Our Next Struggle: DeSantis Inheriting Trump’s Fascist Mantle

The elections appear to be a mixed bag, with young people and women, in particular, rejecting the right-wing Supreme Court Dobbs abortion decision. The early youth vote in Wisconsin, for example, was 360 percent than in 2018, according to Ben Wikler, the chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party.  

The Election Didn’t Go BOOM — So What’s the Problem?

  What’s the biggest conundrum of the 2022 election? The polls — with a couple of strange exceptions I’ll get to — were accurate but the pundits were virtually all wrong   The pundits all had access to the polls — they didn’t believe them. Then they were taken completely on the hop when the big “red wave” — not predicted by the polls — turned into the pink ripple that it was.  

GOP Morphs From Political Party to the Greatest Threat to Humanity in 50 Years

Throughout our history, there have always been groups of people that posed a threat to other humans or even humanity itself. For example, at some point, the greatest threat to others was probably the Mongol hordes, which were then replaced for a few centuries by European colonists who wreaked havoc across the globe.

Letter From Italy: History Repeats Itself

In the , a small museum situated picturesquely along the Arno in Pisa, an exhibit on the ground floor situates Italy in an uncomfortable moment. Panels set up in an elegant room show photographs of the political ruptures that seized the city after the First World War.

Americans’ Cartoon Vision of Authoritarianism Causes Us to Miss It

Americans are afraid of the wrong thing. When you ask most Americans what authoritarianism looks like, they’ll describe jack-booted thugs goose-stepping up to their house to drag them away to a concentration camp.  

Donald Trump’s Back Problems Explained: Lawsuit Fatigue

The weight of dozens of legal actions seems to be slowly bringing the former POTUS down to earth. While you’re here enjoying DonkeyHotey’s latest cartoon, please take a moment to read these articles on related topics: 

Josephine Baker Is Having a Moment

Before Beyoncé, before Oprah Winfrey, before Diana Ross, before Venus Williams and Pam Griers and Hattie McDaniel, there was Josephine Baker.    A Black female star when lynching was still common in the United States, when intermarriage was illegal, and people of color were regularly denied service and had to use the back entrance, Baker was the toast of Paris. This was in the 1920s, and no history of this city is complete without her story. She was a dancer, singer, and actor, known to the public as “the Black Pearl” or “Bronze Venus.”  

Why the GOP Is No Longer a Legitimate Political Party

US News and World Report has a story about how the fringe has become the mainstream in the Republican Party. The headline of their says it all:  “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Rises From GOP Fringe to Front.” The backstory here is fascinating and grim.

For GOP, Silence About Policies Is Golden

It’s easy to find out what Republicans are against: democracy, minorities, minorities playing fish in movies, minorities playing flutes, books that offend Republicans, accurate US history, (brown) immigrants, attacks on marriage, gay marriage, interracial marriage (this one is making a comeback after 50 years), restrictions to religious freedoms, religious freedoms for Muslims, things they perceive to be “socialism,” and (unarmed) teachers.

How an Anti-Abortion Bill in Pennsylvania Could Also Undermine Climate Laws

A bill that would end the right to an abortion in Pennsylvania is also threatening environmental regulations passed by the executive branch, local climate groups say.

Trump’s Messiah Scam Increases His Threat to America

Cults of personality in governance have the Great Leader’s face and sayings splashed all over public places. Think Mao’s China, Stalin’s USSR, Hitler’s Germany, Kim&;s North Korea…   Donald Trump has built a cult around himself. This is dangerous to America and dangerous to democracy.  

Grooming a Traitor: How Was Michael Flynn Allowed to Become a General?

Just about every major publication in the US has profiled Michael Flynn at least once including several in recent months (you can find a selection here from ,

Subscribercast 67 – Pam and Tommy vs Minx

Pam and Tommy tells the story of the stolen Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee sextape. Minx tells the story of a 1970s... The post first appeared on .

Republicans Have a Plan to Change the Constitution and It Just May Work

If you think the Supreme Court overturning abortion rights in this country was radical and shocking, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There was a convention you should know about this past weekend in Denver, funded by some of the wealthiest men and foundations in America, that has received altogether too little publicity.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman Looks on the Bright Side

On this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast we talk with New York Rep. Jamaal  Bowman (D). Elected in 2020, he beat a long-entrenched Democratic incumbent, like his fellow Squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).     He shares with us how his background as a public elementary school teacher and middle school principal shaped his policy views on issues like standardized testing, curriculum, school funding, and the federal role in all aspects of education policy.  

Where Do Refugees Go? Ukrainian Cities Swell With Displaced People

DNIPRO, Ukraine — In a bright, spacious nursery on the second floor of the main library in Dnipro — Ukraine’s fourth largest city, located in the near-geographic center of the country — children’s drawings paper the walls. 

