Is It 1968 All Over Again?

Reading Time: 12 minutesToday we’re facing the exact same questions that Americans were asking just over fifty years ago, in 1967 and 1968, as riots took place all across America, resulting in over 70 dead and untold injured. In order to understand how civil unrest had reached such proportions, and how to prevent it from occurring in the future, President Lyndon B.

The Terrorist Threat Concealed by Saudi ‘Soft Power’

Reading Time: 16 minutesIn December of last year, the United States suffered the first deadly, internationally orchestrated terrorist attack on its soil since 9/11 — when a Saudi Air Force trainee killed three US sailors and wounded eight others at a Navy air base in Pensacola, FL.Last week, the FBI and Attorney General William Barr announced that data recovered from the cellphone

Not All It Can Be: The US Military Is Failing

Reading Time: 17 minutesThe US military is one of the few institutions that the vast majority of the public praises, but its strategic failures on the battlefield and lack of accountability in its ranks expose an organization that is deeply flawed and out of step with 21st-century needs. This according to Tim Bakken, the first civilian promoted to professor of law in

COVID-19 Response: China Is the Problem and the Solution

Reading Time: 10 minutesAs the United States and other countries face shortages of critical medical supplies, manufacturers of items such as face masks and hospital gowns are finding themselves overwhelmed with orders. As a result, those factory owners often have to choose between clients &

Badger State Shame: What Actually Happened in Wisconsin

Reading Time: 16 minutesWhile some people are happy with the outcome of Wisconsin’s primary, the ongoing litigation is a reminder that what happened there on April 7 is an omen of bad things to come as the coronavirus pandemic meets electoral politics. In this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, we listen to a conversation between Emily Levy, founder and director

COVID-19 Creates Heightened Stress for People With OCD

Reading Time: 30 minutesObsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects millions of Americans, and one common symptom of this anxiety disorder is excessive handwashing due to an extreme fear of germs.

Subscribercast #40 – Lockdown: The Dark Side of Social Distancing

In this subscriber-only podcast I explore the haphazard and irrational implementation of the COVID-19 social distancing lockdowns currently in place...

COVID-19, Opioids, and Unseen America: It’s Not Just About Big Cities

Reading Time: 12 minutesYears ago former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld argued that the solution to an intractable problem was to create a bigger problem. He suggested that this would subsume the other problem and thus somehow make a solution possible.Certainly the coronavirus pandemic we face is as big a problem as it gets.

Why Do Pandemics Often Start With Bats?

Reading Time: 14 minutesWhile people across the world were celebrating the holidays with loved ones at the end of last year, somewhere in China the coronavirus pandemic began with a virus moving from bats to pigs and, ultimately, to the first human. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Antivirus Program You Don’t Have to Buy

Reading Time: 15 minutesAs millions of Americans isolate themselves to avoid infection, scientists are working urgently to develop the vaccine, antiviral, or magic pill that will contain the coronavirus. If only there were an antivirus program designed to protect the human operating system. Well, actually, we do have one.

The Eerie Parallels Between Covid-19 and the Plague

Reading Time: 18 minutesEvery story about the coronavirus is also about something else. In the US it’s about our healthcare system, our politics, our elections, and our culture.

Bloomberg Demonization of ‘Abandoned’ Youth Feeds Ugly Stereotype

Reading Time: 17 minutesPresidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has been challenged over comments he made about New York’s controversial “stop and frisk” policies while he was mayor. He said that “male minorities” aged 15 to 25 are responsible for “95 percent of murders.”

Political Hobbyism Is Not Politics

Reading Time: 15 minutesHas politics become a form of entertainment? With debates every week, opinion polls every day, the insatiable appetite of 24/7 cable news for fresh “content,” heated arguments online around the clock, and the clickbait casting of heroes and villains, politics may indeed be America’s new national pastime. We know the names of all the players.

Nevada Is About to Repeat the Iowa Clusterf**k

Reading Time: 2 minutesProtecting Out Vote 2020Yes, they are still counting votes in Iowa, which raises many questions: How did the Democratic caucuses there get so screwed up, whose fault was it, and is Nevada about to go