The CIA Needs a Few Good Shrinks – #PropagandaWatch

So how does the CIA recruit psychologists for its operations? And what does it do with them? Today on we listen in as James Evan Pilato of breaks down the CIA's latest recruitment campaign.

A Brief History of Fake News

Military deception is an ancient and time-honoured art. Throughout recorded history, military commanders have attempted to spread false news and seed false information as part of psychological warfare operations to deceive, confuse, and demoralize the enemy...

DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: The Snowden-Twitter Bullsh..

Former CIA officer and NSA contractor Edward Snowden has recently joined Twitter. While this is hardly headline news the story has gone around the world, reported on by dozens of major media outlets. A follow-up story, that Snowden accidentally received 47 gigabytes of emails as a result of joining Twitter also got enormous attention, despite being obviously untrue.