How One (Cocktail) Party Rule in DC Is Holding Back America

Here is something you need to know about Washington, DC: It’s a big club. The membership includes Republicans, Democrats, bureaucrats, lobbyists, journalists, and, most importantly not you. After yapping at each other’s heels all day in the halls of Congress and on TV, they often spend their evenings palling around in DC’s many bars and restaurants. Like Morton’s The Steakhouse, which is where our story begins.

Subscribercast #64 – The CIA and Fake News

In the summer of 2020 a former CIA officer published a book with the overt aim of countering the tide... The post – The CIA and Fake News first appeared on .

What It’s Like to Study Endangered Killer Whales

This story by originally appeared in and is republished here as part of , a global journalism collaboration strengthening coverage of the climate story.    You can learn a lot from poop.  

Term Limits: A Recipe for Younger Dems and Crazier Republicans

Should there be term limits? Both Democrats and Republicans are making a compelling case to settle this debate. There is just one problem: While term limits seem like a good way to rejuvenate an aging Democratic Party, they would only accelerate the GOP’s descent into madness.

Surviving Mariupol – A Shattered Life

  Anastasiia Marmyzova, 34, lived through bombings and shellings in Mariupol. She and her 7-year-old son lost their friends in mortar fire. She hid with her family in freezing basements. And, eventually, she escaped Ukraine with only her son and father-in-law, leaving behind everyone else. Patrick O’Connor interviewed Anastasiia and organized her comments into the article below.   Story by Anastasiia Marmyzova Interview & compilation by Patrick O’Connor   My son is seven. His name is Alexander.  

Bipartisanship in All the Wrong Places

  Turns out that bipartisanship isn’t dead after all. There is still an issue that many Democrats and Republicans can agree on: corruption. Not fighting it, mind you, but rather turning a blind eye to it. Granted, it would be impossible to entirely eliminate corruption in Washington, DC. The federal government now doles out more than $4 trillion annually, and anybody who can afford a lobbyist, i.e., rich people, large corporations, and foreign countries, wants a piece of that pie.

Russian State Media Spreads Fake BBC Report on Train Station Attack

A day after the BBC press office said “a video carrying its branding which claims that last week’s missile attack on a railway station was carried out by Ukraine is a fake,” Russian-backed media outlets continue to push the lie.   The pro-Russia Telegram page U_G_M, which has 15,866 subscribers, recently posted a “BBC” report that Ukraine bombed the Kramatorsk train station, a lie that the Kremin has been pushing since the atrocity occured on April 8. The footage has subsequently aired on Russian state television.  

Pro-Israel Group’s Support of Anti-Democracy Candidates Raises Eyebrows

For years, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has enjoyed a cozy relationship with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. The group successfully cultivated support for Israel among both Democrats and Republicans, and year after year, Congress has allocated in military assistance to Israel.  

The Outliar: How Trump and MAGA Nation Broke the Truth

Great news: We won a Pullitzer Prize in the “Combined Cartoons and Editorials” category. It was our third. This is a lie, of course, and a clumsy one at that. It’s spelled “Pulitzer,” there is no “Combined Cartoons and Editorials” category, and the winners are announced in May. In addition, it would be easy to check past Pulitzer Prize recipients.

Ukrainian Health Care for All

At the same time that Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) was telling the press that Social Security and Medicare should be curtailed for future generations, Congress was sending billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine.   While you’re here enjoying Ted Rall’s latest cartoon, please take a moment and read articles on related topics: 

To Be or Not to Be: Russia’s UN Political Appointees on the Spot

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Congress Is Trending Right, Despite GOP Fears of a “Woke” Left

Not a day goes by without a prominent Republican warning that “radical” Democrats are seeking to transform the United States with their “woke,” “socialist,” or “communist” ideas. However, a new study on polarization in Congress shows that, while both parties are getting more extreme, it is the GOP that has shifted much more sharply to the edge than congressional Democrats have.   

Journalists Contributing to WhoWhatWhy Shot in Ukraine

If you have followed our Ukraine coverage in recent weeks, you will have come across stories and pictures from Stefan Weichert and Emil Filtenborg. Leading up to Russia’s invasion, they gave WhoWhatWhy readers a glimpse into what life was like. On Saturday, around 1 p.m. local time, both were shot while reporting. It was not immediately clear who had targeted them, or why.   

The Republican Trollympics — Pandemonium et Nonsenses

The are over, which means that some Americans may be feeling a bit of a void. After all, for the past two weeks they were able to experience the thrill of non-stop competition every time they turned on their televisions.