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Censorship-Free Social Network “Explodes” After Adding 200,000+ New Users in Just a Few Days

The censorship-free alternative media platform went down temporarily on Thursday, but came back online shortly after. When the site came back online, representatives of Minds say that the outage was a result of over 200,000+ new people signing up for the site one the same day. A large number of sign-ups were from Thailand, where increased internet censorship has forced users from mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Senate Votes to Allow FBI and CIA to Spy on Web Browsing History Without Warrants

This week, the United States Senate voted to allow government agencies to access your browsing history without a warrant. The bill was a reauthorization of the Patriot Act, but there was a privacy amendment that was added to the bill in an attempt to curtail the overreach in government surveillance. Unfortunately, that amendment narrowly failed by just one vote this week.

Contact Tracing & Immunity Cards: What You’re Not Being Told

—Angus Johnston, professor at the City University of New York No one is safe. No one is immune. No one gets spared the anguish, fear and heartache of living under the shadow of an authoritarian police state.

Pandemic Drones to Monitor Crowds From Above to Detect People With Fevers in US

As officials in the U.S. begin to make plans for a return to public life, technology is being implemented in strange and startling new ways. In New Jersey, Connecticut, and other major hotspots in the U.S., local officials have announced that they will be rolling out temperature-sensing drones that will send out audio messages reminding people to be cautious and follow social distancing guidelines. These drones are made by a company called Draganfly. The company has recently distributed similar technology to authorities in Australia for their pandemic response.

Immigration Uprising – Civil Unrest Looming!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski is joined by Jason Bermas to discuss the latest breaking news on the coming civil unrest and uprising which has escalated with immigration protests around the country and increasing animosity among American citizens. We also take a look at the latest on the economy, the Clintons and the NSA.

The NEW Supreme Court Victory That Protects Your Privacy and Freedom!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news regarding a historic Supreme Court case which protects your privacy and freedom. The mother of Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht, joins us at Porcfest and details how her son was not given due process and how this case may affect future appeals for her son&;s freedom.

Digital Dystopia Revealed

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is joined by Max Igan to discuss important topics on technology, including cryptocurrency, the internet of things, the emergence of the social credit score and what this means for human beings and their relationships with the state. Will this technology create a massive slave state or will people use it to empower themselves? Join these two media mavericks as the digital dystopia is revealed.

Putin’s New Hyper-sonic Toy, Important Big Brother “Deep State” Update

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and his new hypersonic toy. We also have an important update on big brother and the deep state, plus a lot more. You can watch this video on DTube .

Why The Chinese Big Brother Orwellian State Got Worse And Is Already Here In U.S

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the Chinese Big Brother Orwellian State getting worse and a similar prototype already existing here in the U.S. We get into China&;s social credit score systems that rewards and punishes its citizens based on trustworthiness. This is the same metric of measurement that Facebook announced it will be using to determine what you see on your news feeds.

Truth About Kurdish and Catalan Independence and a Vile UK Prime Minister Exposed

Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings to the WeAreChange Sunday recap episode. We go over all the important news you should know about including the Catalan Independence vote. We don&;t distract you with CIA propaganda about the “Rocketman” or people kneeling. This is a big distraction that the mainstream media pushes on you.

Sargon Of Akkad On Trump, Google And Who’s Really In Charge

Greetings amazing human beings! I was recently at the University of Berkeley, where the police presence was intense, and tensions were high from the time I had arrived. I ran into the one and only Sargon of Akkad. For those who are unfamiliar with Sargon of Akkad, he is mostly a YouTube content creator that is dedicated to, “finding the truth of the matter using rational arguments backed up by evidence.”

What Trump Does Not Want You To Know About His U.N Speech

Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings. I just went through a major earthquake here in Acapulco Mexico that occurred near Mexico City. The shock waves shook this entire house and pretty much scared the crap out of me and everyone else here. It looks like everyone&;s fine here in Acapulco.

Weekly News Wrap-Up: FBI Creating False Right Wing Terror Plots

Welcome back all you amazing human beings. Today while the world anxiously awaits the latest comments from the ‘Flat Earthers ‘on the solar eclipse and the rest of the country prepares for civil war, some real news stories are happening that you should know about. That’s what we are going to cover today on our weekly news wrap-up called “What the Hell Really Happened This Week.”

Widespread Video Manipulation Technology – Don’t Trust Your Own Senses

Hey everyone Jason Bermas here reporting for WeAreChange. I wanted to talk to you about the future of news and information and how you can no longer believe your own eyes and ears regarding almost any media because of realtime Video and Audio Manipulation.

Infographic: Inside Bohemian Grove

This WeAreChange infographic details the secretive Bohemian Clubs private campground the Bohemian Grove, where each year in July many of the elites of the United States meet for privately for upwards of two weeks.  Many strange rituals take place amongst the redwoods of California along with talks and discussions often of a political nature.

VIDEO: What You Need To Know About The Soon To Be Most Powerful Man In America

What You Need To Know About The Soon To Be Most Powerful Man In America

In this video Jason discusses Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon, his beginnings, Amazon, Blue Origin, his purchase of the Washington Post and the potential effects of automation. Jason Bermas for WeAreChange:

We Are Change

Luke discusses a story that broke last night, dealing with information security, whistle-blowers, and some basic common sense tips that journalist should using.  The first whistle-blower was just prosecuted by Donald Trump.  Luke gives us the full rundown on exactly what happened.

CIA Director Pompeo Calls WikiLeaks a “Non-State Hostile Intelligence Service”

Today the CIA has taken overt shots at Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and all other whistleblowers who the CIA claims put American lives at risks by leaking classified information to the public.

Police Using Orwellian New Technology To See Through Walls and Spy on You

Multiple reports have surfaced showing that for a couple of years now, some 50 U.S. Law Enforcement agencies have access to and have secretly equipped their police officers with a device known as &;Range-R&;.

Documents End Spy Theory Targeting NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden

For four years, the mainstream media has accused Edward Snowden of being a foreign spy due to the unknown nature of where Snowden spent his first 11 days in Hong Kong. Those rumors have been put to rest today by Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald, who obtained documents debunking the conspiracy.

FBI Wants to Prevent Citizens From Learning If They Are In Biometric Database

The FBI is fighting to keep citizens from finding out if their information is contained in their massive biometric database called the “Next Generation Identification System,” which collects palm prints, fingerprints, iris scans, facial and tattoo photographs, and biographies for millions of Americans.

TSA Agents Grope and Humiliate Paralyzed Olympic Champion

The Transportation Security Administration is admitting their mistake and claiming that agents “did not follow correct screening protocols,” after they “humiliated” a wheelchair-bound six-time Olympic champion at the Denver Airport over the weekend. Amy Van Dyken-Rouen is a famed Olympic swimmer who was in an ATV crash in 2014 that left her paralyzed from the waist down, she now uses a wheelchair for mobility.