Sean Hannity Invites Julian Assange And Kim Dotcom To Guest-Host His Radio Show

Julian Assange has had several offers from US networks to host his own weekly radio show. The WikiLeaks publisher suggested that the show could be broadcast from within the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been detained since he entered on June 19, 2012, claiming diplomatic asylum after being wanted in Sweden for questioning over four alleged sexual offences.

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Avec Alain Deneault, philosophe, sociologue, auteur de « Noir Canada, corruption et criminalité en Afrique » (Ecosociété, 2008) et de « L’économie de la haine » (Ecosociété, 2011)

Canadian radio stations streaming live on the internet - Canadian Web Radio

Welcome to, an internet radio directory listing over 600 radio stations from across Canada streaming live on the internet. Super nice and usefull !

Smoking Mirrors: Dog Poets Broadcasting from the Sirius Cluster.

Greetings Earthlings, this is dog poet, Visible, broadcasting from the Dog Star, Sirius cluster, via our pod station on the dark side of the moon. Our techs on the home planet have been analyzing your situation and we've solved your problems but... you'll have to act on the suggestions given or you'll just become more tormented and cramped, as well as reduced in numbers, until you have to act... more or less the way a chicken has to dance on a hot griddle.