift" of Israel and his efforts to preserve Israel as a "Jewish State" at the same time he and the media work for demographic shift of America Europe and the entire Western World.

The French Connection: Are we watching Gladio-style electioneering by terror?

The formal election campaign has been swept from the headlines by the horror stories and speculation pouring from Toulouse and the surrounding region. Instead we see the substitution of electioneering by terror, in the tradition of Gladio. The BBC reported the %u2018sense of unease%u2019 spreading across France, which if one has to be cynical would be precisely the required impact in these highly charged electoral circumstances.