Is It Time to Worry About the Next Recession?

At a time when Americans are grappling with climate change, gun violence, voter suppression, and an immigration crisis, — both conservative and progressive — would like to add to that plate of worries: a looming recession.After all, it’s been a decade since the US economy began to rebound from the severe financial downturn of 2008.

The Military Industrial Complex is Bankrupting the USA!

Currently, the U.S. government is operating in the negative on every front: it’s spending far more than what it makes and it is borrowing heavily to keep the government operating and keep funding its endless wars abroad. This is how military empires fall and fail: by spreading themselves too thin and spending themselves to death. [&;]

Ignorance programmée

Pourquoi nous trouvons nous si démunis à une époque où les savoirs sont accessibles et les bibliothèques ouvertes à tous ? Pourquoi même les étudiants déplorent une connaissance lacunaire des mécanismes de l’appareil gouvernemental ? Pourquoi sommes-nous tels des enfants face à des maîtres ? Pourquoi ce qui relève de l’évidence prend des allures de révélations ou de secrets d’initiés ?