Climat : La pollution militaire est le cadavre dans le placard de l’Occident

Les dirigeants présents au sommet de la COP26 n’ont pas l’intention de s’attaquer aux impacts environnementaux croissants causés par leurs dépenses de « défense. » Source : Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises

Terres rares : maxi-pollution pour hautes technologies

Dans cet épisode de La Source, Alain Juillet s’intéresse au cas des terres rares, ces métaux précieux qui servent notamment à la production de tout ce qui est électronique. Selon lui, elles «sont au cœur des défis du XXIe siècle» et représentent «un enjeu économique et stratégique majeur». Source :

Pollution : Coca-Cola, Pepsi et Nestlé principaux pollueurs de plastique depuis trois ans

Source : , 07-12-2020 Traduit par les lecteurs du site Les-Crises Les entreprises accusées de « zéro progrès » en matière de réduction des déchets plastiques, Coca-Cola étant classé n°1 pour la plupart des produits jetés

Noise Isn’t Just Annoying — It Can Kill

When considering the long list of pressing public health problems, a number of examples may come to mind — air pollution, drug addiction, contaminated water. Not getting enough exercise. Maybe even too much screen time. But one issue in particular may not seem immediately obvious — a noisy environment.It’s no secret that being around constant noise can affect our hearing — hearing loss is the number one disability in America, affecting 25 percent of the population.

No Sh-t: Grassroots Activists Take on Big Ag — And Win

For years communities trying to fight pollution from factory farms kept running into a legal roadblock. Until recently, the courts ruled that these farms were from environmental regulations because their animal waste could be returned to the ground as fertilizer. No longer.

Drowning in Plastic off The Bali Coast

When British diver Rich Horner plunged into the sea at Manta Point, an ocean-cleaning station near the Indonesian resort island of Bali, he was welcomed not by exotic wildlife but by a squirming mass of plastic. In a video shared Tuesday by leading UK papers, Horner documented his submarine sojourn amid a cluster of trash so dense it could have been mistaken for a seaweed colony.

2017 Was a Brutal Year for the Environment

As we humans are so busy abusing each other, the constant din of battle seems to drown out an even bigger one: over the survival of life on this planet. In 2017, Mother Nature took another beating. However, as people in Houston, Puerto Rico, Florida, and currently in California can attest, nature also hit back. The low point this year was probably the US’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement and the systematic dismantling of the EPA. However, many other stories did not get nearly enough attention.

Great Again !

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Fort McMurray, la ruée vers l’or noir

Ces dernières décennies, le Canada est devenu l&;un des premiers pays producteurs de pétrole grâce aux sables bitumineux. Prise d&;assaut, la ville de Fort McMurray incarne cette ruée vers l&;or noir.

Inside the Chinese Meltdown Rocking Wall Street, Part 2

How do we know what we know about China?  of dollars are invested in China’s markets and manufacturing sector based on government-generated statistics whose accuracy is—and should be — widely questioned.Under China’s authoritarian power structure, the media, including the Internet, is tightly controlled. The most professional-appearing media outlets with the largest audiences are all state-sanctioned.