C’est du chinois !

Le pétrole bientôt à 15 dollars ?

Le 23 août, les cours du brut sont tombés sous les 38 dollars. Désormais, d&;influents stratèges évoquent un baril à 15, voire à 10 dollars. Ralentissement chinois; production à flots aux USA et en Arabie saoudite, entrée en jeu de l&;Iran, tout se ligue pour faire chuter durablement les cours.

A Voice In The Wilderness: True Prices Measured In Gold

Crude Oil is trading at 2.18 grams/barrel, up from a recent low of 1.91 g/bbl in mid-February, but still below it's 60 year average of 2.31 g/bbl. Silver, on the other hand, continues its surge skyward, hitting 0.753 grams per ounce %u2013 up 11.5% so far this year, following a rise of 41.1% in 2010. The last time silver was this high was February of 1998, when it traded over 0.8 g/oz. Even with this recent strength though, silver is a long way from its 1980 all-time high of 2.8 g/oz.