This Major Political Idea Is Spreading Like A Fire

In this podcast, Luke and Jason of WeAreChange bring you the latest from Paris France, where Luke was on the scene of the massive explosion early on, only to go and cover the Yellow Vest protests and get hit by a water cannon. That and so much more! The post appeared first on .

A Border Wall as Architecture

President Donald Trump will probably never build one foot of his wall. Still, today there are 650 miles of border wall already dividing the US and Mexico. It’s almost one-third of the entire border. It divides cities, families, private property, and even impacts wildlife and habitats.We journey to the border in this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, as Jeff Schechtman is joined by Ronald Rael, associate professor in the department of architecture at UC Berkeley.

ClandesTime 166 – An Alternative History of Al Qaeda: Aimen Dean

Aimen Dean, born Ali Al-Duranni, was MI6’s spy inside Al Qaeda from 1998 to 2006. In this episode I do a critical view of his autobiography Nine Lives: My Time as MI6’s Top Spy Inside Al Qaeda, and how Dean’s story connects to other people and events explored in this series.

We All Have a Role to Play in What Will Be the Biggest Story of 2019

The recent UN report on climate change indicated that we could be facing existential risks — ever more extreme weather events and rising sea levels — within 20 years. So what is the world to do? Jeff Goodell, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone, joins Jeff Schechtman for this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast.

ClandesTime 165 – Military Meta-Propaganda

Since the publication of National Security Cinema last summer, we have seen an uptick in the media coverage of the Pentagon in Hollywood, much of it originating with the Pentagon itself. This week I take a look at the PR efforts the DOD has embarked upon, about its own PR efforts in Hollywood.

WhoWhatWhy’s Top Podcasts of 2018, Part Two

Podcasts are among the fastest-growing features of today’s information-sphere. Here are the final four of our Ten Best of 2018 Podcast series.WhoWhatWhy delivered over 65 podcasts to our readers and listeners in 2018.

The Wire Season 4 Review (Preview)

In this penultimate review episode I look at how the education system is a poor place to learn anything, how standardised testing is a form of child abuse, the fundamental problems of electoral politics, and expand on why an intelligence-based approach to societal problems is always better than a military-based ap

ClandesTime 164 – China’s Influence in Hollywood

China is without doubt a major player in Hollywood. Both private investment and state regulations and censorship have played a significant role in the American movie business in recent years.

WRC Cast 27 – France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, And The Netherlands! Oh My!

In this podcast, Luke and Jason of WeAreChange break down the conflict going on between the ruling class and the people of not only France but now Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and The Netherlands as well! Sign Up To our email – http://eepurl.com/dJE522 Visit our MAIN SITE for more breaking news 

ClandesTime 163 – Nazis in Hollywood

Nazis make the perfect Hollywood villains – instantly recognisable, obviously deplorable and easy to recreate. So why were there no anti-Nazi films until 1939, on the eve of World War 2?

ClandesTime Special – The Royal Family, Brexit and Union Jackboot

This week, I welcome Matt Alford to the show to talk about the media manipulation of the image of the British Royal Family, and how it relates to British foreign policy, including Brexit.

The Wire Season 3 Review (Preview)

In part 3 of this subcriber-only review series I look at season three of The Wire. In this season the Barksdale storyline comes to a climax, while the city hall politics are added into the ever-expanding world of the show.

ClandesTime 159 – The Founder

The Founder is a 2016 biopic of Ray Kroc, the man who created McDonald’s. Or did he? In this episode I examine this ambiguous film, one of the best examples of cultural capitalism to come out of Hollywood in recent years.

ClandesTime 158 – Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

The new Amazon series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is the first TV show to film at CIA headquarters for several years, in keeping with the Agency’s long-time support for adaptations of Clancy’s work.

WRC Cast 19 – Is Saudi Arabia Going Down? Antifa And The Proud Boys Clash!

In this podcast, Luke and Jason of WeAreChange discuss the repercussions of the disappearance, interrogation, and death of a Saudi journalist. Plus The Proud Boys and Antifa are at it again!The post ; Is Saudi Arabia Going Down?

ClandesTime 156 – The Pentagon and Pitch Perfect 3

To unsuspecting movie audiences Pitch Perfect 3 is a piece of lighthearted family-friendly entertainment to be enjoyed and then forgotten almost immediately.

ClandesTime 154 – Hollywood Goes to Space Command - Spy Culture

As part of their outreach efforts the Air Force's entertainment liaison office has started running annual tours for dozens of Hollywood bigshots. Recently released documents detail last year's tour to US Space Command.

What’s Wrong With Elon Musk Being On JRE Joe Rogan Podcast

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Joe Rogan interviewing Elon Musk, who he calls a business magnet, investor and engineer. You can watch this video on DLive .